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  1. Bronty

    HA October Illustration Art Auction

    The other significant aspect is that the art is from the artists collection, meaning a huge payday for a living by illustrator the likes of which I don’t think we’ve seen for a single piece
  2. Bronty

    HA October Illustration Art Auction

    Here’s the mailer
  3. Bronty

    HA October Illustration Art Auction

    Right, the Wall @1,850,000 . Big enough number that you think they’d do more publicity than the simple mail out they did. we are talking way more than any comic art, movie art, record art, etc has sold for to my knowledge. Probably more than any illustration created in the last half of the 20th century has sold for? Huge price, assuming all is as reported
  4. Bronty

    ART DAY - Movie Poster original paintings!

    Now all you need to complete your reynold brown collection is attack of the 50 ft woman !
  5. Bronty

    HA October Illustration Art Auction

    According to a friend (who I think is a boardee) SFAE is reporting a monster Illo sale. As in, enormous. Via their mailing list this morning. I’ll wait in case he posts it
  6. Bronty

    Charles Schulz "original"

    as others have said, fake. The line weights are wrong. The fingers and toes are off. The ear is a problem. The collar. The doghouse. Really everywhere you focus your attention for a while, its off.
  7. I don't know their connection, but presume with Jim being the head of the #1 seller of the kind of material Lucas likes... and Lucas being the #1 buyer... they must have a close enough relationship to say "hey, lay off this one?" Just speculating.
  8. Bronty

    original GAME artwork FB group

    Bump - swing on by if you’re interested :)
  9. I was thinking the same thing except for the part about being the underbidder!
  10. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Anyways the #1 reason craft will never hold a candle to other considerations in comic art is that if craft were truly what the buyer wanted, they wouldn’t be collecting comic art in the first place, or at least, not limiting themselves to comic art. For the most part (please spare me the one offs and exceptions, people ;) ) that doesn’t happen.
  11. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Changing the goalposts my friend.
  12. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    The shadow stuff was sometimes great, but also sometimes raw, unrefined, less successful 'craft.' So ask yourself why you want a kaluta shadow page. Maybe you want it for reasons other than craft. Hmmm...
  13. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    See but that statement alone says a lot. To me with all respect that's the statement of someone who values nostalgia, or at least, relevance to comic collecting. Shadow is so very far down the list of kaluta's best work. Its what he's known for, because its where he made his name, but if you were really into his craft per se, IMO, you'd want much more recent work. I believe he's one of the few that got better as time went on.
  14. Bronty

    Copper BACK covers

    Love all the posts and info already! Thanks for sharing guys! I’ll share some more later as well!
  15. As a collector of both comics and vintage games I really enjoy all the video game related ads in books and back covers from the early 80s to the early/mid 90s. Rake a closer look at some of your books from this era , there’s a lot of great ads from classic games. Attached, I recently received a nice little package of thanks from Tom Dubois who signed his Castlevania 3 ad (he was also the box artist for the actual game box) that I thought I would share. Please post your cool copper back covers and ads