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  1. @ Subby1938 That is a beautiful piece of art if you want to disclose or not who made it is your choice. Its Great; Congratulations...!
  2. New to the collection: Firestorm # 6 Cover (2004) By: Chris Cross & Mick Gray
  3. I Like the Art, and Ramos too. Its the Logo and stats real? Or has this been touch by the Bros?
  4. Batman by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale Omnibus..!
  5. My personal approach when something is Hot in the market Is look the other way. There is always a piece or an artist that is cheap NOW no reason to buy now an overheat piece or name...
  6. Star Trek: The Next Generation - The series Finale # nn * Patrick Stewart / Captain Jean-Luc Picard * Jonathan Frakes / Commander William Riker* LeVar Burton / Geordi La Forge.* Denise Crosby / Tasha Yar* Michael Dorn / Worf* Gates McFadden / Doctor Beverly Crusher* Marina Sirtis / Deanna Troi* Brent Spiner / Lieutenant Commander Data* Wil Wheaton / Wesley Crusher
  7. This week I watch people defending Vladimir Putin and the Bros...!
  8. Hi: The pictures may not be in the right order and maybe I dont post all the pictures in any case; Complete sets...!
  9. I Live in Toronto, and saturday we enter the grey zone. That means we can open stores with limited capacity mask and safe distances mandatory. So I hit my favorite comic book source BMV and I have a few complete sets total price: $ 47.37 canadians... 📧
  10. I Know we are here for OA; but I really love the Negan jacket and lucille... Congratulations!