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  1. Well its definitely a recent thing. But if you think there's zero movie bump to art, that's just not true IMO. Take the Groot splash that sold on heritage for 8k a few years before the movie. I'm sure you could add an extra zero when the movie came out. How could it not when nice copies of the book itself started to fetch the 8k and more? Again, I hear you guys when you say that its not as pronounced as in the books themselves, but for first appearances, and today, not 30 or even 5 years ago, I'd argue there's a bump. But, even this discussion proves that its hard to measure because I have to think of examples and most of them center around Guardians and/or starlin. The other angle I suppose is that many of the pieces we'd be talking about... say the cover of TOS39, would already be so expensive that they'd get no discernible bump. Guardians makes for a nice set of examples because the books and art were worthless before the film. Deadpool is an okay example too. I don't know what the NM98 cover is worth now versus before the movie, but its gone up. The seller can rightly point to 700m box office and show that this is the first appearance of a character that will have legs. I suppose I'm saying it exists, and Mitch you're saying it effects so few pieces that why spend much time thinking about it; I can get both sides of that.
  2. well the movie/tv thing really only affects first appearances. I.e. if a $50 1st appearance gets a big movie and becomes a $500 1st appearance, the other appearances of the character probably haven't moved discernibly. And with the art... The cover for what was that $50 book has for sure gotten a nice bump when the book moves to $500. The pages to other appearances, not so much. So....... I'd say its kinda the same? In that the movie or tv bump is only going to affect the first appearance of the character. 1st appearance, book or art, will get a bump. 2nd and later appearances will get little to no bump for either the book or the art. I know what you're trying to say, and the art bump may be more muted because they are already expensive, and trade less frequently making measurement difficult, but ultimately, I believe both segments behave the same way when it comes to 1st appearances. Its just that the books are so much easier to find, and the bump so much easier to measure.
  3. Someone on the boards once posted an article from a fanzine (alter ego?) in the sixties (1965 rings a bell) where the collectors at the time are grousing in massive shock at the prices of books. I wish I could remember more details. I am trying to find that article. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Speculative yes, as are a lot of plays these days frankly. Its absolutley true about the supporting character point - she's never going to be batman, but a fun part of batman stories. That's her strength and weakness all in one. However, Batman (and the Joker) have gotten to be big enough that they will be around for a long time while other (standalone) characters may fade in popularity, or may surpass her. But she's going to be around for a long time no matter what, even if it's with a lower ceiling.
  5. Couldn't guess without getting drawn into a whole other discussion; I do like the mad love covers there by Timm better than the Ross pieces. The Ross pieces have always left me cold.
  6. I believe the print edition is on sale now as well, fyi
  7. Lots of BS on both sides for sure. She's a popular character, it's a great image with Harley, Ivy, and Batgirl, it's the first (or *first if you prefer) appearance, and she is popular now and looks poised to be popular for decades to come. That's enough for six figures these days.
  8. You guys are talking about two different things. Adam, Gene is talking about Lil Folks which was the peanuts precursor, and Gene, the point Adam is making is that he wasn't a comic book character, which strip it was in being irrelevant. (More to Adam's point, comic collectors don't seem to care about anything about than the first comic appearance. The first (full - I think there is a cameo or two previous) Peanuts comic is years after the first appearance in strips, yet commands a healthy price. 13,000 for this 8.5 example; imagine the price on a 9.4: ) As you stated, maybe they should care about Harley or Charlie Brown appearing in places other than floppies first, but as of right now, they don't, at least when it comes to the valuation of the first comic appearance. That kind of price for an 8.5 puts it on a level with the major disney characters and below only archie, when it comes to humor characters.
  9. I think its a classic, but the price of the book in the marketplace has gotten out of hand. Then again, so has the price of pretty well anything remotely key or classic.
  10. I can see where this is going Good luck finding it
  11. But its good for ya! I get not wanting to pay too much or worse yet get outbid, and I get that there's only so much you'd want to say publicly, but at the end of the day, you're still interested in it, I presume?
  12. Okay Gene, if I misinterpreted your point then I'll give you that one, but you're working far too hard at debating this whole thing when Fish is publicly calling his shot in this thread. Now I don't know him, you probably know him better than I do, but he doesn't come across as someone that wouldn't back it up, and I certainly believe he'd find a dance partner at some six figure level. Love it or hate it, its the first comic appearance of an important character and the market for whatever reason doesn't care that she appeared in a cartoon first.