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  1. a) well some will stretch that 500 to 997, etc. b) there's really no problem with the current set up. Just some arguing over minutae
  2. Punisher mini series hadn't come out yet. That was the game changer.
  3. I don't think it helps! I think its a factor for sure, how much so..... we will see
  4. what do you mean? why wouldn't it be legit? Price is too high for a data east, no?
  5. I'll put that on my wall any day. I think its a terrific cover just on subject matter alone. Sure, the thing is clunky but who cares. The listing is awfully Theo, but the cover is nice, just not at that price.
  6. Wow that’s very cool. I hadn’t heard of him before
  7. Hiring an accountant for this in the first place is like hiring a private doctor for a scrape on your knee. Do your own fukkin math
  8. I AM an accountant and I wouldn’t want to do the job
  9. Yeah. Otherwise we just end up talking about shipping, sales taxes, and foreign exchange rates and fees. Bleh.
  10. I agree because its simply more pragmatic, but couldn't care less. Shipping? We're arguing over shipping? Not... not, the art? Not the art. Not the art that we die for? Shipping? Shipping????? We're talking about shipping? C'mon man.
  11. I didn't buy any final pieces that meet the criteria this year, but I did buy this color prelim to the Bartman Meets Radioactive Man Nintendo NES cover/box art in a manner meeting criteria. prelim as published
  12. Not my forte either but I think 10-15 . Based on nothing other than dead pool pages at 40. I think non dead pool would be a really significant discount. This being a DPS helps though.
  13. Oh I doubt it! If it IS canadian there just won't be that many. A couple I'm sure will be found with the extra attention, but they won't be commonplace ever. If they haven't been found in 60 years until now, there's only so much the extra attention can do.