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  1. This is a dangerous thread. Already too many great comics have been outed.
  2. Yes & Yes. It feels good to have the highest graded copy of a mega key even if it's just a Pence copy.
  3. I was thinking that TN22 must be the highest graded on the census, but there is only one other copy (Church copy) and it's graded 9.4
  4. Well, if I ever send one of my copies in, I'm going to make sure they put the notation. (all of my copies are super low grade though )
  5. Dude, that is one seriously gorgeous TN22. For CGC to not have the "Archie notation" on this is very negligent on their part. I'm sure there are many people working there who know about the Ad.
  6. More Fun 88 CGC 6.5 OW-W Comic has been cracked out of case. Here is a link to the heritage auction in which it sold so you can see that the comic matches the label. Comic has not been pressed $550 shipped $520 shipped $499 shipped
  7. I saw this Ad in the front of a GA romance comic. At first glance I thought I was seeing cleavage with some nips showing, but at second glance it turns out to be birds. I guess my mind is always in the gutter. Nice pair......... of birds. If you think of them as breasts, it makes the other girls hand gestures funnier.
  8. Star Spangled Comics 16 CGC 7.5 Crowley Copy with WHITE PAGES Comic has been removed from the case. You can check it against the Heritage auction to see that it is the same comic. This gorgeous copy has not been pressed. It's super nice and would have graded higher except for a spine flaw by the top staple. $775 shipped $735 shipped $699 shipped
  9. Normal rules apply No HOS or Probies US destinations only USPS insured shipping is included in the price. 1st in the thread wins it. Paypal OK or use a MO and get 3% off.
  10. An Af15 7.0 pence copy is the jewel of my collection.
  11. What else did you get at that garage sale?
  12. What did $150 "feel" like back then. Did you feel like you were way overspending?