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  1. I usually discount D.C. estimated values 30% or more before bidding.
  2. Almost fell off the wagon and bid on that Adventure #72. Thank you for helping me maintain my Timely focus this session.
  3. L. Sprague De Camp to L. Sprague De Camp...
  4. Famous Features to indubitably more famous features...
  5. Weird Mysteries skeleton to Weird Fantasy skeletons...
  6. Yeah, Alex probably would've painted her blowing bubble-gum that pops explosively in his face.
  7. I couldn't resist fiddling with the first scanned image via my Photobucket editor. This is just to demonstrate what can be done to bring this book up without significant artificial enhancement (color saturation +30, Gamma -5, Shadows -25)... The yellows are close to the Heritage scan in vibrancy, but the overall color balance looks better to my eye. Judging from the label's color in the first scanned image didn't appear as artificially enhanced as the HA scan. Using the PB tools this scan should be closer in appearance to the holdered book in hand, but that's just a guess. One of the most effective editing tools for scanning books is the shadow control. It removes the haziness while bringing up the black level ...and then determines what evil lurks in the hearts of men! Opinons?
  8. Thanks, it'll be awhile, but you will. I don't like teasing folks ...well, maybe a little.
  9. I agree with asserting that the second scan is closer to what you're seeing, but I also agree with your impression of inconsistency which favors a brighter more color saturated appearance in auction views than exists with every holdered book in hand. IMO, that inconsistency isn't acceptable because it's the only image bidders have to rely on in lieu of traveling to the location where these books can be seen prior to the auction. If the scans are being manipulated to artificially enhance colors that could end up being an issue for contention with HA. One of the reasons I rescan HA images is to capture what I'm seeing in hand. That doesn't mean my interpretation is always on the money nor should anyone viewing images that I'm providing assume my scanner is as capable of tight imaging as the scanner Heritage uses. However, when sync'd with what I'm seeing in side by side comparisons, my HP rescanned image ...after meticulous color correction through PB's editing function... is usually more accurate. The point here is that HA should take a bit more care in providing reasonably accurate color images of books in holders. The old adage "what you see is what you get" should always apply.
  10. Muchas gracias, sweet pickups indeed! The Cap 43 is the current census top dog (until someone decides to risk a 9.2 copy in hopes of a grade bump) and #18 is a tough book that doesn't come up often. Alas (miniature violin playing "My Heart Bleeds for You" in background), neither Cap is the most wallet crunching book I'm acquiring this year, ...but that would be telling.
  11. LOL! Good point, but I didn't want to waste time futzing with HA's images. Besides, my OC inclination would've been to go further and color correct the blown out HA scanned images. HA's saturated color settings seem designed to enhance online impressions, but who knows? Maybe the enhanced settings are needed to reduce the appearance of NR on CGC's more recently graded books. Anyway, here's my theory: HA set their scanner using R. Crumb's trippy Sunburst painting, then forgot to return settings back to normal for everything else. Far out, man.
  12. Two framed Heshka paintings under plexiglass (after Basil Wolverton, based on unused B&W cover submissions to Centaur)... Commissioned four years ago. Love the way these display (no interest in selling or trading). Images taken with my iPad tend to wash-out colors, but you can find finished proofs a few pages back in this thread.
  13. Two Cap war books (underbidder on a couple of other books). Might as well post the HA scans... Looking forward to rescanning these without the labels though.
  14. I wasn't chasing, but won two books nonetheless. Looks like I may require a new chastity belt.
  15. Very true, but if JV's Mile High copies are 3P graded & slabbed there'll be a lot of HGC's losing bragging rights.