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  1. Did anyone want to put a number how much money is laying on the floor ?
  2. Is a group picture of art he own. You can check his Twitter here: Link... or his CAF here: Link...
  3. This was posted in Twitter by the Owner Dinesh Shamdasani.
  4. WHY Anyone, specially an artist will send OA rolled on a tube? WTF..!
  5. Hello guys, After everything Ethan have said about DC and Marvel. There is NO WAY HE WILL EVER WORK WITH THOSE COMPANIES AGAIN. Here is your chance to have a piece of his work before he was banned Forever....
  6. Also... CGC SS 9.8 Green Lantern (2005) 3rd series # 16 Signed by Ethan Van Sciver With a Wonder Woman Remark $ 100.00 Shipping included.
  7. CGC SS 9.8 Avengers # 1 Thor by Ethan Van Sciver $ 300.00 Shipping Included.
  8. RULES: 1 ) First post in the thread Win, also win over PM 2 ) No members in the probation list 3 ) I only ship to Canada & USA 4 ) I prefer PayPal as a payment method 5 ) Prices are in American Dollars 6 ) No Returns 7 ) Local Pick-up is available if you live in Toronto Canada. SHIPPING COST: Shipping cost are included in your purchase...
  9. I found this in the Golden Age forum, but it sure belongs here...
  10. This look like the right information for both prints...
  11. 5 core X-Men characters lots of Inks lots of lines lots of attitude Sure why not?
  12. Which one would you take..? A ) Excalibur B ) Lightsaber C ) Thundercat Sword D ) Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill
  13. I just check is $ 50.50 in even a better price...