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  1. My choice - Batman: The Killing Joke / 1st Print / CGC 9.8 / signed by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland in purple ink
  2. My favorite so far. I foresee this one crossing over to appeal to non-comic fans. (not them buying the comic...although its on the up swing...just reposting / sharing the image...) Blackwood #3 Variant
  3. This is the Obama as Joker cover, right? (to me its all in the chin / jaw and ears...) /s
  4. Very cool video. Beginning at the end of 2018 I set out to limit my personal collection to Top 50. Sometimes books (when shaken from other collector's collections become available) sneak in and push other books out. Don't have the capability to record, but I always keep them posted on myslabbedcomics. Click here if interested...
  5. Amazing books all around. Just want to add one more to the mix.
  6. I don't have an idea on how to improve this, but I foresee "issues" (pun intended) if a book is priced low, a movie / show announcement occurs, and someone snaps it up. But then the seller says they have already sold in order to avoiding selling low when they could relist it at a higher price at a convention. Without a feedback system how would one know not to do business with the shady seller again? As the intermediary (and presumably financially benefiting) for the transaction you and your LLC / INC / etc should "make it right" with any instance of an item not being available if a buyer clicks to buy it.
  7. I've decided on 50 for my personal collection. How I came to that was simply based on my father passing in October 2018 and having to handle the moving / removal / donating / selling of not only the things he collected but the things my grandparents collected too. I decided then and there that I had to pare down and prepare my collection for my eventual passing. So over 2019 I donated / sold half of my total collection with the end goal being at 10% sold each year going forward.
  8. Please add the following - Set: Tank Girl Book: A1 #6 (1992) Certification #: 2084227005 Slot Added. Thank you
  9. This year was marked by my focus to define what my Top 50 comics are, sell those that did not fall into that category, utilize the funds to purchase various 'keys', redetermine Top 50, rinse & repeat. As such, I picked up a handful of 'keys' throughout the year. When reviewing this year's haul it was difficult determining which acquisition meant the most to me in 2019. Whilst these aren't the most expensive (one was free) looking back these are the ones I am happiest about right now. 1. Deadline #1 CGC 8.0 2. Captain America: Civil War Prelude #3 CGC 9.8 signed by Chris Evans, Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo 3. CGC Award for Best Presented Modern Set for my Tank Girl registry set 'Girl U Want'
  10. Thank you for renaming the Tank Girl registry. Unfortunately, I can't find the newly created Tank Girl (Dark Horse) series 1 and 2 registries. What is the timeline for them to be added to the system? Thank you again. Hello, I am seeing them both listed under the "T" section now. Please let me know if you are still having issues. Thank you
  11. Hi there, Would it be possible to create the following sets? Tank Girl: Dark Horse Comics Series To contain the following: Tank Girl #1 (5/91) Tank Girl #2 (6/91) Tank Girl #3 (7/91) Tank Girl #4 (8/91) Tank Girl 2 #1 (6/93) Tank Girl 2 #2 (7/93) Tank Girl 2 #3 (8/93) Tank Girl 2 #4 (9/93) These sets were created individually as they are different series. Tank Girl: 21st Century Tank Girl To contain the following: Tank Girl: 21st Century Tank Girl #1 (7/15) Tank Girl: 21st Century Tank Girl #2 (8/15) Tank Girl: 21st Century Tank Girl #3 (9/15) 21st Century Tank Girl Sampler nn (2014) Additionally, once these sets are created can the current "Tank Girl" registry please be renamed "Tank Girl (Complete)" or "Tank Girl (Complete with Variants)". If this is not the correct thread to place this particular request, please direct me where to. Tank Girl (Complete) has been updated and can be added to as needed. (As TG primarily consists of various limited series I am seeking to organize them all to emulate the way the various 'Star Wars' registry sets are series...) Thank you in advance.
  12. I would like to have two scores looked at - Tank Girl #1 9.8 recently sold for $760 Deadline #1 6.5 recently sold for approximately $700 Thank you in advance. Scores updated. Thank you for your patience.