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  1. Luckily I have a skill set that they needed for the shoot so I got paid pretty well. The casting agency told me I was getting paid for 8 hours and everything after that would be time and a half (which would be really great) but when I went to sign my paperwork at the end of the day they told me my pay was for 12 hours, NOT 8 hours. I have the emails to back up what the casting agent told me so I should be able to get my extra money (maybe the casting agency will have to pay the extra?) From talking to the other extras, they all got $85 for 12 hours. That's pretty low pay, but they all seemed happy. It makes for a loooooong boring day though. Food was amazing! The catering is exceptional. Seeing Paul B in costume really made the experience for me. Kat Dennings was in the scenes too so I got to see Darcy
  2. I was an extra for the W/V series recently. I can't say anything of import because of the NDA, however I had some real geek out moments. It was SO cool to see Paul B suited up as Vision for the shoot. So, to combat selfies or any spying photos from the extras, when you get there they have you turn off your phone and drop it into a small pouch with a locking mechanism at the top. I'm actually not sure if it was magnetic or something else (there was no key), but I couldn't open it once they locked it. When my day was over the person who released me kindly asked me to show my "photo roll" on my phone so she could check for photos. They're very serious about leaks. One of the other extras had been there for 13 days in a row and he told me how the scenes we were shooting related to some of the other stuff he had shot. So I was able to piece together some plot. Exciting I was there for 12 hours. 70% was boredom, but the other 30% was pretty cool. I was part of 2 scenes on 2 radically different sets. When my episode airs I'll come back on here to let you know who I was. I doubt I will be going back out for any more shoots but I had a good time and I can't wait for the show to come out. That Pinewood Studios facility is pretty awesome.
  3. Journey Into Unknown Worlds 13 CGC 8.5 Qualified Only thing wrong with this is CGC says "Staples Replaced" So.... really nothing wrong with the pages or cover. Hmmmmm I wonder what happens if you find vintage staples? It's a gorgeous comic. $315
  4. Yep. The first time you see this as a collector it really freaks you out, and it makes you think someone is trying to scam you if you're buying on ebay. But the more you buy GA comics the more you see these weird single pages bound in and also the single pages that are "tipped in" (glued) to other pages. The GA was the wild west of comic binding with super thick comics, single pages, tipped-in pages, and then throw in "single staple" WWII comics, and you have a recipe for disaster as comics start to come apart. Thanks for sharing those images William.
  5. you find whichever of the 4 other titles is cheapest and remove the back cover.... but don't tell anyone you're doing it, lol. It's really hard to find "just a back cover". Yes, it's slightly sacrilegious, but...... you get a complete Tec 26.
  6. Auctions like this help you complete comics. I was the underbidder on this one. I just couldn't see going any higher. But there were some great covers there.
  7. Well done AnkurJ, that's really impressive.
  8. The CFs are the toughest things to find (and usually the most expensive). Although I have to say finding the back cover to Superman 1 is nearly impossible!!! I did it though, and it only cost me about $12,000 Everyone is looking for a CF for Cap 1 so there's a lot of competition out there.
  9. I've pieced/completed a Superman 1, Cap 1, and a Wonder Woman 1. You're right..... patience/time is required. It's an amazing feeling when you accomplish it though, especially the mega GA keys.
  10. Everyone remembers Vapo-Man, right? Here's a really dumb sequence of panels. Bad art.... bad story concept....bad execution....worst name ever for a superhero.
  11. This sequence of panels....... ridiculous. Question: How many miles can a knitted thread extend when unraveled?
  12. Possibly the only time in history when Bill Cosby & Lois Lane were referenced together.
  13. You must have heard me laughing maniacally when I found my Af15 7.0 PLOD that turned out to have one dot of color touch. When CT dot was removed & resubmitted I got a 7.0 Blue.
  14. Lois surreptitiously begins the little known "reverse me too" movement of the late 1930s.