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  1. Same reason here... I should've looked for a copy of this book, but hooked on DC horror
  2. So right @nepatkm... when I bid on & won the book, I was approximately 2 months unemployed (laid off because of the "recession"); had good unemployment benefits though...
  3. Thanks, @nepatkm; had I more knowledge in regards to this book, I would have bought the "purple" cover variant
  4. Great purchased slab posts here; I bought this one via eBay just to wonder what a slabbed comic was like in hand...
  5. Started 2020 with these couple of purchases from Krypto Mayor's sales thread...
  6. Great transaction from Jerry's recent sales thread! Excellence in all areas! Thanks again!
  7. Prize has arrived! Thanks, Dr. X; needed some Watchmen in the collection!
  8. Thanks for the info, Dr. X! @comicjack: PM sent; all apologies
  9. Thanks Dr. X, and Sha for this great contest, and the winners & participants as well! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!!!
  10. Thanks for hosting this great annual contest, Dr. X! Sticking around all night to view the fun!