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  1. Just wanted to let you know you must have posted the wrong pic, you have this listed as the NM- scan, so you must have posted the wrong scan.
  2. Absolute best buying show of the year, and we thought it would have been impossible to top C2E2 and WWC...everything Eric and I were hoping to bring home we did and lots more. Came home with multiple 181's, FF #5's amongst others etc etc etc Only problem is we sold half of it at one day show we raced home for to be at on Sunday, so we are depleted again with convention season winding down. Big shout out to Leroy Harper who always takes care of us, my man Bob Storms who is the best, and to Brian Ketterer who took care of us as well. And a special thanks to Timmay who started the ball rolling by selling us an ASM #129 at dinner Thursday night. It was a blast.
  3. Guardian Comics

    Getting divorced - Need appraisal information

    And honestly any more advice offered in this thread should be null and void. Now that we know who we are speaking about and with CC being one of the most polarizing people on these boards, nothing will be written without bias making any offerings of advice, irrelevant. Jim
  4. Guardian Comics

    Basketball at Wizard World Chicago

    Is that really fair??? Getting blocked, then a turnover and then a brick of a three....that happens to everybody. Jim
  5. Guardian Comics

    Basketball at Wizard World Chicago

    I would pay money to see @arexcrooke again!!! JJ
  6. Guardian Comics

    Wizard World Chicago -- August 23-26, 2018

    As always...the highlight of convention season and the summer for me!!! Jim
  7. Guardian Comics

    Basketball at Wizard World Chicago

    I am actually gonna try and make it this year Jim
  8. Guardian Comics

    Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    Woot woot
  9. Guardian Comics

    Fantastic Four #48...CGC 9.8

    Getting back to the question in hand...last sale in December (before the current Disney to buy 20th Century Fox run up) was $30k. The book in other grades is all green arrows all the time, so that's a reasonable starting point in today's madness.
  10. Guardian Comics

    Fantastic Four #48...CGC 9.8

    Ummm saw that in the post you quoted it specifically says CGC 9.8 White, right?
  11. Guardian Comics

    TCBS Summer Bash 2018 - Sun Jun 24, Toronto, Canada

    Had to google what that even was...sounds like I'm glad I missed that one too.
  12. Guardian Comics

    TCBS Summer Bash 2018 - Sun Jun 24, Toronto, Canada

    Judging by what I have heard this morning...Orillia may have been the biggest debacle in Canadian Comic book convention history, from an attendee, vendor and guest viewpoint. When you've shutdown your FB page due to all the complaints since last night, it can't be good.
  13. Guardian Comics

    TCBS Summer Bash 2018 - Sun Jun 24, Toronto, Canada

    Another great success...went with 13 boxes or so, came home with five. Three were slab boxes so I expected most of those to come home. This show never ceases to amaze. Jim
  14. Guardian Comics

    Amazing Spiderman #14 club

    If Billy is taking valuable time out of his day to leave the GA forum and come slum it in SA, give the man what he wants. Jim