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  1. Ah..... I see. I suppose that makes sense. Stupid integrity.... messing up my plans to do something nice for someone.
  2. Yes, they will try to deliver a registered package. Registered ALWAYS needs a signature so if no one is there they will leave a notice and you can pick it up at the PO. Were your 9 slabs a Registered package? If so you should definitely complain, it's a HUGE no no for them to leave a registered without a sig. If the box is taken it's my understanding that the mail carrier is liable for the value of the package. With registered mail EVERYONE who touches the package has to sign for it (every mail carrier and every PO, and then finally the recipient). That way they know who screwed up if it isn't delivered.
  3. I've got 27 "value tier" comics that were checked in on March 6th. I think that's 52 business days so far. I'm starting to get pretty antsy.
  4. My carrier even gave me a card at the holidays. I thought it was sweet.
  5. What... do they have a camera in the truck watching them open my card to them that has a $50 gift cert? Who's going to know?
  6. Will the next episode end with someone (a new king or queen) literally sitting on the throne? The camera pulls back and everyone is cheering/bending the knee? Or...The camera pulls back and everyone is dead? I wonder if half the episode will be be the fallout of what just happened, a new king/queen crowned, and then the second half will jump forward a few years once the cleanup has taken place and everyone in Westeros is getting back on their feet, or ....... perhaps the seeds of the next GOT will be planted.
  7. This morning as I sipped my coffee and read the morning news, my phone beeped. A text from my mail-carrier Cindy. "Todd, I'm making my rounds early today and I have a package for you that will require a sig. Will you be around?" It made me think how thankful I am for such a great Mail-Carrier. She really takes care of me. We text! On Cindy's 1st day delivering to me a couple years ago she went out of her way to come to my door and meet me. She was told by my last carrier Jose, that I mailed and received quite a few packages. Get this..... she wanted me to have her cel phone number so we could always have good communication when packages were coming or going. How awesome is that! As a Comic buyer/seller if you do not have a good relationship with your Mail-Carrier then you are really blowing it. My last 3 carriers have all been awesome people. Remember, they are carrying your "babies" (sometimes, really valuable babies) so take a moment to get to know them a little. Also, take care of them at xmas (I always give my carrier a $50 gift cert during the holidays, although I'm definitely going to up it this year). In our short chats at the mailbox, I found out that Cindy (who's about 55) sacrificed her career in Law Enforcement to move to my area to help take care of her dad who is old/sick. Her salary now is about half of what it was. In these last 2 years taking care of her dad, and being a full time postal carrier, thru online college she just got her Doctorate in a "Social services" field. So, I call her "Doctor Cindy" every time I see her now. My mail carrier is a Doctor, how many of you can say that? Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the great Mail-Carriers out there. Feel free to honor yours here.
  8. I have a feeling you have bought about a hundred dart guns thru the years Robot Man. Is your dog the target for every new buy? He probably knows when to run away now.
  9. That's a gorgeous pistol. Did you try it out yet? Everything work?
  10. Fantastic Four Annual 2 CGC 2.5 OW - (case has an extremely small crack that can't be seen from the front or the back) From what I can tell the comic has not been pressed or dry cleaned $70
  11. I love the detail on her outfit. Her torso looks too long to me though. Cool cover.