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  1. I’m kinda surprised that Mystic Comics Vol. II hasn’t been mentioned ...or maybe it has and I just missed it..., but the 4 issue series is pretty unique. It did give The Angel an opportunity to spread his virtual wings a bit more. My favorite of this short run is the spectacular Syd Shores cover for #2. The oversized mad doctor Nazi skeleton with a syringe has to be unique, and the tandem gals on slabs creates just the right atmosphere of dread...
  2. Some of my astronomical paintings from eons ago (...a galaxy far, far away)... (At one time I promoted my work as astronomical art at affordable prices, ...but no longer! ) Most of my paintings have been in acrylic medium. Here's one I titled "Creation"... This oil was titled "You're Next" ... Some of my pen/ink work (there be dragons here)... Back when I still had time to do these, a sketch cover commission... Cheers...
  3. Curse of the Mist-Things to The THING!...
  4. These aspiring second tier Schomburg heroes deserve a post of their own...
  5. spear to cutlass thrown like a spear...
  6. Striped suit in passing to madman with a checkered history...