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  1. Matt moore have a long hair superman splash for sale here is the link... Link...
  2. MagnusX


    When I sold to American customers I always send them as a gift so they don't have to pay taxes.
  3. MagnusX

    Paypal question for Canadians members

    That was my first thought but I double check the web site and the phone number all is right.
  4. I buy a piece of art for $ 2.000.00 American dollars when I try to pay PayPal ask for all kind of documentation to confirm my identity most of them I consider private and invasive like: financial information from you bank accounts and credits cards proof of address, cellphone, cable, hydro bills personal ids, the straw that broke the camel's back is when they ask for my Canada pension plan or insurance of my house or car... I provide 4 of the 5 request information the last one I don't have it and I don't want to share with them. I am the only one having this problem? it is me or is really way to much information to provide? have to say I cannot pay for the page I want, even when I want to... Its time to ditch PayPal?
  5. There is a CGC 9.6 Marvel Tails on Clink right now... Link...
  6. MagnusX

    Removing it a bad idea?

    Remove it and keep in a separate place so when you decide to sell could be add to the page...
  7. MagnusX

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I add this Luke Cage page to my collection you can see the OA here: Link...
  8. Since you say "painful at times & have pleasant memories" in the same sentence, I will recommend some Catwoman pages... Maybe Paul Gulacy as an introduction ...
  9. MagnusX

    Deodato Elektra Cover on Ebay

    Are you saying you paid almost $ 9,000.00 dollars and not sure this is the original cover?
  10. MagnusX

    This Week Back From CGC

    They have the wrong label on this one...
  11. MagnusX


    Now 10 % off...
  12. MagnusX


    CGC 9.8 Aquaman # 62 White Pages CGC Census: 5 Books in 9.8 Asking Price: $ 200.00 + Shipping
  13. MagnusX


    CGC 9.8 Aquaman # 57 vs Black Manta White Pages Rocky Mountain Pedigree CGC Census: 8 Books in 9.8 Asking Price: $ 130.00 + Shipping
  14. MagnusX


    CGC 9.8 Adventure Comics # 451 White Pages Rock Mountain Pedigree CGC Census: 4 Books in 9.8 Asking Price: $ 150.00 + Shipping