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  1. Id say the Reeves movies, from what I recall of them, had the perfect tone
  2. oh for sure. I don't know anyone that's not in favor of it on either side of the fence. It was ok in the short term but time to move past it.
  3. That's an interesting "twist" on the facts too!
  4. One man's stupid... Besides, at this point, I have to see how much mileage I can get out of twisting Tim's panties into a bunch
  5. Sounds like you never figured out the session filters. Left hand side. Hasn’t been any reason to scroll in quite some time
  6. There you go Tim @vodou.... They are broken out completely now and getting their own signatures.
  7. I don't know that beating the bushes for acquisitions is 'dealing'. I don't seem to recall any discussion of him selling books, although perhaps he did? Regardless I think a lot of parents would have been close minded about it, so its great that he had more open minded parents. The no-more-than-$50 per book part I recall as well! Of course $50 for a book back then wasn't anyting to sneeze at, but still.
  8. another good point. I didn't see the six feet tall part. Yeesh.
  9. I was the word we're looking for rhymes with foosh-bag.
  10. Trust me, I get it. Enough for two cars at the time I imagine. A big check to write and even larger to just sink without recovering by selling some of it. And fundamentally a tremendously riskier and less liquid purchase then. And yeah I was going to bring up that example myself. Chuckles bought 18x as many books for rougly 1/4 the cost.
  11. That's what I thought. I'm sure it was 7500 dollars.
  12. LOL that's the worst frame job ever. Guessing they just repurposed a previous frame