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  1. Fantastic idea! It would be wonderful for something like this to be created, nurtured and flourish within the community. The added benefit (and value) for past, present and future signature series enthusiasts (buyers and dealers alike) would be immeasurable.
  2. Looking to pay fair market value based upon 90 day gpa. Anywhere from $825-1150 depending upon grade, presentation, page quality, etc.
  3. Title says it all. Looking to add a copy of Hulk 181 to my collection. CGC 1.5 - 2.5 Signature Series is an option, but must include Herb Trimpe; not Stan Lee. PM what you may have available. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you so much for responding and also pardon the lack of clarification on my part in my initial post. What I had initially meant to ask was for boardies to provide their process on how they determine value of any rare / one-of-kind books (that they own) when there is no comparable sales data available. (again for insurance purposes, not resell) An example of a book I have that I can't equate a value for is Parker: A Portfolio of Word and Pictures 9.8 signed by Darwyn Cooke. I have other examples, but chose this an extreme due to the fact that this one can not be replaced / replicated.
  5. Howdy, I figured I'd reach out to SS brain-trust in hopes of finding an answer to the question of determining value for rare SS books. I've used the handy search function and found a thread (from around) 2010 with hearty discussion of value as a topic, but not from an insurance / claim perspective. Whilst I may believe my one-of-a-kind book is priceless because the person who signed it has passed away. An insurance company may prefer being able to quantify their payout. Also, if anyone has ever had to file a claim for a rare or one-of-a-kind book - how was your experience? Thank you in advance.
  6. Made an effort to get back into collecting after taking some time away from the hobby. Seems like my year was filled with low-grade keys. I did end up picking up a SS book to (finally) complete my Tank Girl registry set...
  7. Did he ship with the Barrett? If not, where did you get it? He did not. Purchased because I wanted a modern weapon to recreate the cover of ASM 129. link - anyone know if the rifle shipped with him was made up by sideshow? rest of wall...
  8. new sideshow 1:6 punisher pics so far...
  9. 'it begins...' (just unboxed...more pics coming later)