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  1. Funny I was thinking last night how GPA might want to segment the prices even further. They could introduce a 30 day (14 day?) bracket with the way things are moving now.
  2. Great book too - one of my favorite comics since childhood. Awesome stand alone story with Ace and Wild Weasel
  3. Hello! Title says it all - would consider anything in the 8.5 - 9.4 range, but really hoping for 9.0 or 9.2. Thanks!
  4. Just checked out some cards on eBay - Im a little stunned at how hight some of the prices are for base cards in PSA 10. Has this been a newer uptick? It seems likely that the prices will drop once more graded cards come back from PSA (which is taking forever). I do love to see these beauties getting some love though
  5. Awesome Simonson covers on 60-61. Haven't seen those before