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  1. This is quite true, especially when comparing collection size and overall grade quality. Church copies will always have strong appeal regardless of grade comparisons with other pedigreed books.
  2. Purely from a collecting standpoint, acquiring at least one book from each historic pedigree is a more practical and achievable goal given the state of play today. There are pedigrees of high quality with books that rival some cases, pass... those from Edgar Church's legacy.
  3. By that time David Mamet will probably have a Pulitzer Prize winning sequel written.
  4. Logically, reassembling the entire collection was an impossible goal even before the advent of third party grading. Soon after the collection was sold through Chuck Rozanski's tabloid section (included with Alan L. Light's Buyer's Guide) there would've been some collectors who'd refuse to sell or demand an astronomical sum to part with them.
  5. Bee being fired upon to Bee being fired upon...
  6. March approaches, so pursuant to new acquisitions and declarations of 2021 goals this thread seems ideally suited for a bump...
  7. The Angel was featured on five of the first twelve Marvel Mystery covers which tied the Human Torch if including #9 which co-featured Subby. Sub-Mariner only had two solo-featured covers up to that point. The Angel was definitely a star, but he probably asked for more money than Goodman was willing to pay.
  8. pulp skull-duggery to pulp skull-duggery...