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  1. sounds like a good guess to me. I'd even wager an increment lower. I don't see this having enough wow factor image wise to get to 200+
  2. no. I'm not saying I'd do it myself with elementary school glue.
  3. I’m sure Dave would answer those questions. I get what you’re saying Chris, I do, but to me if you like the art it’s really not that big a deal. Worst case you take it to a pro if it needs some work in 20 years. 🤷‍♂️ I guess I just don’t see the hang up. Say you have to have something reglued. Okay you had it reglued, it’s still the only Sandman 1 cover after all.
  4. I think they are just behind in posting the lots to the auction. I know I have seven items in this auction and none have posted yet
  5. Step 1 Hang it on the wall. Step 2 Done. not that daunting I know you’re going to say about the shipping etc etc but those obstacles can be overcome .
  6. really? Look harder! They are there! I'll start you off with maybe the easiest one, Groo 36 (letters within the letters)
  7. Its DUCK season! WABBIT season! DUCK season..!
  8. Looks like Heritage is reading this. The full size pictures appear to have been taken down already. The thumbnails are still there.