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  1. yup. Unfortunately, that's a lot of story pages. However.... you have the cover which is why this comic is so valuable.
  2. You're missing the single "tipped in" page 2. You're missing the 3 middle wraps, the CF has another single "tipped in" page. 3 wraps + 2 tipped in single pages = 8 total pages
  3. Gorgeous image! Well done. It doesn't pass the "what it would have looked like on the newsstand test" though because you put solid blue between the hero and the dagger. Go back and look at every cover in the Heritage archive (or in this thread). There should not be solid blue there, it should be more like a haze or fog. I brought this up in the other Suspense 3 thread and was curious if a mistake was made on the original cover that they had to remove from the printing plate. It almost looks like someone took an eraser to the cover, however, if you look at every single example of the comic you will see the same weird flaw. Does anyone have a guess as to why this color flaw is on the cover? I don't think it is something Schomburg would have put there. Solid blue like your gorgeous photoshopped cover would have made more sense.
  4. It's a 3 page insert. 1 wrap, and a tipped in page.
  5. YES, please tell us if the 3 leaf cf is present. And if so..... how about some scans so we can see what it looks like.
  6. I've noticed when looking at these covers that there appears to be a Blotchy spot in the Blue sky between the dagger and the hero. Do you suppose there was something there originally that they removed from the plate before printing? The number "3"?
  7. But would they have written the page count down? Would there be a record. When I got this coverless in the mail and looked at the middle pages I definitely thought I had a complete copy, because one story ended and the next story started at the cf. It wasn't until I looked at the GCD that I saw a 6 page story was missing.
  8. Would there be graders notes that would confirm page counts?
  9. Great analysis. If what you're saying is true, that some copies were distributed without the middle story..... Then there are really 2 versions of the comic. Version A has 56 pages and version B has 50 pages. On a CGC label it would be much nicer to have a Blue label with notes that say "Version B - 50 pages", than a Green label with label notes that read, "Incomplete - Missing centerfold". (Of course I'm biased since I would like for my copy to be considered "Version B - Complete Coverless")
  10. That shark looks dead. razor sharp teeth broke the thermometer and the Mercury poisoned it.
  11. Such a tragedy that the Seal and the Walrus and the Turtle are all AIR BREATHERS, two of which are LAND MAMMALS who seem to be trapped here. I know turtles can stay under water a long time but...... Aquaman meant well but their imminent deaths are on his head.
  12. Has anyone ever measured just how long Medusa's hair is? Isn't the Thing super strong? Like almost as strong as the Hulk? He can lift a car above his head, but spray his hands with paste and it's all over. BTW, imagine if some of Paste Pot Pete's paste got into Medusa's hair..... she would be SOOOOO pi$$$$ed. Finally, can the Wizard fly? Is that one of his powers? Did he make a suit that could fly? I can't remember and I don't want to go dig out the issue.
  13. And why is he wearing a bib? Anything he spills will float away.