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  1. I think it seems more like a 5.0 deal which may be more appropriate for this comic.
  2. I wanted to say "At least the spine looks great" but then I zoomed in and saw a color breaking crease that goes up almost the entire spine. I'm sorry, but when you add the MC, that might be the worst 6.0 I've ever seen. My 4.0 almost looks better.
  3. This is when an experienced Presser might have stepped in to say, "In my professional opinion we should not press this because the CF is too fragile at the staples. I'd love to take your money, but we should pass on this comic."
  4. The next time I submit something that might need a label notation I'm going to request lowercase letters and an even tinier font size.
  5. I hope that the "pieces added" that were removed, like the one in the lower right of the front cover, weren't original pieces to the comic. Every once in a while you find a great GA book that has a small piece that has detached from a corner. I've never known what to do in those instances, but it seems like the piece should stay with the comic. Maybe "conservation" is the best course in that instance.
  6. Wait. What? Was resto removal done to get the new blue label? Slight/Mod is WAY different than "Very Small amount of CT"
  7. Shouldn't the word "Qualified" be on the label somewhere? That's kind of confusing. At least the label notes are there.
  8. "Very minor amount of color touch" I've bought 2 purple labels that had the words "Very minor" and it turned out to be one tiny dot that was easily removed. I think a blue label for dot of color touch is fine as long as it mentions it in the label notes.
  9. Detached CFs at higher grades? I always had it in my mind that 6.0 was the cut off for a detached CF unless you wanted a Green Label at a higher grade.
  10. Check out this thread. Comic went from a 6.5 to a 7.0 even though the CF became detached.
  11. Spine realignment came at the cost of a detached centerfold. The 7.0 seems like a gift grade knowing the CF detached (from TWO staples). Hmmmmmm?
  12. FEAR....... the Gopher. And yes, he is an actual Batman villain.
  13. Oooooooh one copy slabbed. A 9.0. Well, I think mine is around a 9.2 - 9.4 so I may soon have the "single highest graded copy". Woohoo!