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  1. Stan lee signature fails

    I think the label on the top one should have Stan's sig over his face.
  2. Stan lee signature fails

    That Spidey 61 doesn't look like a real Stan sig to me.
  3. Stan lee signature fails

    "Enter... the Grey Panther"
  4. Yeah, I see where you're coming from. I usually check in about once a week on this thread and go right to the most current comments. This next weekend will be when BP catches Avengers (and passes SW:LJ) so I'll probably check in a few extra times to read comments.
  5. I think we humans enjoy seeing records broken, whether it's an athletic record, or a record price for a comic book, or a movie box office record. Everyone knew the first Avengers movie was going to do really well at the box office, but Black Panther (and to a slightly lesser degree Wonder Woman) came out and SO exceeded expectations that I really cheer for it's success. Part of me knows it's just the industry getting rich, but another part of me is rooting for the movie to just keep breaking records. Black Panther has always been a "B" list character in the Marvel Universe. NO MORE! BP will now be "A" list all the way.
  6. The Wonder Woman all the Time thread

    The Hakes auction AS8 coverless missing CF went for nearly $4500. Any thoughts on that price? I think they could have possibly made more using CC or CL. Full disclosure: (I was interested in this auction because I have an AS8 coverless missing the OW and wanted to get an idea of pricing)
  7. Stan lee signature fails

    At the very least the grade should be reduced to 4.0
  8. I decided to revive this listing. Take note that I've added a photo of EVERY single page of the comic for you to look at. Even if you don't want to buy, have fun scrolling thru and reading a great old comic
  9. Stan lee signature fails

    Who is Stohn RomLeeta?
  10. Is it worth the investment???

    If the price is a "deal" then you can at least consider it.
  11. Stan lee signature fails

    I agree, these are not signing fails.
  12. Stan lee signature fails

    Why can't Stan use a thinner Sharpie like Tom Palmer did? Or at least use a new sharpie every once in a while.
  13. OK, that's like the Jingle Jangle in the 2nd photo. All the other B/Ws must be photostats
  14. Marvel Pence Priced Variants

    Wow, those are really high grade! Gorgeous.