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  1. I thought the writers of those runs (Doug Moench and Archie Goodwin) stated the characters were entirely independent of one another. Shared a last name is all.
  2. Slab-Pro promoted these on the boards a few years back, but I don’t recall any conversation in other threads at the time. @Slab-Pro
  3. A couple magazine-size books just arrived, picked up from a recent thread. Impeccably packed, and both in pristine condition. Very easy to work with, and a friendly person in general. Wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again.
  4. If you want to trade on these boards I’d suggest you participate in threads other than those specifically selling books, get to know people, who’s who, and get references from who other collectors have dealt successfully in the past. Get your feet wet here, don’t necessarily start with a 1k comic, try and work some smaller deals and build a rep, so to speak. Part of what sets this place apart from eBay, Facebook, or other platforms is we’re not all just sitting around trying to buy/sell to one another. We also chat about comics, the stories, creators, etc., just about anything surrounding the hobby. Also, do your best to keep out of scenarios like that WWBN 32 thread that blew up and left everyone feeling uneasy a couple months back.
  5. If I’m understanding your question, when you have a book graded, then yes, it’s encapsulated.
  6. Had the same book. It was amazing to me to see all those stories reprinted that I’d never be able to read otherwise. There’s a Superman version of this that I need to hunt down one of these days.
  7. I’d think first you have to answer the question as to what your objectives or goals are in regards to the books. Welcome to the boards!
  8. A box of comics just arrived from skypinkblu, well packed(as always),condition as described(or better), and even got a cool freebie that fits into my run! Communication with her is easy and friendly. Looking forward to see what other goodies show up in her future sales threads!
  9. Same here. I mostly prefer to read in groups unless the story starts and wraps in the same issue. Someone here mentioned a while back they sort their long boxes by month and year, and re-read in that fashion as one would have read off the racks back in the day and watch the Marvel Universe unfold and develop. Sounded like a neat idea, but I haven’t tried it since that very first time.
  10. I was thinking Marvel Essentials, not “essential Marvels”.
  11. Maybe there’s a maximum number of user accounts one can ignore?
  12. A couple books from a recent thread just arrived. Carefully packed & wrapped, the books look really nice in hand. Happy to have these!