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  1. Secret Hearts #80 Romita cover See photos for condition. $25 shipped PayPal accepted Returns accepted PM or post
  2. Spider-Ham lot #1, 9, 12, 15 All for $60 shipped SOLD #1 VF+, all others FN Paypal accepted Returns accepted PM or post
  3. 2x NEW Marvel Legends Archangel figures. Never opened. SOLD You get BOTH figures for $60 shipped PayPal accepted Returns accepted Please PM or post
  4. Yet another mislabeled book. All 4 9.6 2nd print newsstands in the census are mislabeled. Sort of makes it pointless.
  5. Hi All, Anyone know what comic this ad is in?
  6. Men Of War #90 inspiration for Lichtenstein’s “As I Opened Fire”. Closed includes shipping with insurance PayPal accepted PM or post See photos of condition and stain on cover.
  7. Sad news; “Batman” comic book artist Norm Breyfogle died Monday in Houghton, Michigan, TheWrap has confirmed. Breyfogle was 58.
  8. $250 PayPal accepted Returns accepted USPS priority mail insured Please PM or post ***AWAY ON VACATION ships 9/24***
  9. PayPal accepted Returns accepted USPS media mail Post or PM MASK lot VF- or better, both #1s are Canadian price variants = $15 shipped SUPERMAN lot VG or better = $15 shipped sold SCOUT lot FN or better = $20 shipped BATMAN lot VF- or better = $15 shipped
  10. VF- or better $10 + $5 shipping PayPal accepted ships media mail Returns accepted PM or post
  11. That looks like an amazingly good copy.
  12. eBay for the 499s from the same seller, but the MoS 20 I found on Offer Up - it been sitting there for 8 months for $15.
  13. Posted these pics in the Copper DCU thread but they also fall under DoS so...