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  1. If you really want it you can always sell one of those Batman/ Breyfogle Covers to raise money... Just saying...!
  2. Someone contact me on CAF because he was writing a book about Irv Novick ask for a Hight resolution scan of the piece (Which I provide) offer to send me a copy of the book when it was published. After I send the scan I never hear from him again. I try to contact him twice. no answer, total silence.
  3. I have noticed more and more when I want to buy a piece of art from eBay, Clink or Heritage I have to compete with so and so dealers. Days or weeks after that the art is for sale for a premium. It looks like the old good days when they have access to premium material for cheap are gone. And now they are trying to keep on the business with the old model... Thoughts ?
  4. Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion # 4 CoverPublished June 2016 by DCPencil & Ink by:Ethan Van SciverGuy Gardner MUZZLED (Finally!)
  5. Funny a few people mention Kieth. My introduction to his art was Hulk # 368 And was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
  6. The artist that you don't get at first or like his/her style, but you learn to appreciate with time... For me: * Don Newton. I was 15 when I read his work in Batman. * Gen Colan. I was maybe 10 or younger when I read his Daredevil run. * Kelly Jones. The first contact with this artist was with Batman. I was not sure what to think about it...
  7. The guy is just trying to made $ 20.00 bucks. Its not worth your time, sleep, or concern. Its nothing, just let him be...
  8. My brother send me this... He knows me so well!
  9. Hey who can blame Moulton, this was really his passion...
  10. Ok. At least we all learn about dealing with sellers from Europe (mostly Spain) and South America. This was an educational thread for me...
  11. Superman Special # 3 Page 24 Unpublished Superman vs Amazo by Irv Novick & Pablo Marcos
  12. Maybe 2 years for me since I move to collect Original Art...