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  1. I dropped the book to CGC at the New York City Comic Con. I received it back yesterday with no press.
  2. The book was dropped today at CGC in NYC at the Comic Con. I’ll post a picture of the book once I have it in hand.
  3. I picked up a nice copy of FF # 14 from World Wide Comics. The book is flat and the colors jump out on the cover. The only major issue are rusty staples. They do not bleed through but I know it will probably get hammered by CGC. That's ok! I can take the pain!
  4. I purchased this book from Worldwide Comics. The front and back cover are flat and the colors jump on the front cover. The problem with the book are the rusty staples. The bottom staple in a little more rusty than the top one. The rust does not bleed through the book and the interior pages look white to me. It will be going to CGC. Your grading of this book is much appreciated!
  5. I have been chasing this book in a higher grade for a while. I purchased it raw from World Wide Comics. I had it pressed by Precision Comics located in Suffolk County New York. Just in today from CGC and it brings a tear to my eye! Thank you for taking a look.
  6. Thanks! It will now replace my undercopy that I have had since 1983!
  7. Greetings FF collectors! I had owned a FF # 4, CGC 4.0 since 2010. I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded this book. Ben, forgive me. I purchased this copy from Bob Storms and couldn't be happier!
  8. I received the same grade on the FF # 5 and FF # 50. The FF # 9 dropped from a 7.5 to a 7.0. All three were in Voldemort slabs and dropped at the NYC Comic Con.
  9. Beautiful FF # 11. I am hoping that before I leave this earth, to see an 11 this nice in person.