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  1. This is a good story. Do we know who is the owner?
  2. Hello: I want to buy CGC 9.8 SS Heroes Return Suburst Variant * Iron Man * Fantastic Four * Captain America * Thor. I am not looking for Stan Lee signatures but the cover artist signature but this is not writing in stone let me see what ss books you have... I am willing to pay $ 100.00 + shipping this are the covers I am looking for...
  3. I don't like Ordway inking over George Perez or Byrne.
  4. I never hear about this guy before, what is the story behind? sounds Juicy..!
  5. A couple of hours ago Erick Larsen post this on twitter, and then was repost by Declan Shalvy. If you have time or interest check also all the comments that follow... Interesting for those still involved with the SS Program. "I honestly feel that CGC is doing more harm than good in this industry by rendering comic books literally unreadable. I almost feel like I should charge a cost-prohibitive fee for signing CGC books—like $100 or more—just to discourage people."
  6. Very cool this is the actual Label for the beer...
  7. Wolverine and the X-men Alpha and Omega # 3 Wolverine and Hisako Ichiki (Armor) She was the teenage girl for wolverine that decade same as kitty pride or jubilee. Again a few people working on the books I don't know who is doing what. I hope those pages are for your collection and not for sale I hate to do the job for a lazy seller...
  8. X-Men: Battle of the Atom # 2 This is part of the epilogue one those are the credits, who did what I don't know...
  9. Aric Shapiro is on selling mood, his collection is Amazing but not cheap. Contact him... Link...
  10. Maybe he found the light and this is one is the keeper who knows...!
  11. YES. Just last week I have a experience with this seller "X" He was trying to sell this "Cover". Short story the seller was the Inker son The Inker made a second copy of the cover (Inferior) and claim that was the original cover and then use these words "used for the production of the cover". When I confront him he say his father don't remember what page was used for the cover and he decide to remove the post. Sad because the Inker had a name (even small) in this industry and was willing to sell his reputation for a few bucks over a fake.
  12. There is "Production art" claiming to be the original on circulation it sold on ebay last year for £225.56 with 3 bidders... This is the link... Link...