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  1. The customer service number is 1-877-662-6642. Alt. number is: 1-800-587-1897.
  2. I’m thinking primarily due to the spine split it earns 1.5 or 1.8. Does look a lot nicer, though.
  3. I'm not certain how individual subgrades are weighted, but if the two lowest subgrades match, that would be your final grade. So 8.5 rather than a straight average as per your card.
  4. If starting from scratch, a fun undertaking might be to collect all the books from a particular publisher in a given year. Financial considerations aside, you may find the real challenge is in locating random issues of less popular titles. Having the convention circuit currently shut down gives you fewer options for digging through boxes to find those books, though
  5. CGC encapsulates both standard sized comic books (71/4 x 10 1/4) and larger magazine formats. For someone unfamiliar with a particular book it’s a valid question.
  6. A photo or scan of a book and it’s problem areas would be much more helpful than just grader’s notes.
  7. Please add this to pile if it’s Young Romance, not Worlds Finest. Thanks.