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  1. well, I know the owner a little so its not like I deduced it either. Actually there's one specific copy of one specific game that has been offered and turned down above that level . But yes, incredibly few would meet that bar at this point in time. But its not zero . Seems crazy considering games broke 100k not long ago, and comics 1m not long ago, but what's the MH action 1 now - 5, 10, 15? Mantle PSA 10 is being talked about as 10,15m too. So that's perspective to say that there might be a game you could get 1m for right now. Its still 10% of those other hobbies af
  2. Very same card that was traded for a NWC a year or so ago. It was valued around 150 then and is the same card in the scoop article that describes the trade being brokered through Metropolis. I thought the card owner lost the trade at the time, and the passing year hasn't been any kinder. The deal looks worse not better.
  3. Zhamlau wants the comics created that personally he wants to read at the price he personally wants to pay, got it
  4. 4-18 million in free advertising? Oh dude. You are pulling this completely out of your butte at this point. I'll let it go.
  5. agreed, and I hope I'm not coming off that way. But the fact is readership is extremely limited and things have been tried to increase circulation. But you sell what you sell every month, and for drawing in young readers at a discounted price you have free comic book day. For the old farts like us they can and should charge us $4 a book if they can give us something we actually give AF about because its not easy to rope in hordes of readers jaded from reading 40 years worth of the same stories rehashed over and over. Then again... if we have Sal Buscema do the art...........
  6. I think that's wildly optimistic. I mean hey, maybe I'm dead wrong and its a smash hit but even if it is, for how long? Three months until you start bleeding money when all the 55 year olds remember they are 55 again? Again, as a creative idea I think its cool. As a financial proposition of "lets sell lots of comics at a discounted price" I think if it worked, you'd already have seen it. Its not a completely original idea. Budget comics (disney penny pinchers and probably others I'm not aware of) were tried. They don't work. I think its a wonderful idea. Just at $3
  7. that's a good point. It IS pretty distracting on this one. Or maybe @vodou told him that leg wasn't a leg and he shipped it off to the auction house immediately. Its a piece that would have to disappoint a bit in person, I would think. For me anyways... not that the current or future owners need to give AF about other opinions.
  8. boy its too bad. otherwise lovely but that lower half of his body is hard to look at.
  9. The thing is, print runs are small today. Paper and printing costs are variable costs and were the chief costs back then. Today, fixed costs are the big ticket item and the variable costs are smaller because of the small print runs. Meaning, in today's environment, you save very little by reducing paper costs. It costs a set amount as a minimum, essentially, to create a book. The lower the number of copies sold the more you have to charge just to cover the fixed costs before you even worry about the variable costs. Saving a few bucks on paper does very little. As a creative
  10. Creatively, that sounds amazing. Financially, that sounds like an amazing way to lose a load of money IMO. Its a shame but I don't think you can go back home so to speak, at least not with industry conditions being what they are.
  11. I don't think its to feel young. I think its because biologically we're more attracted to women of child bearing age no matter old we get as men. We generally aren't, as men, coupling with young women to try to be 20 again, we're coupling with young women out of our drive to procreate.
  12. Ehh. The problem with being 20 again is you're 20 again.