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  1. steveinthecity


    Little Lulu is awesome! Nice copy!
  2. steveinthecity


    Little Lulu is awesome! Nice copy!
  3. The date stamp that the buyer wasn't aware of if he was claiming it was a different book?
  4. It's a great read, but I don't think it will be king once the dust settles. I'd believe that will be a book featuring a character tied to a larger universe. BA #12 or some variant cover? Not sure, but I don't see new readers/collectors jumping onto WD at this point.
  5. The OP isn't trying to list books in any sort of order, and is limiting the titles to Marvel only.
  6. In CGC boards parlance that's properly pronounced "tree-fiddy".
  7. So many useful threads were sacrificed by being locked or poofed in pursuit of the almighty 'pernt', but there was still value in watching people circling those threads like restless buzzards, imo.
  8. I found that chocolate/peanut/raisin combo to be somewhat of a turn off.
  9. Cheese cake exhibits the very best traits of high quality pies, so I think that should be noted as an exception.
  10. Was it someone who criticized your retaining wall instructions?
  11. If you're referring to the Archie Digests, value is relative to demand, and the market for these books is quite different than that for standard sized comics. Age is mostly irrelevant for these as far as value goes, and even digests from the 70's can be found cheaply unless in pristine condition, so it wouldn't make sense to have a book graded as you'd never recoup the costs involved. With few exceptions nearly all the story material is reprint as well. The only (Archie)digest I can think of that has collector interest from the last 30 years is Archie All-Canadian #1.
  12. I collect and read. I'd also say I'm a passive preservationist. I bag, board, then hide the book for however long it takes before I want to read it again in whole or parts.