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  1. Confusing, and I’m guessing it’s due to the custom art only being used on Universal or SS books, similar to the issue with Restored books also being blue when there’s a custom art label.
  2. Just received a small lot of DC Archives books from a recent sales thread. Shipped quick and very well packed, (protecting those delicate HC corners!), Very happy to add these to the bookshelves and overall collection. Quite pleased to have these. Thank you!
  3. Are you asking about the highlighted areas? Distributor spray?
  4. To my understanding, CGC still uses the older style slabs on thicker books. Was the “1st Lois Lane Cover” comment removed from the label the second time around?
  5. Recently purchased a Jughead #325(early Cheryl Blossom app.) from @50 Fiddy, communication was easy, book shipped fast and safely packed, condition as described & nicely priced. Would gladly deal with him again.
  6. Hi, welcome to the boards! Somewhat recently from Paul -
  7. @CarlNicholson Check the staple posts/holes at the centerfold to look for any odd wear or discoloration that might indicate the staples were removed or replaced at some point. Also, is the edge wear on all sides of the comic consistent between the cover and interior pages?
  8. Super-duper shipping speed & secure packaging against dings, bumps, & bruises. Good communication throughout, and easy to work with. Always pleased with the books and mags I get from Azkaban’s sales threads. Some purple font just because. Will happily look out for his future sales threads as I always come out of them with some neat stuff.
  9. On the subject of letters/letterers I’ve found Todd Klein’s(DC letterer) blogs & articles interesting.