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  1. So bad! How is Wolverine's head even attached to that body. His arm is as thick as sabretooth's leg
  2. Starring.......... me! I had a "featured extra" roll (which is a step above "extra"). They wouldn't even let me take a selfie of what I looked like (cuz they confiscated our phones so I can't show you what I looked like). I did scenes with Vision & Darcy, but unfortunately not Wanda. When the episode with me happens I'll let you know who I was (unless I am completely cut out of the scenes, which happens all of the time). I shot about 5 or 6 small scenes so hopefully I'm in something.
  3. Looks like the back cover might be able to be cleaned up a little. CPR Upgrade?
  4. Just picked this up. I didn't realize it was Canadian until I got it. My bad. Bill Ward cover. The GCD doesn't show this cover (does that mean it's rare?)
  5. If I didn't own either of these comics I'd want the Cap 1. It might be my favorite cover of the GA. However..... I've owned 3 copies of Cap 1 in my life (I still have my conserved 5.5). Because I've never even touched a Marvel Comics 1 (and a person usually wants the thing they don't have), I'm going to say right now I want, and would rather have the Marvel Comics 1.
  6. What a great use of photoshop! I think Wonder Woman 1 or Sensation 1 might have made it even better.
  7. Lol.... these are the kinds of lots I LOVE to do my homework on on ebay. I've found many a great deal looking at large lots like this. I think the ebay buyers are now looking at the extra taxes they have to pay on lots like this.
  8. Thanks for doing this. I know I priced it less than GPA when I was figuring out a price... but that was a few months ago and I didn't feel like doing it again. Truthfully, as a buyer I've never had ANY problem doing my own homework on pricing bigger lots. I guess some people don't like to do it, but if you're a buyer isn't that part of your job? To figure out if it's a good deal or not?