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  1. Mail call from Albert Moy, two pages from Jim Lee’s run on Suicide Squad. 1st app of Hack and a pure Jim page.
  2. Just got these early pages in from John Byrne’s Next Men, beautiful work by Byrne.
  3. Wow really? I’ve been watching the older episodes all week. Can’t wait to check it out. Thanks, yes the page has found the right home and the hobby will probably never see it again.
  4. Clearly Lee was making a statement about the geopolitical alliances in the 90s as it relates to America, Canada and Russia. or it just looks cool
  5. I got up early to go but decided I’d spent enough this month on art. I didn’t know Albert was going, I would have picked up some Jim Lee pages he has for me.
  6. How do you insure your art collection? Any one company stand out? I know this has been asked but searching “insurance” brings up every other post.
  7. Is this sale price the record for a DC Universe Logo book?
  8. $75 shipped NM Paypal Accepted Returns Accepted
  9. Lot of 8 romance comics $199 free shipping in the US Paypal accepted Returns accepted
  10. I was just throwing it out there as a theory as to why younger collectors (under 30) would even know about this character let alone offer to pay thousands for a page.
  11. Try searching “Shadowhawk SNES” or “Shadowhawk Rose Colored”. This company released a cartridge of a prototype SNES game and Valentino sued them for millions. About 30 copies were sold and I have to admit the packaging looks pretty cool.
  12. No worries, I’ve pointed out auctions myself that I thought were high. The BuyItNow is best case, about double the highest offer so far. I do get the nostalgia draw to the page, I remember picking this book off the shelf as a teen. In a few of the offers I had received before the auction, the collectors mentioned that they collect early Image art. I didn’t know that was a niche of the hobby but apparently it is.
  13. Yes the Shadowhawk auction is mine (not the Wizard of Oz but that is a cool page). I just have to say that in the 3 months I’ve owned the art there is still a lot of love for Shadowhawk. One dozen offers became two dozen, higher and higher. I’m not sure if it’s the historical significance or the attention the character got with the Nintendo lawsuit. I’ve decided to put it out there and see what happens. Worse case, it goes back into my collection until Image’s 30th anniversary.