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  1. gadzukes

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    If you count the lipstick marks Archie looks like he got smooched 1 more time in his cover than Reggie did. Lucky guy! That Australian cover doesn't really fit Reggie's personality. And I don't recall V ever wanting to kiss R, but maybe I'm wrong. I really love this type of "Find". I'll bet if you were to scour the Australian Archies you'd find a lot of little differences like this.
  2. gadzukes

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    I have a feeling he wasn't paid and didn't even know about it.
  3. gadzukes

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    I wonder what Bob Montana thought of that change to his art?
  4. I posted these pics in another thread but thought it was a cool enough find to post here too. Australian Reggie 17 vs US PEP 93. Has this been posted before. Pretty cool difference.
  5. gadzukes

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    Check out the difference between the Australian Reggie 17 cover and the US PEP 93 cover. Pretty cool.
  6. gadzukes

    Archie 1-10 +50 CLUB

    I couldn't resist these Australian comics when I saw the great covers they had. The Gang 5 has the American cover to Betty & Veronica 1. Reggie 4 has the American cover to Reggie 1. Reggie 7 has the American cover to B&V 2. The Jughead 11 has the US cover to Jughead 3. The Pep 11 has the US cover to PEP 79 (I love the Veronica as an Indian on that cover ) The Reggie 17 has the US cover to PEP 93 but there's a major difference.
  7. gadzukes

    The Yellow Kid

    Thanks, and welcome to the boards.
  8. Let's narrow the field for JB123 then.... There are only 90 total Wilburs. You have about 75% of all Wilburs. That's about 68 Wilburs that you have, which leaves 22 Wilburs that you don't have. So give JB123 the list of the 22 Wilburs that you don't have and he can check the GCD to eliminate at least a handful of those 22 (the GCD does have content listings for many Wilburs). JB123, once you identify it, make sure you update the GCD
  9. There's a LOT of things I don't know much about, but I would at least show a picture of them from the front. This guy CLEARLY knows what he has because of the prices he put on them.
  10. I was thinking maybe that's the back cover to TTA 35 and you get both of them? Then if you look at the description..... apparently you get these "along with original 1939 Superman Newspaper pages" This guy is the worst lister ever!
  11. gadzukes

    Fantastic Four 48,49,50

    Here's my two graded 48s. I picked both of them up 4 years ago for a grand total of $1275 (which I thought was really good even back then). I wish I would have bought more but all the bad FF movies gave me pause. I don't mind Stan's sigs on these because he didn't sign over anyone's faces.
  12. I don't think these are bogus listings, I think you will get the comics if you win them...... but without being able to see the front covers, who can make a good judgement on them?
  13. gadzukes


    This is an example of a comic that you REALLY need a detailed disclosure of every little thing that was done to it to make an intelligent bid. Maybe disclosure of the restorer would help. It's a gorgeous book. I'm guessing it was gorgeous before the resto too.
  14. Sometimes I just can't understand what ebay sellers are thinking. Here are a bunch a MAJOR Marvel keys and they're listed SO poorly. Xmen 1: 5 photos with NONE of the front. And the seller didn't put the number in the title. Daredevil 1&2 Avengers 1