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  1. Steviehuv66

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    It was a 9.0 in the other holder! I thought CGC would downgrade it a bit because (well just because)! I was quite happy with the results and now the book is where it should be. Thanks Lou.
  2. Steviehuv66


    My FF # 5 is trimmed unfortunately but it still presents well!
  3. Steviehuv66

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    I purchased this book about two years ago from Best Comics in New Hyde Park, New York. I originally had the book in "the other guys holder." I brought the book to the NYC Comic Con in October to have it CGCd. The book came back in less than a month!
  4. Steviehuv66

    How often do you buy from Mile High Comics?

    I bought my FF 52 from them in 1983. That is the last purchase. I still have that book.
  5. A different topic entirely but Time Payments have allowed me to purchase higher grade Silver Age over a period of time. Bob Storms is very generous with Time Payments on a book.
  6. Steviehuv66

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    FF # 39 just purchased from Bob Storms. A nice copy.
  7. Steviehuv66


    Thanks for your comments. This picture is after the color touch removal attempt. This is not the best picture but the boardie took out a small piece on the monsters arm based upon the grader notes of the other company. When it came back in the purple slab from CGC we realized that there may be more color touch on the cover so it’s better to leave it alone at this point.
  8. Steviehuv66


    I bought this book raw in 2015 from a dealer. I had it slabbed (not by CGC) and it came back a 4.0 with minor color touch (a dot on the monster's arm). I then spoke to with someone here on the boards and he made an honest attempt to remove the color touch. Unfortunately it still came back with with minor color touch. Hey, we tried! I'm happy it is in a CGC holder.
  9. Steviehuv66

    How old are Comic Collectors?

    I'm 51 and a life long FF fan.
  10. Iron Man 57, 61 and 62 if they are still available.
  11. Steviehuv66

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    I won this book on Comiconnect this week. This is an upgrade for me! Sorry I don't have a scanner for CGC books!
  12. Steviehuv66

    PGM: FF # 30

    Purchased from Highgrade Comics. Your grading skills are always appreciated.