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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.
  1. Is this signature real or fake?

    Real. I like that it's dated.
  2. Cover question

    I personally would not slab either of your comics. They are too low of a grade. It wouldn't be cost effective once you paid to ship them and paid for the grading/slabbing and paid to have them shipped back. Just enjoy them the way they are..... a couple of great lower grade comics.
  3. Archie comics

    I don't know if I ever bought an Archie comic off the stands as a kid, I was definitely more into Marvel & DC superhero comics, but every once in a while I'd find a copy and read it and would end up really enjoying it. Now as a collector I've grown to appreciate the old Archie comics so much. There's so much great artwork out there, especially from the GA.
  4. Cover question

    Wait.... who signed it? The kid who owned it or one of the creators? If you're just talking about the kid who owned it, that is a common thing you find with old comics. They are graded down slightly, but if the comic is in otherwise great condition it will still grade well AND receive a blue label.
  5. current turn around rates at CGC

    18 Value books sent to CCS for pressing 7/11. They were finished and sent on to CGC. They were "received" at CGC on 10/12. Their status is still just "received", not even verified. Should I be worried?
  6. Just finished. FINALLY a marvel netflix series that rivals DD season 1. I've been getting worried that marvel Netflix was doomed, but the Punisher series was excellent. My criticism is the same as most.... 13 episodes could have been trimmed to 10 without losing anything. My ranking: 1) DD1 2) Punisher 3) DD2 4) tie: Defenders 4) tie: Jessica Jones (I watched it all but didn't love it... but I loved the comic) 6) Luke cage (I only made it thru 6 episodes) 7) Iron Fist (I only made it thru 4 episodes)
  7. SOLD Amazing Spider-Man 1 CGC 3.5 Slight B-1 with OW pages Notes say, "Restoration includes: tear seals to cover" (one fourth of front cover married)
  8. NFAOS 6 - raw - 8.5 This might be my favorite cover of the run. Has not been pressed $39
  9. NFAOS 12 - raw - 8.0 Has not been pressed Flat & Glossy Has a small crease on the lower back cover free edge. $10
  10. NFAOS 8 - raw - 8.0-8.5 Has not been pressed. Final interior page has a 1/4"tear in the upper margin $15
  11. NFAOS 10 - raw - 8.0 Has not been pressed. I'm selling two of these. The other has better up/down centering, but this one is nice too $15
  12. NFAOS 10 - raw - 8.0 Has not been pressed I'm selling 2 of these. They're both basically the same grade but I like the up/down centering on this one more. The rubbing along the spine is not as bad as my flash photo makes it look. $15
  13. NF Agent of S 13 - raw - 8.0 This one looks 9.0 but has a flaw on the spine by the words NEW!NEW!NEW! The paper seems slightly scraped there (maybe got caught during binding?) It's hard to see in the photos, and can really only be seen from the back. $10
  14. Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 14 - raw - 8.5-9.0 has not been pressed Has some minor pressable flaws. I'm listing 2 of these, they're both basically the same grade. The other has slightly better centering. $18