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  1. Picked up a very nice copy of Amazing Adventures #34 from Jimbo's recent sales thread. Great price, easy communication, shipped promptly and well packaged. Slab arrived in perfect condition & happy to finally have this book!
  2. I'm fine with 5% to account for shrink, but going back 5 or 10 years how would one arrive at a ballpark figure that included subs, newsstand, or any foreign distribution?
  3. Just curious where the 5% number comes from? I've been wondering about certain print runs(particularly Archie) for several years now. Mostly to better understand the smaller publishers business models and how to best guesstimate total copies printed vs. sell through.
  4. A batch of books from another Skypinkblu sales thread arrived today. Well packed, shipped quick as a wink, and another easy-peasy transaction is in the books. Got another couple of freebies, too! Awesome seller to deal with!
  5. Are you asking for help in identifying this particular pie slice?
  6. I appreciate hearing the perspective from someone who was buying these as they came out. I think the availability(or abundance) of the MJ's were greater at one point than people now believe. Without having any real numbers pertaining to how many MJ copies were printed or collectively how many were sold through military channels it's just something I find interesting to speculate on.
  7. Purchased a handful of books from Azkaban's recent sales thread. Great communication, books were safely packaged, shipped promptly, and in nice shape. E-Z transaction and I'd do it again. Thanks Azkaban!
  8. While getting an extra sister(free) might have appeal for some, it does limit bride candidates to those already in country, working, and with no significant health issues. Coming from overseas the costs associated with food, housing, English lessons, etc. for the sister could be an unwelcome and long term financial burden.
  9. If available, Archie's Roller Coaster and Archie At Riverdale High #13. I can imagine that restaurant/bar you posted will be filled to the rafters tomorrow with optimistic fans after being 3-0 in pre-season and heading into New England.
  10. The cover date is June 1974, so you possibly had that issue for a year at that point. That's a really cool photo and piece of personal memorabilia. Thanks for sharing this.