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  1. Bronty

    HA February Auction

    I don't think the cabal will let it go under 100. The image is too nice. Plus, Oleg has pet vultures, so he's partial to the character.
  2. Bronty

    HA February Auction

    Oh its the right auction. Its just very niche. I'm sure it will go for a good price anyway, but its never going to be the subject of reams of chatter
  3. Bronty

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    GIven that the 1950s art scene was from what little I know governed by non-representational abstraction, I wonder if gallerygoers and critics in the 1960s reacted positively to pop art out of sheer joy to look at something they could understand
  4. Bronty

    HA February Auction

    except for that death dealer 6, assuming we weren't all dreaming!
  5. Bronty

    HA February Auction

    I presume we are talking about a strawberry shortcake page? ahem. Its pretty well all academic until the reserve is met, or until the auction's over. Bets? Make reserve? Pass? I could see either but I don't see a lot of bidding happening in the live auction.
  6. Bronty

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    If he was a comic book artist, I'd agree. But he wasn't trying to draw comic books, was he? He was looking at commercial art and presenting it as fine, which hadn't been done before. To be clear, I don't think of that as a very 'deep' observation, or as particularly enlightened or as really needing that much skill. But much like many average comic artists that have 'comic book fame' because of the place and time, because of the movement they were part of, so too was he part of an important movement, and frankly on a much grander scale than comics. You can't erase him from the history books. I don't see it as 'deep' but the blend between commercial art and fine art into pop art is still everywhere, all the time. Its a big deal and he was at the leading edge of it. Anyone who respects half the SA marvel or dc stables but doesn't respect Lichty isn't thinking straight. The only reason a lot of those guys are known is because of the place and time they were working. That's it. No more, no less. And if you allow that argument for them - that simply being part of an important place and time is enough - then you have to allow it for Lichty as well.
  7. Bronty

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    I don't think there's anything original at all about the compositions. OK, they are slightly modified. But hardly original. That said, it was the 1960s and framing pop culture and or advertising materials as fine art WAS novel. The originality of it is more in concept... scale... deliberately retaining the ben day dots... those sorts of choices. I know you know all that... just observing, because its the nature of this whole debate... some will say he changed nothing, and they are right. And some will say he was a trailblazer, and they are right. Its all in whether you value the rendering for the sake of rendering or whether you value the concept/context/framing etc. Personally, I've come to value both, although if I had to pick one.... you know I pick context first. After all, if most of us didn't care about context we wouldn't limit ourselves to comic art (yes yes I know you like all sorts Michael. But most do not look beyond men in capes). Which implies, to my surprise, I'm more on the Lichty side of the debate, these days. In fact, it implies almost of all of us should be, if we think this through rationally and calmly without the 'OMG that guy got rich off poor comic artists' nonsense.
  8. Bronty

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    Ugh. This kinda is why I quit collecting.
  9. Its basically Lone Wolf and Cub. Only anthropomorphic.
  10. Bronty

    Chicago comic shop to be given away

    I think that's overly negative. He's a lawyer, I doubt he wants the bad press from a scheme for ripping people off, and I doubt this is designed to be a big money make for him. What's more likely is that he doesn't want to receive 500 spurious and idiotic applications, which is what he will get if its open to anyone. A small application fee will reduce the submissions to a manageable level. Now you're reading 20 applications instead of 500.
  11. Gee, thanks so much for the shocking revelation. Its obvious and it doesn't change what I said. Its a stellar cover.
  12. Not that one can choose poorly here.
  13. Cover . It’s a stellar cover. The best piece of Bristol in the hobby of it exists.
  14. interesting. How many of these have you seen and from how many sources? I've never seen one of these "Spotless" variants before.
  15. Nevermind. I misread. thanks for posting