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  1. I picked up a cool puzzle. All the pieces are accounted for.
  2. What part of the store should I be looking in to find this Spidey bank?
  3. I sold stuff like Rival Schools: United by Fate #1, Morning Glories #26 and Great Pacific #5. I didn't think I'd be able to give some of it away, much less sell it.
  4. I managed to sell a bunch of drek books for $2 each (shocking, I know) and then someone came along and offered me $40 for the 30 or so comics I had left in my short box. I took that money without hesitation.
  5. I didn't pick up anything at garage sales this past weekend, because I was too busy hosting my own sale. I ended up doing quite well, and I actually managed to sell an entire box of drek for a surprisingly good price.
  6. I didn't find any comics at the few garage sales I went to today, but I did come home with three Lego sets that only cost me $15.
  7. I saved a couple of Campbell books that you don't see every day from a thrift store. At 50¢ each I couldn't leave them behind.
  8. Anybody else have one of these sleeping bags? I picked mine up earlier this week for just a few bucks. I didn't need it, but I'll buy just about anything with Campbell art on it if the price is right.
  9. Production only begins in 2018, so the footage is probably more of a proof of concept. I assume the final product will look a bit better.
  10. Are we allowed to discuss the Revival movie in this thread?
  11. I picked up these dudes this morning. Each one is about 12 inches tall.
  12. I picked these up at a community garage sale for a total of $6.
  13. I picked up this spinner rack on Saturday morning. It only cost me $15.