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  1. Salida CO? Geez, I’ve been there 4-5 times! My brother-in-law lives 10 minutes from there.
  2. gunsmokin

    Cheap Oddball GA books

    True but you’ve got 10x as many posts. You’ve been a busy noob!
  3. gunsmokin

    Cheap Oddball GA books

    Awwww. Thanks bud. Nice to know youse guys think favorably of me. Still feel like a bit of a newbie.
  4. gunsmokin

    Cheap Oddball GA books

    Andy Varipapa is a legend. Trick shot artist. Coined the term “Veripapa 300” which consisted of rolled 12 consecutive strikes between two games.
  5. Wow, I’d have sworn two or three guys beat me originally? Happy to have it though!