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  1. Absolutely. Not a sweeping observation, but Brittany seems to be the only person at CGC demonstrating genuine concern over this issue. She deserves appreciation for that.
  2. In fairness to CGC and Brittany, criticisms haven’t been swept under the rug any more than the weak policy for addressing NR issues was done in a vacuum.
  3. Looks like Mr. Bedrock's Astronauts are Astro-yeahs with a 6-4 win last night. Apparently the last home run ended up on the moon! Congrats, and on to the World Series!
  4. These are the last duplicates in my collection (CGC 7.0)... (and CGC 9.2 of this Timely classic) And to top things off with a triple, Alex Schomburg's recreation of his final WWII Marvel Mystery... Buddha ...buddha ...buddha ...That's All Folks!
  5. Oh, yeah! Then there are these two copies of HIT Comics #18 with a classic Reed Crandall cover... (Pennsylvania pedigree, 8.0 CGC) and this 8.5 copy... Maybe a little OC on my part, but truly amazing art.
  6. There's this raw Marvel Mystery #19 (VF) ... And this high grade Chicago pedigree copy (CGC 9.2)... I'm not feeling a bit guilty about owning two of these puppies!
  7. There are these two copies of WSF #25, a 7.5 signed 45 years ago by the late great Al Williamson... And this recently acquired GFC (9.4)... (it's doubtful I'd choose to part with either copy)
  8. Don't know about Catman76, but Catman America upgrades! Of course, there was that one time... I ended up keeping just one of these copies, but in retrospect kinda wish I'd kept both.
  9. Scam artists will do what they do regardless. These replica copies apparently have enough in the way of minor flaws reproduced to allow easy detection by third party grading services and most serious dealers/collectors (the 1/2 inch width reduction being just one example, assuming pressers can’t manipulate another half inch onto a book, ...but that would be a real stretch). The investment cost of the set seems sufficient enough to dissuade most shady “entrepreneurs” from trying to pass the replica comic off as original. Also, the Oct. date is rare, so that’s a red flag too (not that the Oct. date couldn’t be stamped over and the Nov. date substituted on top, but then there’s the Oct. publishing info on the inside front cover that I assume is different on authentic Nov. copies. Still, this is an entirely reasonable concern. That said, MC#1 being a major key of high monetary value, a raw copy popping up anywhere is going to raise suspicions and be under a lot of scrutiny. I’d think the greatest risk of duplication fraud would come from highly valued SA books that aren’t necessarily rare, but in high demand in grade..
  10. As PR campaigns go, this one is pretty lame. A clear case should display books without distortion, ...period, ...end of story.. That seems to be pretty basic to me, ...a minimum standard. Setting the bar lower, to one of “it does no damage” is a defensive posture. This defeats one of the three principle reasons collectors submit books for encapsulating, ...display. Another reason to holder books is trusted third party grading. But if the “oil slick” appearance makes books less attractive for resale, it diminishes trust. That part of the argument ...the one taken from a dealer’s perspective... takes away two of the three primary rationales for grading. The only other value added by encapsulation is protection. Holders provide more dependable protection than Mylar with backing boards, but denies access to books, adding weight while limiting space. So, when push comes to shove, it’s pretty much an even trade off. Sorry, didn’t mean for this to turn into a lengthy post (it’s still a lot shorter than most of mine), ...there are already plenty of substantive musings on the NR topic. Guess I imbibed a bit too much caffeine today.