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  1. update from the road, everything paid for has been sent out and i will get in contact with everyone individually with tracking numbers as soon as I'm home. A few who haven't paid please lmk if you're not interested any longer.
  2. hello again guys, got home last night from work and I'm going to be listing the last of the lots today. I see that some arrived, and for a few others i have your tracking numbers. those of you off today, hope you're enjoying the day
  3. Adam Hughes lot $45.00 shipped in the USA all vf/nm just imagine, Stan lee, cat woman one shot Superman #200 the ride. #1 sensation comics featuring wonder woman #4 cat woman #77 red sonja #7, #8 rose and thorn #1, #2, #5, #6 tomb raider #45, #50 tomb raider cover gallery ( two copies)
  4. invincible lot #2 #40.00 shipped in the USA all vf/nm masters of the universe #1 ( invincible preview) invincible #2 #3 #6
  5. mixed grade first appearance lot $35.00 shipped in the USA #Hulk #1 ( red hulk) vf/nm new xmen #128 ( fantomex) vf/nm primer #5 ( the Maxx) adventure into fear #19 ( Howard the Duck) vg
  6. punisher lot $40.00 shipped in the USA. Deadpool #55 looks nm but a crease on the back brings it down. Presents nice though punisher (first unlimited series) all vf/nm #1 #3 #4 #97 #98 #100 #101 (marvel knights) collected edition #4 #5 #5 variant #6 (dark reign) #2 variant, #3 variant, # 4 variant,#5,#6,#7 marvel team up #6 ( sienkiewicz)
  7. i know there's great stuff buried in storage but i can't make anyone wait anymore so I'm putting together random lots from random long boxes as i pull them from storage.
  8. only one so far, had a few waiting for more posting. Everything is being posted right now and tomorrow afternoon and closed and shipped.
  9. hey there guys, the transfers didn't go in until this morning after all and everything is all but taped up so if anyone wants to wait before i ship out, i can hold off and finish listing this round today. I've got a few things to take care of buy I've got a few lots ready to go. I'll post them shortly and confirm addresses and we can go from there. again I'm immensely grateful for the outturn of the sales thread and all the purchases.
  10. you guys are awesome! and a tremendous stress relief. Everything paid for is packaged and ready to go into a box, just waiting for the funds to make there way into my bank which will definitely be sometime tonight in the a.m. so expect tracking numbers shortly. hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
  11. it's actually a super large Spider-Man shirt. I love those 90s comics shirts that i couldn't have as a kid so for a while i would buy any cheap ones I could find even, no matter the size. I do have a sealed X-Men twin size bed set though
  12. low to midgrade iron fist lot. $36.00 with free shipping in the USA. marvel premiere #17 mid iron fist #1 low to mid #3 mid #4 lower #5 lower #5 (copy 2) low to mid #6 low to mid #8 lower #12 mid #12 (copy 2) mid # 15 low to mid power Man and iron fist #57
  13. Going to take some more pictures and will be back shortly. Open to deals on anything listed.
  14. Inhumans #1 (marvel Knights) VF/NM $12.00 with free shipping in the USA or free with any purchase. must post