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  1. Sure; I think most everyone appreciates his mastery but before this result you might have said it was incredible art but stagnant, outdated, almost Victorian and with no enduring connection to the present (Saturday evening post isn’t exactly relevant ). There’s so many ways to spin adjectives. Ultimately adjectives don’t drive results, buyers do. And something seems to be up with respect to this market in terms of buyer interest that wasn’t at this level two years ago. Based on a quick review of recent results, anyways .
  2. Previous leyendecker HA record was football too (attached) at 365k in 2015. This 4m piece was fresh to market after 100 years of being in the same family, but wow.
  3. Huh, a quick check of Leyendecker sales history shows 6 other examples over 200k just in the last year or two. They definitely seem to be up in general although the 4m is still a shocker
  4. I hope so too as it’s brilliant work but at a level so much higher than past Leydendeckers it just seems like a huge outlier - the ASM 328 of Leyendeckers - unless future sales back it up
  5. I really wasn’t looking at them as an investment. Just so cheap I couldn’t say no.
  6. I'm not worried about that. Besides I think I paid $2 each for the pacific #1s and maybe $4 each for the eclipse #1s? Eff all
  7. Herb Trimpe sold for 700k Its an iron man origin retold page either way
  8. honestly, that's basically disrespectful I don't know Wilshire and maybe her pencils were a mess, but that doesn't appear to even be trying to be faithful to the pencils
  9. Who is the character in your avatar? Seems familiar but I can't place it
  10. I'm scared to think what he'd ask now.
  11. Yeah. I’m sure it hasn’t gone down any either
  12. The memory must be failing me. I remember Ernie's site, and that's where I recalled seeing the back cover. I had forgotten he had the front cover. Years ago, the asking prices were too rich for my blood in general o I never inquired on this one. Thanks for adjusting this clunky old memory. I kind of want to and don't want to ask for a price at the same time
  13. ahahah, love it. I'll do the rare double follow up by having fish art (your avatar) and by posting more Groo (your art post) at the same time.
  14. that would be fun to see
  15. I agree with you - 80k is not unreasonable at all. And 40k would be way too cheap.
  16. 32k seems like a good price to me (for the buyer). That's a price I'd consider and I don't consider much with respect to art from that period. Love the top half of the page.
  17. I’m slightly younger than you; I couldn’t name a single track from the second album but am very familiar with the first album. That being said visually the illustration for the second album has the same big UFO/upside down guitar and the Boston logo... it’s obvious what you’re looking at even if you don’t know the second album, which helps the marketability of this illustration.