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  1. Younger collectors with lower value books (at first). If I am older with a better income and have 1m in SA books, its easier for me to raise 50k for a page than if I am younger, making less money, and have a comic collection worth 50k. Over time this evens out of course.
  2. He would have seemed a lot more 'SAVAGE' without the disco outfit
  3. ^ I just noticed that in the last panel the seagull is literally in the middle of taking a dump 😂
  4. Just bought some more groo art and there’s this lovely illo of Sergio accosting Mark with story ideas on the back
  5. I’m active in the game art market. No one cares. They want game art not comic art with a game association. Same as comic book buyers primarily want art from comic projects not game projects with a comic crossover.
  6. People can agree or disagree with what he said, or even not really have read it but judge it anyways... which I think happens a lot, but I interpret some of those stories as Dave, at that time, seeing that societal pendulum as swinging towards a greater emphasis on feminine values. I don't know how anyone can argue that he wasn't entirely right in that respect if you look back at the last thirty years. I'm not so sure its what he said so much as how he said it that people have a problem with, but ultimately he was more right than wrong about the shift in societal direction (obviously for purposes of the story he took it to extremes but that's why its called fiction). We get taught in grade school that how you say something is sometimes more important than what you say - Dave perhaps didn't catch on to that, or perhaps didn't care, but the core of what he said - that, on the balance, men argue with reason and women argue with emotion and that emotion beats reasons every time - is something that should be obvious to every man who's ever asked his wife a question (let's say, "honey why did you spend $700 at the store?") and had a response along the lines of "don't you love me anymore?". The response isn't even attempting to use logic. The response is all emotion. Men do that too, but on the balance, women do it more and that's as obvious as night and day.
  7. I don't disagree but the point is that the early days the artist had total license. And now there's a lot of restrictions. For better or worse that led to a lot of variance in quality and a high degree of risk taking early, and the inverse (low variance low risk taking) now. Sucks the fun out of it.
  8. well. That early, crude art is a mix. Some of it is terrific, some of it is unspeakable. But to add on to the point you made about the mix of artists changing, that's not always for the better. By today you have this homogenous mass of corporate krap where everything looks the same and ZERO risks are taken. The "Legends" set was the sweet spot for me in terms of the technical ability bar having been raised while still having that early artistic freedom. But, all of it is too small (the originals for the early sets are 5x7 inches) for me to want to spend too much on the originals. Not enough presence for me, and that's why I sold the pieces I did have years ago, although I can see why some people wouldn't care.
  9. OA for one of the key cards from the first set. That’s all you need to know. I quite like the Jayemdae illo fwiw but yes Demonic looks high school. Who cares? The subject matter here is important and transcends. Tec 27 cover blows too but if I see the OA at a flea market it’s coming home with me.
  10. Better illustration and in the very early meta game, a better card. Nothing else in the first set lets you draw extra cards Every turn besides howling mine, which has the drawback of doing the same for your opponent. Not a lot of card draw in the early meta game period. Just what, ancestral, time twister, wheel of fortune, braingeyser besides the ones already discussed?
  11. Ah, wow. He was asking offers at 250+. I don’t know if he didn’t get an offer he liked or decided to gamble or what. That jayemdae tome doesn’t suck either. I think he was asking 75+ offers on that? We shall see.
  12. 100%. HTF is Joe or Jane average supposed to appreciate something where the bulk of the appreciation of it is wrapped up in storylines they have never read.
  13. Its just the first one that comes to mind, or the one that caught on. There's a website out there that critiques 50 of his drawings that gives some on-point ribbing about each of them. The captain america with the 8 foot wide chest and such. I think that: 1. Some if not all of the criticism is warranted 2. He's become a lightning rod for criticism of the whole era 3. He can draw a heck of a lot better than I can.
  14. Can that be real? Amazing if true. anyone know who Lewis McDermott is/was?