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  1. Had been on vaca a couple of weeks ago and stumbled onto a recent VCC thread; found some great books in wasonff (Drew)'s thread... Thanks again Drew!
  2. Awesome books just arrived from wasonff's VCC sales thread; 5-star seller in all areas!!!
  3. Curious question to ask; does anyone have or has tried to scan slabs with this scanner? iCODIS Document Camera X3, High Definition Portable Scanner I have a HP 8250 myself with Vuescan, and creates very good scans...
  4. Thank you, Mr. O'Neil R. I. P.
  5. Very nice books! Have 12 of the 50 on your list; when this terrible time is over, will refer to your video when I resume the hunt. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Received 2 ASM annuals from Rick today; fast shipping & bullseye grading! Highly recommended!
  7. Not the front cover, but the back... Earth-Two fan...