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  1. Great pair! Alas, decided to retain just one of the two, but it’s an awesome book nonetheless...
  2. So the short version of that is ...from the glory days to the gory days.
  3. oversized green monster to oversized Red Skull...
  4. So, in a manner of speaking the reduced enthusiasm here is related to pressing! I knew there was something suspicious about this thread.
  5. The cover appears to be by Gill Fox. I'm pretty sure that Lou Fine penciled the Black Condor story, but Reed Crandall may have worked on it.
  6. You Can't Always Get What You Want to Midnight (Nash) Rambler...
  7. Having read through this thread I think the perception of reduced activity is probably the result of everything mentioned thus far and more. Undoubtably the growth of other digital platforms, IG, etc., will play into some collectors shifting interest. The way threads are presented in the CGC's 2017 redesigned platform ...without readily displaying multiple responses which made the earlier platform more conversational and fun to use... might be a factor as well. In general, do other forums and platforms compete for folk's attention (time spent here)? It also occurs to me that there are two competing third party grading services, both with active message boards. One of the two boards allows for the posting of slabbed comic images from both, the other has a policy against it. Whether this is a factor in diminished board activity is anybody's guess. One solution might be for the CGC to review their current policy disallowing collectors from posting images of graded books with a competitor's third party label. Logically, CGC shouldn't be concerned about anyone else's label since they consider their holders & service to be the superior product. Just my 2 cents; other's mileage may vary.
  8. Reading that page one might be persuaded that horror comics directly or indirectly influenced the injuries and death described. But to understand the relevance of comics to actual events access to the data being discussed ...including interviews with the accused gang members... would be helpful. For instance, is this a carry over from Wertham’s findings or work product from Senate sub-committee investigations? The information sourcing is an area of curiosity. Too often anecdotal data published in non-fiction books is embellished for shock value. In fact, Wertham’s research has been criticized on those grounds. Robert Hendrickson’s book is intriguing and worthy of more investigation. I’m assuming footnotes or other reference information are included in the back. Great find, BTW!