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  1. I've got a CGC 8.5 SS with Stan's sig. What kind of bump do you think an SS gets in this "frothy market"
  2. I think 6.5 is on the money, especially after a cleaning.
  3. I didn't smell it, but I suspect it did. Yes, the market is whack when someone will throw big money as a comic that looks like that. I was happy to take it. The funny thing is..... they can probably flip it and make a profit right now.
  4. As low grade as your X1 is..... it's NM compared to this X1 I sold recently. Just so you know..... I was paid $1500 for this, so your PR X1 is still quite valuable.
  5. Not a cover, but this Splash page is pretty amazing. From War Victory Adventures 2
  6. I've had a thought of sending my PHM slabs into CL or CC, but if the value boom hadn't hit them then there's probably no point. I'll dig them out and have a look.
  7. OK.... I admit I'm being a little lazy here. I could do my own research, but I just thought I'd put the question out here to save myself some time. Has anyone noticed the value boom moving the needle on Pre Hero Marvels?
  8. I just looked it up...... ST110 shares the EXACT same back cover as Kid Colt 111 (you have to be careful and compare the "code identifiers" that are usually in the address boxes of the ads. And you also have to identify the inner back cover images too). Ebay doesn't have a KC111 listed right now but with a little patience you could find a copy for around $10. In this instance you don't even have to find a nice copy because the front cover of the St110 is so bad.
  9. You don't find a "loose" back cover. ST110 shared it's back cover with maybe 3 other marvel comics from the same month. Some of the other titles will be attainable for next to nothing.... like a Kid Colt, Millie, etc.... Just spend $10 to get one of those titles and use the back cover for your ST110.
  10. The correct back cover would be easy to find for this one. I don't know what it is off hand but a little research will reveal it. Replace the back cover and it'll probably instantly go to the coveted 1.0 grade.
  11. I was actually asking about the ASM 1s with my question, but yes.... those AF15 prices are definitely records. I own a comparable AF15 4.0 to the one sold so I'm gobsmacked at that price. I paid about $12K for it raw about 4 1/2 years ago.