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  1. Miraclemet..... have you spotted the CT on the cover? The CGC notes for the comic might give you a clue of the location (probably spine). I'd take a jeweler's loupe and examine the comic as good as you can. If you spot ANY CT away from the spine then you probably shouldn't even crack the comic out of the holder (because there might be CT hidden all over the comic).
  2. Here's a better example that matches what the OP is trying to do. This Sgt Fury of mine was a 9.0 C-1 Purple with 5 spots of CT on the spine. The CGC notes said the CT was only on the spine so it let me know where to focus. The 5 spots were all tiny bleed thrus, so what looks like spine tics in my photo are actually scrapes with the middle of the scrapes going all the way thru. It really doesn't look that bad in hand, and overall I think this comic looks great. 9.0 Purple down to 7.5 Blue is a trade off I will take every time.
  3. That's my FF 1. I believe it was a 5.0 restored (maybe more?) and it went down to 3.0. The white line is very striking, but I still like it and feel like it was worth taking the risk on. I had to resubmit it twice (when you have CT removal done you want to remove as little as possible). It looked a LOT nicer after the first attempt, but unfortunately it needed extra scraping. Such a shame..... it's a nice book with a fantastic spine. Even though the white line is horrible, value wise it was still smart to get this into a Blue label.
  4. What a gorgeous comic. I would leave it in the Green label. A 6.0-6.5 blue label wouldn't be a fair description to how nice this comic is.
  5. -To swing the bat she would have turn the back of her head towards the pitcher, but then she wouldn't see the ball (maybe she hears the ball coming?). -If the ball is actually thrown into the strike zone it would be especially hard to hit. -To wield the bat in her mouth she wouldn't be able to clench her teeth like shown, she would look more like a "blow-up doll"
  6. I'll bet the writer did that at the time, but I'll bet he/she looks back now at what he/she wrote and does this.......
  7. Marvel Villains had no place being anywhere NEAR that story.
  8. You simply can't take decades of character building and throw it out the window. Those panels weren't necessary.
  9. OK, this is not a "Comic Panel", but it's a ridiculous "comic book villain toy". I just saw this on ebay. A Braniac Rubber Duckie. NO WONDER he wants to destroy earthlings. At first I thought this was a 1 of a kind hand made item, but no..... they've got rubber duckies for a bunch of DC superheroes. "Soak in Safety with the Superman Bath Duck"
  10. So here's some info I never thought I'd share here on the boards ...... I do rope spinning. When you twirl the rope around your body like that it's a move called the "wedding ring". The Wedding ring only works if your hand is above your head. The position Superboy is holding the rope in... the rope will just wrap up around his body. Also.... a cape is the enemy of a rope spinner. Gotta take the cape off if you're going to spin a rope.
  11. I moved those two over to ebay to try them over there (can't have them there & here at the same time as per rulez)
  12. Reed and Sue must have a lot of adventures in the bedroom.
  13. I think you made a great purchase. It will only go up in value. One possible decision to make..... since it presents WAY better than .5 you could resubmit to get a Green label at a higher grade. Judging by the front cover, it looks like a press & dry clean might give you a 5.0 Green Label. Something to think about.
  14. All-Star 8 - CGC 3.0 Slight/Mod C-2 OW-W pages Resto includes: CT, pieces added to cover, tear seals, Centerfold married, right edge trimmed. (tape on interior cover and interior $14,900 $14,499 shipped