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  1. Nightwing (2011 2nd Series) # 15 Page 3 The Joker killing Jimmy Clark using Laughing Gas.
  2. True. For me is interesting to watch the old business model from established dealers versus new ones. Felix could easily give a lesson or two to the man or the brothers about selling OA...
  3. Did anyone know who owns the rights for Will Eisner Spirit, and if there is a chance that someday we have the material printed in Omnibus quality?
  4. I will say a little bit more, what you have here is a Guy Gardner Splash page from Justice League # 28. The Bwa hahaha league... Granted Templeton is my least favorite artist from this run but still this bring fond memories to some people... An auction house will be your best option IMHO...
  5. I give myself this little present for the holydays...
  6. ORIGINAL ART SHOW AND TELL with Scott Williams Published on Jan 3, 2017 Veteran comics inker SCOTT WILLIAMS shows off five pieces from his carefully curated original comic art collection! Included are gems from legendary artists Berni Wrightson, Jim Starlin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bolland, and Frank Miller! This one from 2 of our loved and prolific members...
  7. Tom Mandrake: Unboxing original comic book art. Published on Jan 26, 2019 "I found this box of some of my original comic book art tucked away in a corner and decided to film while I sorted through the random pages."
  8. Hi guys: There are all kinds of videos related to Original Art: Conventions, Artist interviews, Collections... So why don't keep them all in a thread for a walk down memory lane or just for fun...