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  1. Then again 175m isn’t a bad inheritance
  2. Ouch. Good money back then but I bet they could get way more today
  3. Disney Original Art

    1. Greg Martin 2. That would be Marc Ericksen 3. thanks. I'm pizzed I didn't see it
  4. Disney Original Art

    when and where was castle of illusion??? I did not see that. Can't remember who the artist for ducktales 1 was, but a boardie owns the original. Actually he and I lent capcom some images for the "disney afternoon collection" video game. They didn't have suitable images. And yeah, the ducktales 2 nes game if complete goes for $300-400 now and sealed I would say 800-2000 kind of range. On a non-disney but still capcom note, if you are interested, we also lent (well, were paid to provide actually) some material to this licensed capcom/SF book. It says its already published but I'm not sure if its actually in stores yet.
  5. Disney Original Art

    Excuse the poor picture but at two feet or so, its too large to scan. There is a plastic reflection on the painting as the artist wrapped his illustrations after a flood he had here's the 1993 Nintendo game it was done for:
  6. Well, royalties? We still see snoopy on the blimps at game time sometimes, right? There must be an ongoing income stream from the rights to the Peanuts properties. Reprint volumes, replays of the old cartoons, the new movie, toys, etc.
  7. THanks for the pictures Felix! That looks awesome! I have to go there one day!
  8. Well that's true. Sometimes pieces disappoint in person.
  9. Hey Felix, I am going to pm you quickly re part 2
  10. Yeah, tough crowd. Look, the single most important part of any magazine, blog, periodical, comic book... whatever... is to be on time, every time. And Spoon has kept up his end of that admirably.
  11. My Italian is a little rusty but I would expect it to be MA-zoo-Kelli
  12. Why do you come to that conclusion? It’s a higher price but it’s also a more desirable painting
  13. Original Movie Poster artwork FB group

    Thanks Terry for setting this up. Will sign up when time permits
  15. interesting letter on the back of that one