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  1. It also has that combination of a confident pose with an execution in the details that has no confidence that you only get when an unskilled artist apes a skilled artist (If you are a pro you don't get the lines that wrong if you managed to get the pose that right). Do you not see what we see? Look at the head in isolation - it's a mess. Every single line is off in some way.
  2. With all due respect the fact that it looks old is all the more reason why it's simply not by the hand of a pro. Anybody working for them at that time knew how to draw and draw well
  3. Very nice Stephen. I wonder who on earth scored that Victory ?
  4. Great story Scott! Nice work Jim.
  5. Yeah I agree. I came to the same conclusion the only time I ever went and that was 10+ years ago
  6. I hear you. Some people might really dig it. For my part I find it hard to get past the visual distraction caused by the nine (!) circled T's, but if that doesn't bother someone, they are no doubt getting a large and lovely piece to put on the wall. Hopefully the right buyer finds it.
  7. Can't say I care for the look and composition of the Perez but that BWS piece looks terrific!
  8. That's great Gene! Did you chat with him about your purchase a little?
  9. The central image is great!
  10. If anyone is interested in OA from the exceedingly rare The Birds, the Bees, and the Turtles, please see here!
  11. Hi all, I have five pages from this book. I don't want to post them due to some of the content being graphic but will email to those seriously interested. As TMNT fans will know, this book is one of the rarest TMNT books in existence with only 50 copies made, and only distributed to Mirage Staff. A link to the German wiki page (can't find an American one on it??) is here,_The_Bees_and_The_Turtles! This book has only even been known to exist for about five or 10 years despite being about 25 years old. A true rarity even as a book, and I have the OA. Price depends on the page, but looking for $500 a page +/- depending on content. Easily the most unique TMNT story and pretty damn funny. Master Splinter is more of a horndog than you might have guessed PM me if interested!
  12. On the flipside, have you been asked for a selling price for a piece that's not for sale? That's easily to strongly dislike as well! If you want it, make an offer.
  13. nice marvel boy! I love the title vs content mashups you get sometimes in FECA
  14. Good gravy.. choke!