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  1. Is this newsstand normal or an error?
  2. Carl Elvis

    Wolverine #1 ‘88 - Is that a mask or shadow?

    I really like this explanation.
  3. Carl Elvis

    Teen Titans #12 price justified?

    I think the Batman Who Laughs is here to stay and this book will only go up. I don’t see the character ever making it to film but definitely animation.
  4. I wonder if that’s one of the 14 posted here or a 15th. I also just picked up a new unknown copy on eBay last week so there’s either 15 or 16 known copies now.
  5. I believe the seller ended the auction after I messaged them about the error.
  6. I was checking the census and was shocked to see three 9.6s for this book. The highest we’d seen is 8.5. Then I remembered the mislabeled book above and when I doubled’s a 9.6 too. I suspect all three 9.6s might be mislabeled books until we get visual confirmation. UPDATE: By checking the mislabeled book’s certification number I was able to find the other two 9.6s which had been submitted all together. They end in 24, 25 & 26.
  7. Carl Elvis

    ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    Venom trailer is’s not going to do this book any favors.
  8. Carl Elvis

    Value of Spawn 1 UPC variant?

    I see newsstand comics. Walking around like regular comics.
  9. Well he could always sell it as ‘mislabeled’, that’s kinda cool too.
  10. So this is either ; 1) a 1st print newsstand cover on a 2nd print direct interior. 2) a 7th variant Until we confirm at least one more copy like this, I have to lean towards option 1.
  11. Check out this auction - CGC labeled the book incorrectly.
  12. Well it’s clear he’s dedicated more time to this than I ever could and he’s clear about how he calculates his ranges and how those estimates could be wrong. Yes we’ll never know how many copies are out there, but at least there’s *some* sort of official count going on.
  13. Good point, I’m sure we’ll see a few of those pop up over time. Nobel’s article estimates a print run around 400-900 with a 10% survival rate so it’ll be interesting to see how many actually make it onto the census.
  14. Agreed, hopefully it starts to happen more so we can get a sense of print runs. Currently these newsstands are about 1.5% of the total 531 graded.
  15. Carl Elvis

    Value of Spawn 1 UPC variant?

    This isn’t mine, but it is for sale. I’m considering getting it because the lack of black gave this error a unique look than what I’ve seen. Thoughts on a fair price?
  16. If it’s rare or insanely pricey - any grade would do.
  17. Carl Elvis

    DC Comics Presents 22 Whitman

    Thankfully it was low enough for me to check it off my list.
  18. Carl Elvis

    DC Comics Presents 22 Whitman

    I know, took me less than a minute to review the listing and hit BuyItNow!
  19. Carl Elvis

    DC Comics Presents 22 Whitman

    Same seller threw up a lower grade today and I snatched it up. I’d been hunting this book for years, never thought I’d own a copy. Seller is from Canada so it supports the theory earlier in the thread about more copies coming out of Canada.
  20. Wonder Woman 96 DCU logo VF+/NM- (please see photos) CLOSED PayPal accepted Returns accepted Ships Saturday 1st gets it
  21. You get both cards CLOSED Paypal accepted ships out Monday returns accepted Small corner bent on one corner of each card (see photos).
  22. That’s actually Man of Steel 35 and I see there’s a few available on eBay under $10.
  23. Carl Elvis

    Dark Knight Returns #4 $1200 Book?!?

    That price is insane, they are basically paying $1,000 for signatures. Go to a con lol.
  24. Remind me to never arm wrestle Wolverine.
  25. Lot of 40 raw X-Men comics, mostly in VF+ condition. $40 free shipping