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  1. Ratso Missed these, great books, tough as hell.
  2. Bourbon shop had nice selection. Bowman bros great juice for 37 bucks. saw they had the sherry cask Bowman too. good stuff. Oh Yeah, great pics of comics too.
  3. There was a thread a while back where Boardie bought a collection and found some kids porn stash hidden in between the pages. Am I remembering correctly? too funny
  4. Im back , Ill take #2 if avail. great for halloween give outs
  5. Not comics But many moons ago at the east coast national I sold Reggie Jackson his rookie card. At the time he was buying them up for some reason. he would come to the table, smooze you then walk away and his man servant would try to chew you down because he was Reggie. No Go for me, gave him standard discount i would to anyone. he must have bougnt 20 or 30 at the show.