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  1. James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader) Yaphet Kotto (portrayed Parker of "Alien")
  2. 3 Archie 1000-page digests. Over 300 stories. 3K pages. Shipping's on me. Anywhere.
  3. Congrats Jolly!!! Congrats to the advanced, as well!!
  4. Another wonderful transaction from Frank! Highly recommended!
  5. Went up north from Columbus yesterday to visit an antique shop that my younger brother had discovered while he was passing through some months ago, and informed me that the shop had comics for sale... picked up a few... Here's a nice-looking PEP 179...would be even nicer, even with the spine ticks, if it weren't for the tape on the cover... Moving on, I caught a couple of SA books... ...and some dollar bin fodder... ...lastly, this copy of Vemon LP... "Oh, Man!" is right, Spidey... if the 2 defects weren't there, this copy would quite possibly be a gem mint; flawless otherwise...
  6. Decided to pick these up, as I have no BA Atlas books in my collection...
  7. Received Sub-Mariner 67 from rube11 today; fast shipping, great packing, and excellent transaction! One of the best board sellers!