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  1. Nice score! The five on eBay now are all asking above $70.
  2. I remember when CGC was mislabeling the Batman 457s as second print newsstands. The highest grade on there is still wrong. I lost a lot of faith in the census after that.
  3. Anyone trying to find a copy of Reptil‘s 1st appearance there's two hiding in pricey lots on eBay;
  4. That’s ridiculous, they are getting a complete page of content and can’t afford to comp a $100 book? How much does a page cost them from any monthly comic for a writer, artist, inker, colorist and letterer? A lot more than a $100.
  5. Got some more Future State art, Black Racer by Siya Oum from Superman Worlds of War.
  6. Just got in a few pages from Future State: Robin Eternal by Eddy Barrows pencils & Eber Ferreira inks.
  7. Just got in two Eduardo Pansica Green Lanterns pages. Gorgeous pencils.
  8. Added a Jae Lee Sentry page to the collection. Fifteen years ago my brother surprised me with page 19 from this issue and now I can add page 18.
  9. My first piece for 2021, a page from one of my favorite reads.
  10. $99 free shipping in US BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 SUPER RARE FOURTH PRINTING CGC 9.6. Just back from CGC, mint case. Returns accepted Paypal accepted PM or post
  11. Mail call from Albert Moy, two pages from Jim Lee’s run on Suicide Squad. 1st app of Hack and a pure Jim page.
  12. Just got these early pages in from John Byrne’s Next Men, beautiful work by Byrne.
  13. Wow really? I’ve been watching the older episodes all week. Can’t wait to check it out. Thanks, yes the page has found the right home and the hobby will probably never see it again.