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  1. any hints as to what the box looked like? You have me curious
  2. Little story for you then that not many people know. The manual art for Dragon Warrior is by a US artist and was originally going to be the US box art. The powers that be in Japan decided to use Japanese art instead and repurposed what was going to be the american box art onto the manual cover. There were a number of preliminaries done for the box art (that became the manual art) that I have in my collection. Maybe I can share with you at some point. For the time being my stuff is all over the place in several locations (having just moved cross country). The DW 1&2 boxes use japanese art, and the DW 3&4 boxes use American art.
  3. Bronty

    Share your STEVE DITKO OA

    Less. There was a consistency to his actions and thinking. It was unusual but predictable and admirable in many ways.
  4. my favorites of the bunch. Rygar is a classic that's rare in that condition and that original variant of Commando is exceedingly rare in that condition also, hard to find an opened copy even. Lovely stuff.
  5. You know, we were having a nice discussion in this thread until you had to come along and pee all over it. Why are you here? Don't like the stuff? Click the next thread. I'm going to try take my own advice and not take the time to respond to you further.
  6. Can't have it both ways and call it "shrewd buying" at first, and now explain you did it for the love. If the sealed copies cost the same as what you paid for them, you wouldn't have bought them, right? The fact you got a deal is why you bought them. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. How is Peter Porker serving his turkey at Christmas? He's bacon it! Wak wak wak!
  8. The thing is everybody reading this knows he’s full of it If he could buy 1k in sealed games for 200 to resell, of course he’d do it. But he doesn’t want to admit that they’d have even that much value to him because he’s threatened by the idea of people collecting something he doesn’t understand. Okay, whatever. Not worth the time to argue the point.
  9. I think the fundamental issue is that everyone’s played games but not everyone has had experience collecting them and so they can’t turn it over in their mind and have it make sense to them. You want to understand the material? All you need to do is spend some time with the physical items and rediscover why they captured a generation. There’s a significant nostalgic rush from that which you won’t be able to understand from a discussion that’s all theory and no goods in front of you. A truly perfect copy of something from those days is special and shouldn’t really exist. And, in truth, even with the material in front of you, it won’t appeal to everyone in the same way that not everyone that read comics as a kid wants to have anything to do with collecting them as an adult. (There is a much better chance that the baseball signatures are fake, or that the comic has undisclosed resto, or your carded Gijoe pops an O Ring, than your ‘lemon at production’ argument btw You educate yourself and then take your risks in any hobby)
  10. The problem with this discussion is the focus by some on the sealed aspect. You don’t like sealed games, fine don’t buy them. But you’d have no issue, presumably, with the collecting of high grade games otherwise. well, when it comes to this particular type of material it’s much easier to just find a sealed one than find a ‘mint’ opened one. The simple act of opening the vintage stuff leaves marks. In other words , all the focus of this discussion is on 9.6, 9.8, 9.9 kind of grades and that’s never been everyone’s cup of tea in any hobby. you think chasing the nicest examples is dumb? Fine, do something else. But all this ‘anger’ is so 1999. It’s no different than all the people that hated on the pricing of hg comics when CGC (and I was one of those people!). but that was twenty years ago now. Comics are fun, games are fun, hg examples of either are nice to have. So what’s the problem again ?