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  1. Spider-Ham set of 2 books for $45 shipped Marvel Tales #1 rare Canadian price variant (1st app Spider-Ham) in FN condition Spider-Ham #1 rare Canadian price variant in VF condition All Lot books VF- / VF All Lot books VF- / VF 28 book lot includes Superman, Doom 2099, Gambit & more (see photo) All for $25 shipped 24 book Image lot (see photo) All for $15 shipped Paypal accepted Returns accepted Ships USPS media mail PM or post
  2. Since October 24th, CopperAgeKids has had 2 ultra rare comics of mine (Batman #457 2nd print newsstand) and is not mailing them back to me. He was suppose to press and sub them at VA comic con on October 30th. Since then I've gotten story after story about mailing to CGC then subbing at Winter Con then mailing back to me etc. So far nothing, meanwhile he regularly sells and ships out plenty of books on eBay. UPDATE: Just received a tracking number on 2/2/17 UPDATE: Books returned on 2/4/17
  3. Anyone else hunting this set notice the 1st print newsstand with indicia "000" was especially difficult to track down? I think it's probably the second rarest of the set besides the 2nd print newsstand with only 7 8 9 10 11 12 known copies. Some links regarding this comic; article on The Six Variants of Batman 457 Previous thread Other thread