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  1. I somehow ended up with one of those at some point, sold it to Dr. Balls a few years ago when I was financing my wedding. Just included the red foil Spidey with my Spider-Man collection a few weeks ago, otherwise I still have all this kindling. I thought for sure I was going to retire on these way back when I was a genius teenager submitting for every issue offered. Finally someone realized I'm sitting on a gold mine and started a thread on it
  2. SPAWN 200 VARIANT SET – ALL 10 ISSUES: $200 WOOD VARIANT – NM+ NCB stress line, otherwise perfect LIEFELD VARIANT – NM Slight corner blunting and 1 NCB stress line SILVESTRI VARIANT – NM+ Slight corner blunting, otherwise perfect CAPULLO VARIANT – NM/M No visible detriments McFARLANE VARIANT – NM Slight corner blunting and 1 NCB stress line McFARLANE SKETCH VARIANT – NM 3 distinct NCB stress lines along the spine JIM LEE VARIANT – NM+ 1 distinct CB stress line along the BC, otherwise perfect JIM LEE SKETCH VARIANT – NM Slight corne
  3. SPAWN 150 VARIANT SET – ALL 5 ISSUES: $200 TAN VARIANT – VF/NM Slight corner blunting and 2 distinct CB breaking stress lines on the spine CAPULLO VARIANT – VF/NM Slight corner blunting and 2 distinct CB breaking stress lines on the spine JIM LEE VARIANT – NM+ Slight blunting top left corner, otherwise perfect McFARLANE VARIANT – VF/NM Slight corner blunting and 2 distinct CB breaking stress lines on the spine McFARLANE SKETCH VARIANT – NM+ 1 distinct CB (obviously there is no color on this cover, about an inch below top staple) stress line along the spi
  4. McFARLANE ASM RUN – 22 TOTAL ISSUES: $400 ASM #298 – 328, missing #’s 301, 306, 307, 310, 312, 315, 316, 319, 323 #298 – VF 1 distinct CB & 7 distinct NCB stress lines on the spine, blunting on the bottom left corner BC #299 – NM 1 distinct CB & 2 distinct NCB stress lines on the spine, NCB fold top left corner BC #300 – VF+ Several NCB stress lines along the spine #302 – 328 All these issues are in at least VF condition with most being VF/NM or better. Your typical well-handled Modern back issues
  5. So my cousin just found out he’s going to be a dad . . . again. He already has 2 girls, and he’s about to have another (yes, girl). He’s going to have 3 girls under 3 by March. He’s had some comics stashed for a while (that even I didn’t know about) that it’s time to move so he can hopefully not go broke now while saving to pay for (at least) 3 future weddings. He did some quick eBay research and set flat prices that will include shipping, my buying rules below apply. If anyone want’s all 3 sets together take $50 off the total and will include shipping. is
  6. Apparently I have a doppelganger . . . or should I say, "doggelpanper" Welcome aboard, Jake
  7. Issue count up to an even 230. I found a Spider-Man 1/2 issue buried in a box with various other Wizard # 1/2 issues that I was going to retire on someday According to eBay listings this is a "Red Foil Variant" if that means something, I assume the "Wizard Special edition" on GPA refers to this. If someone knows better please feel free to post as I certainly don't have any insight.
  8. Lists updated with a count of 229 total comics, you can see the updated "ASM" list and "X-tras" list in the previous post with all duplicates calculated. I found an extra 3 copies of the 129 reprint and a copy of ASM #1 (vol 2) that were added to the tally of the "X-tras" list. The ASM list is hard to see, if you click on the embedded image it will open in a new window and you can zoom in for a better look.
  9. Selling the rest of my Spider-Man collection as one large group. This lot consists of all my remaining Spidey & Spidey-related/focused books, the majority of which are from the ASM title with bits of others sprinkled in. At least 200 total books, I’ll have an accurate count later when I tally up all the doubles of which there are many. It will all ship together in this long Drawer-Box that has been there home since I bought them. Condition varies by era, earlier books are all in at least VG or better condition, and they go up incrementally (F, VF, NM, etc) as we pro
  10. This is the perfect summation and cannot be emphasized enough. Multiple deals with Phil, all rife with massive shipping delays and postal service shenanigans which he could not have handled better. I wish I could sell my whole collection to him but I'm afraid he wouldn't see it for a year and a half. A credit to the board and community at large!
  11. I cannot say anything different from what has already been said, so I'll let everyone else's words do my talking. My only regret is that he didn't buy more