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  1. As a collector of both comics and vintage games I really enjoy all the video game related ads in books and back covers from the early 80s to the early/mid 90s. Rake a closer look at some of your books from this era , there’s a lot of great ads from classic games. Attached, I recently received a nice little package of thanks from Tom Dubois who signed his Castlevania 3 ad (he was also the box artist for the actual game box) that I thought I would share. Please post your cool copper back covers and ads
  2. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    ^ a box of arabians is like 50k is something dumb like that. a box of alpha would be ridiculous. several times that I'm sure but they aren't to be found.
  3. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    As new product I agree, but the older product is white hot right now on the collector market. In the past year, all the old/powerful/collectible cards have doubled.
  4. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Oh you mean Fish?
  5. Just speaking for myself, but I can't get into that BB52. I was never that into the BB covers. Sacrilege I know.
  6. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    If you're talking about Paul (?) I'm not sure how much he still buys or doesn't but the good stuff was bought 25 years ago for 500 each. I was not under the impression he was wealthy more so than just in the right place at the right time and with the cajones to spend that early money. Now I could be very wrong so if you know more feel free to share. I know he has bought more recent stuff and that its value has exploded too so I'm sure he does some buying and selling but I was under the impression that its not being bought with stacks of cash so much as stacks of equity. Again, could be very wrong.
  7. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    It’s worldwide yes... I’ve heard 40 million players bandied about but I have no idea where /how they come up with that number exactly
  8. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    I agree with your basic premise, but why should I drop anything in a time capsule for 30 years from now? The point is that mtg was popular 25 years ago and has remained popular. The way things are going it will probably still be very popular 25 years from now, as new product. So it might be more like 50-75 years before demographics turn it downward, or more. Those cards really aren't a fad unless you consider a solid 25 years a fad. They started in 1993. If you consider comics starting in 1933 as most do, that's a 60 year difference. Your 30 year timeline only works if the items die at a point in time (like tom mix outfits and comic book circulation numbers). No disrespect. Its just that the basic local hobby store? The one that sold comics 30 years ago to you and your friends? It sells mtg now and stopped selling comics a long time ago. Im not sure you're grasping that. The reality is that comics have far more of a demographics issue than mtg does.
  9. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    I don't get where you are going with this, but its clear to me you underestimate or don't understand its appeal. Nerdy teenagers don't read comics anymore, they play mtg and video games and do pretty much anything but read. The "you" of 30 years ago is the mtg player of today. And has been for many years now. More than that, I see you have your 'comics' blinders on, like all comic art is good, and all mtg art bad based on you having seen one card art. What would something think of comic art that had seen one Liefeld panel? There is plenty of atrocious comic art just like there is excellent and atrocious mtg art. Comics artists aren't special in the good, or bad sense, and the atrocious mtg art out there is generally the very early stuff, which is prized for other reasons. Much like some golden age comic stories are tough to read, but they are early and therefore prized comics.
  10. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Why is it you aren't applying those demographics to comics or mtg? They favor mtg all day long at this point. To be clear. I don't collect mtg. I played a bit when I was younger. Have a few cards. Bought and sold a few pieces of art 7-8 years ago at 5% of today's values. That's it. I'm not particularly a cheerleader for mtg as I'm only tangentially interested. I just know what I see.
  11. Bronty

    Nostalgia vs. Craft in Original Art

    Rick no offence but way off base :) the cards are doing very well and so is tre art. They have been popular for a full 25 years. Comparing that to beanie babies is totally incorrect. I bought a couple vintage cards last year for 600 and 800 , worth about 1500 ea now. That’s not the beanie babies.
  12. Bronty

    Near six figure MTG art sales

    Yeah, I bought a couple moxes last year just for the fun of it and they doubled just in that time frame
  13. The whole “letters” system? What do we need it for when we have numbers A 100k piece is a 100k piece whether it’s an A, B, C, or K.
  14. Bronty

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    They are both fantastic, but yeah to me if I could only own one Barks book, it would be FC 386. Its just an all time classic in every way.