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  1. Holy . i look at the books and then grades. didnt pick up on the label swap
  2. Hey, I've not been in the game for a while. What's the issue?
  3. Jeez!!!! What a set at an amazing price... Please someone take this thing. If I even look at it again I'll be too tempted!
  4. I'd say around a 4.5 maybe more on press. Great book, congrats on the amazing buy.
  5. Holy s#%*. It's about time to be honest. To be honest if he was a younger guy/teen he'd be an amazing spiderman. I thought Andrew Garfield had that part nailed. He just needed to be more of a geek/nerd.
  6. Jeez... If you posted the original price and were upfront about costs the guy was beinga massive toolshed. Hope you get it removed.
  7. Some nice books and great keys. Good luck with the sale!
  8. Anyone else think Arnie could pull it off if it wasn't for his acting?
  9. Other fan art of Ryan Reynolds own suggestion.
  10. That's an awesome suggestion. Did you see him in Sons of Anarchy? He could pull it off.
  11. Not likely. He is never going to get it. At this point he will find out the hard way. There is nothing any of us can say or do that will open up his eyes. I blocked him as I do not want to deal with his potential drama or his attitude as it is not worth it to me. Other people can coddle his behavior and take his money. At least that is my perspective in this matter. I'm still waiting on your eBay ID to avoid like the plague. If you have a website let me know as well please. Don't want to deal with someone who can't respect others opinions. Potential drama? This is what annoys me. You express an opinion and just because it's not the same as yours it's coddling just because I don't agree. You want to be a jerk? Fine, but don't be insulting. People I have dealt with have never had a problem so get off your high horse.
  12. Cable is old... And you could easily put enough trashy armor on him that it wouldn't look out of place. One really weird one for me would Tom Berenger, but he'd need to be beefed up.
  13. Don't mention Amazon. They might block you from their private lists...
  14. That you could get any and all comics you ever wanted for 1$ that would get you a CGC 9.8 if submitted. Action comics 1 TC Af15 Etc Getting all of those Key issues. Collecting for the enjoyment and not the monetary return.
  15. Wow.... Nice way to read what you want to read.
  16. To be honest and I'm not sure if this is accurate, water damage brings it down by a bit. I'd say a 4.0, but I will say it looks amazing! Great book!
  17. They are blocking you because your opinion speaks to your character. And many in here don't want to deal with the potential headache of dealing with someone of questionable character.....whether your actions have reflected it yet or not. I hope I never have to deal with you, and as said before in a previous post. Read my feedback.