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    1,000,000 Years Ago!! to Over 500,000 Readers Can't Be Wrong!
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    floating on a house to swinging from a water tower over a roof...
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    Bet on BIRO!!!

  4. Cat-Man_America

    Comics that RocK !

    T.N.T. By AC/DC...
  5. Cat-Man_America

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    That depends on how the camel is governed. One chamber would be unicameral, two chambers, bicameral.
  6. Cat-Man_America

    The Cosmic Aeroplane Pedigree Thread

    I don't post scans with labels, but I'll make an exception since this is the only CA ped. in my collection...
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    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    Alas, FC and BC photos ...even with grader's notes... probably won't supply all the info that matters to a collector. Third party graders aren't obliged to provide upgrade manipulation info in grader's notes. High grade GA collectors seeking virgin books that've passed through a third party grading bordello should take solace in the fact that pressing isn't considered damage in today's more liberated world. What I consider important in discussions like these are that scanned images of books can often be identified and mulled over by those familiar with prior ownership and gradings prior to auction biding. Whether anecdotal information is enough to restrain itchy trigger fingers hovering over Heritage's "madness button" during an auction is anyone's guess, but any input is useful and appreciated. In my not-so-humble opinion ...which goes without saying (grin), the most obvious insurance collector's have that a book hasn't been manipulated is the age of the original third party grading. If the CGC label dates back to the earliest days of CGC ...the original Jurassic period label, before the introduction of a grade box... then the book probably hasn't been the beneficiary of "SOTA" pressing methods. Of course, there's no insurance of a book's virginity in an auction (caveat emptor), but rest assured, the premiums will always come due. Caution: Sarcasm has been known to cause caustic burns.
  9. Cat-Man_America

    What is going on with Prize Comics.

    Love this rare PRIZE's patriotic subtlety, color and detail (Jack Binder cover)...