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  1. Secret Hearts 83 featuring artwork by Tony Abruzzo which was the source of Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl painting (as well as Hopeless). Please see photos below for condition - cover detached from top staple. $300 shipping included Paypal accepted Returns accepted Please PM or post Recent auction history- they don’t pop up often;
  2. A raw second print newsstand just had an auction end at $1,100. Item # 302697541007 It had 5 bidders. Very impressive to see a raw end so high. This copy did not have the black line in the barcode. The auction also stated it was part of the already known 15 (maybe 16).
  3. Carl Elvis

    Blank interior pages - promo or error?

    It’s part of the promo, I see a few on eBay;
  4. Price drop to $60, free shipping.
  5. Brand New figures, never removed. PLEASE NOTE: THE COMIC BOOK HAS BEEN REMOVED AND IS NOT INCLUDED Box is in pretty good shape, see photos. $60 free shipping PayPal accepted Returns accepted Ships out USPS priority mail Please PM or post
  6. Secret Hearts #83, found it in a lot on eBay.
  7. No mention of water damage in the auction I won so it must have been a different set.
  8. A searched for a few months, everywhere...shops and online, using every search trick I could think of. I was even searching apps like offer up and changing my location to search other cities. Eventually I gave up and was surprised to see a few have popped up on eBay since then.
  9. Just scored a set on eBay for $150 best offer. At one point I was searching hard for this set but kept coming up empty. Planning on slabbing the book and reselling the figures which seem to go for a good amount.
  10. It was listed at $5,000 and I accepted a Best Offer of $3,000.
  11. It was listed at $5,000 and I accepted a Best Offer of $3,000.
  12. I sold the 9.4 White Pages on eBay on 3/17/18 for $3,000. Another new high for this book.
  13. It’s a 9.4 with white pages, a new high on the census (once they correct those 3 mislabled 9.6s).
  14. As a kid I was never Wolverine wearing a fishnet mask or is it just shadow?
  15. I found this image of Kirby’s original cover art for FF52 - Does anyone know if it appears in one of those big Artist Edition books?
  16. Carl Elvis

    Kirby original Fantasic Four #52 cover

    Wait a’s the same image!
  17. What if Venom Possessed Deadpool CGC 9.6 Newsstand - asking *CLOSED* Only 10 newsstands in the census vs 527 direct editions. Extremely rare, some estimates put this as a possible print run between 400-900 (see in-depth article here). Just back from CGC today, Mint case, placed in a brand new portfolio from Slab Pro which is included. PM me. PayPal accepted. Free USPS priority mail shipping with insurance. Returns accepted.
  18. Newsstand 1(2x), 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 44, 50, 68 Direct 3, 4, 6, 10, 11 Spawn VF mixed lot for $80 shipped USPS media mail Paypal accepted Returns accepted Please PM
  19. Finally arrived through media mail in great shape, can’t wait to see what grade it gets.
  20. Is this newsstand normal or an error?
  21. Carl Elvis

    Wolverine #1 ‘88 - Is that a mask or shadow?

    I really like this explanation.
  22. Carl Elvis

    Teen Titans #12 price justified?

    I think the Batman Who Laughs is here to stay and this book will only go up. I don’t see the character ever making it to film but definitely animation.
  23. I wonder if that’s one of the 14 posted here or a 15th. I also just picked up a new unknown copy on eBay last week so there’s either 15 or 16 known copies now.