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  1. Finally a voice of reason. I saw the trailer and my first instinct was I gotta go to the boards and see the fecal kicking the boards must surely be giving this...boy was I wrong. I want a refund already, and I haven't even bought a ticket.
  2. We thought she was 14-16 at first but turned out she was 20. The boy might not be a brother, maybe a boyfriend and if she’s 20, he’s about 22.
  3. I was 100 feet away when I saw what could have been the back of his head. Sprinted from the SharpComics booth to get in front of him, saw that the face was the one that Brad did indeed text me and followed him as to not lose him while calling Brad. Brad relieved me and continued to follow him while I got Stephen Ritter and he led Brad to the daughter, where Stephen and I were instructed by Brad to what was happening. So we made sure the daughter and son didn’t make a break for it. While Brad continued to follow him as well as round up security and the police. Eventually he came back to the daughter and then was asked by security/police to open the bags. His first defence was he was off his meds and didn’t know what he was doing. We could make out the price stickers of Dale, WW, and Christina’s but nobody was sure of the other two sets of price stickers. So once he was taken into custody, Eric (Iceman) and I did some detective work and started looking at some of the smaller dealers price stickers and bagging system/practices. Anyways after doing two or three aisles we were able to figure out the other two dealers whom the books belonged to and after instructing security the other two dealers got their books back. It was a fun Saturday afternoon for these two Canadian kids Jim
  4. What is the book in question? All sides trimmed is really the death knell for a comic book and depending on the book you should expect to get 10%-25% of blue label price. Jim
  5. Just wanted to let you know you must have posted the wrong pic, you have this listed as the NM- scan, so you must have posted the wrong scan.
  6. Absolute best buying show of the year, and we thought it would have been impossible to top C2E2 and WWC...everything Eric and I were hoping to bring home we did and lots more. Came home with multiple 181's, FF #5's amongst others etc etc etc Only problem is we sold half of it at one day show we raced home for to be at on Sunday, so we are depleted again with convention season winding down. Big shout out to Leroy Harper who always takes care of us, my man Bob Storms who is the best, and to Brian Ketterer who took care of us as well. And a special thanks to Timmay who started the ball rolling by selling us an ASM #129 at dinner Thursday night. It was a blast.
  7. And honestly any more advice offered in this thread should be null and void. Now that we know who we are speaking about and with CC being one of the most polarizing people on these boards, nothing will be written without bias making any offerings of advice, irrelevant. Jim
  8. Is that really fair??? Getting blocked, then a turnover and then a brick of a three....that happens to everybody. Jim
  9. I would pay money to see @arexcrooke again!!! JJ
  10. As always...the highlight of convention season and the summer for me!!! Jim
  11. I am actually gonna try and make it this year Jim
  12. Getting back to the question in hand...last sale in December (before the current Disney to buy 20th Century Fox run up) was $30k. The book in other grades is all green arrows all the time, so that's a reasonable starting point in today's madness.
  13. Ummm saw that in the post you quoted it specifically says CGC 9.8 White, right?