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  1. agreed. looks like the only downside was the margins got erased
  2. Most people don't have the stomach for that kind of risk. They'd rather buy at 10k (when its already established to have value) and net 15k out of it later. Besides, those early buy opportunities aren't really there in comics anymore.
  3. No but he’s MMehdy’s old running mate from back in the day
  4. Unpublished art not meant for public consumption. Don’t care. Slippery slope when we start judging people on what they do privately.
  5. well, they were sold at auction? Perhaps an auction house link is still active? Edit: nevermind, I don't see it in the PIH auction. I guess he sold from his own site.
  6. Fantasy Art and/or Illustration may gain more prominence in time but if that happens it will write its own story. It will not be written, after the fact, into a story that has already gone in other directions.
  7. Well, that sounds a little disrespectful to Frank, but I think its a useful exercise for comic book art fans who see the price paid as making the picture matter to fine art to ask themselves this: - "when you see a David Hockney or Jeff Koons piece selling for $90m, does it make you suddenly care about Koons or Hockney?" No? So why would a 5m Frazetta sale suddenly make the Koons/Hockney crowd care about Frazetta? When we see a Hockney painting of two guys and a swimming pool sell for $90m, most of us here think 'wow that's an insane amount to pay for that trash' and move on. Its only natural to assume that when the Hockney crowd sees a 5m Frazetta, the natural reaction is going to be: 'wow that's an insane amount to pay for that trash'.. and they will move on. I.e. just place yourself in the other person's shoes. Its not hard to do but we so often fail to do so.
  8. They’ve published it as 5.4 and they are generally a tightly run ship. While I get your POV I think it has to be 5.4 unless there is any evidence to think otherwise; that’s the announced number, and the one we all saw on our screens . Anything else is conjecture and speculation and needs to be backed up with something
  9. Barry is my favorite auctioneer on HA's staff. Upbeat, knowledgeable
  10. I understand the other issues as they'd be viewed. I reject those views too, but given that anything one says about any of these topics is going to get picked apart, its not worth the time.