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  1. Beautiful book! an 8.0? I think.
  2. Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    A recent purchase from Highgrade Comics!
  3. PGM FF # 18

    Ben, there is even a nice date stamp on there for you!
  4. PGM FF # 18

    Just purchased from Bob Storms at High Grade Comics. It has a one inch vertical tear on the first page of the book. The book is flat. The interior pages are off white. Thank you for your grading comments!

  6. GM What if? # 1, 1976

    The top book looks NM! I remember buying this book off the rack as a kid. Man I'm old!
  7. Purchased from Best Comics in New Hyde Park, NY. Thank you for your grading skills!
  8. Purchased from Best Comics in New Hyde Park, New York. Thank you for your grading opinions!
  9. Bronze Age Fantastic Four Appreciation Thread

    Always liked this cover!
  10. CLOSED

    Captain Marvel # 32 @ 10%

    Beautiful book Drummy!
  12. What else do you collect??

    I'm in the process of paying this off. A 1935 German Helmet. Repainted during WW II