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  1. Greetings FF collectors! I had owned a FF # 4, CGC 4.0 since 2010. I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded this book. Ben, forgive me. I purchased this copy from Bob Storms and couldn't be happier!
  2. I received the same grade on the FF # 5 and FF # 50. The FF # 9 dropped from a 7.5 to a 7.0. All three were in Voldemort slabs and dropped at the NYC Comic Con.
  3. Beautiful FF # 11. I am hoping that before I leave this earth, to see an 11 this nice in person.
  4. Fantastic Four # 39 purchased from Bob Storms. I cannot believe that I got this grade!
  5. Last one I swear! FF # 9 from Superworld Comics.
  6. FF # 7 from the Tongie Farm collection. Included is the tanning that most of the Silver Age books possess!
  7. FF # 6 won on Comic Connect for a steal! I had been chasing this book for a while and an upgrade to my CGC 6.0!
  8. The grades on my books are dropping, but the books are still classic! FF # 30 purchased from High Grade Comics.
  9. Thanks Ben, concerning the avatar, that was the FF # 1 that got away!
  10. My last 9.0 FF from the Silver Age! Straw-Man, I’m not worthy!
  11. To give full disclosure, I had the book pressed by CCS.
  12. Just as a follow up for this book! I was pretty happy and surprised with the grade!