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  1. That seems like too much wiggle room. I’d be afraid of dinging the corners if/when the book shifts in the bag. Do the acrylic backboards add much weight?
  2. Assign a value to the card as it is now, raw/ungraded.
  3. For those who were wondering, RMA is alive and well.
  4. Anybody else watch from about 34:00 to 35:30? Dylan explains his business math and the motto “keep the money moving” and the numbers make no sense whatsoever. The interviewer was even frozen for a bit as he processed Dylan’s comments but didn’t call him out.
  5. That makes sense geographically, but who made the “Dyldo” comment? I thought that factored in somehow.
  6. Hollywood is referring to BlazingBob. Correction: Guardian Comics
  7. Just a point of clarification, the “star” stamp does not denote the comic contains an insert, only that the comic was sold through a military run bookstore or AAFES store. Welcome to the CGC boards. Check out the links provided above and also the Bronze Comics area. There’s several interesting threads on MJI’s and related subjects.
  8. Here you go. Conan #151 with “Bubblicious” noted on label.
  9. I believe these were only found in October ‘83 Marvel comics(July cover date). Not sure there’s much of a premium attached to them, but I’m sure someone collects the issues containing them.
  10. Fwiw, the concern with centering of the Numeric grade has been brought up right from the start.
  11. Another couple dozen books arrived. What can I say? If you’re an actual reader of comics, Paperheart’s always got some good offerings on trades, mini-series, collected story arcs, etc. All the boxes get checked here: communication, packing, yada yada yada.... It’s cool to get comics from someone else who so obviously enjoys comics themselves.
  12. Is the seller someone who regularly sells comics or someone who operates an online garage sale on eBay? That to me would be the difference between not dealing with the person again or just offering feedback how (most) comic buyers expect their comics packaged/shipped.