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  1. 9.6 Ultimate Fallout 4 Variant Why? Because Clone Wars #1 is already spec priced in with the Ashoka show. Perhaps a 10-20% bump when it premieres, but how long can Rosario Dawson perform as her...a few seasons? Then once she is out of the live action entertainment loop for a year the value of the book drops. Whilst UF#4 V has quasi-spec priced in with the PS5 game existing and an animated movie BUTTTT if either Spidey 3 or DS 2 introduce a live action Miles in the Sony / MCU (as there was a slight reference to him in Spidey 1) is off to the races.
  2. to tie this to CGC... Who gets the registry points? If all shares are equal then how do they divide the points?
  3. Can't lay claim to this but..."The Speculator Age" (specifically post 2010 / Walking Dead and Marvel movies exploding)
  4. I did not get to meet him for this book as it was submitted using a facilitator. Just checked eBay for Portfolio #1 and you are right...those prices are way higher than I was trying to get them 'back in the day'. Maybe I'll dig up the copy of Portfolio #1 I have and get it graded so the set can finally be complete. As far as other Cooke CGC...I have a 9.8 of the Batman Beyond #1 (2011) Variant
  5. I was only able to get this one done before he passed. His work on Parker was top notch. (unfortunately, I never found a potential "9.8" raw copy of Portfolio #1 to submit for SS...)
  6. This just got back from an extended stay in Sarasota...during which time it started heating up apparently...
  7. As you may already know, this copy sold on eBay on 6/3/19 for $566 after 20 bids. Even as someone chasing a specific Moore SS book, I feel like more than $1k even to a V fan is a lot to ask. That being said, if they try their hand at a limited series or a new movie...well...then there will be renewed speculation and it could easily achieve that.
  8. Don't forget Star Wars High Republic Adventures #1 coming out from Disney and IDW, as well. May be under ordered since everyone is chasing the Marvel book...
  9. Only two big comic book (and a house) purchased this year. Star Wars #1 signed by Pappa G Atom Tan #1
  10. I don't see it happening either...BUT...think of the untapped potential for registry points (and record eBay prices for treasury editions if they did). And the byproduct? A new revenue stream for CGC. I'm sure a cost analysis has been performed internally and currently it isn't financially viable.
  11. excuse the photo / lack of size comparison This is a 'Life Magazine' top loader, MyLite 4, and backing board with a sheet of archive paper behind the front & back covers. Unfortunately, once received by CGC they explained that it was just outside the limitations of a magazine submission. They did press and clean it for me though...
  12. British. Essentially 'first' Tank Girl, but it is a one-pager / rough design. Reportedly approximately 200 or so copies of this fanzine were created / printed / distributed whilst friends Jamie Hewlett, Alan Martin and Philip Bond were attending art school in 1987.
  13. Atom Tan #1 Wish CGC slabbed books this size so I could return to the Tank Girl registry with a vengeance.