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  1. We were out last night finishing up dinner and at about 9:15 we were like what time is BOP playing at the local theatre. Turns out the next show is at 9:45, perfect. Got there at 9:37 hoping they had tickets available, well to my shock and surprise only four seats had been sold to this showing and it’s one of the biggest theatres in the cineplex. I commented and the guy behind the cash register said that sales have been awful, yesterday and today. I had no idea what it was rated but was definitely not expecting the 50-100 eff bombs that were dropped. Not that it’s offensive to me but took some getting used to. Anyways it’s probably the silliest/worst movie I have ever seen, and I’ve seen Attack of the Clones (although Obi Wan was way better in that than whatever he was trying to do in this). This one might be a disaster for the WB.
  2. So we are now in the label business and packaging business...does anyone know if they are still in the grading business? How long until I can get my business cards made by CGC? Or send my DNA to get a an ancestry profile done? Cuz CGC could stand for Cards/Graphics Company and Cool Genealogy Company at this rate of diversification!!!
  3. I was pretty proud of how well you handled it....I was certainly expecting a lot worse.
  4. Thank god for that...missing last year was freaking heartbreaking!!!
  5. Although the boards have never been the same since...dontcha think?
  6. And that’s why God gave us eyes and a mind, so we can decipher for ourselves what 1.5’s we like better!!!! Green label was not the smartest marketing idea ever, nor was posting a 5.5 Hulk #1 and showing it as a 9.2 label in your marketing campaign. Of course neither was no inner wells, or posting pictures of Paul holding a book without gloves on when the entire IG world was beeyotching about getting horrible grades due to “fingerprints” but sometimes mistakes are made!!!!!
  7. The general consensus was the book was a 6.5/7.0 max and NOBODY can understand the point of this giant marketing mistake on CGC's part. When people start getting back there 6.5's and then take them to the booth and say they look like the 9.2 you have advertised as a 10 foot wall display, you are asking for trouble!!!
  8.'s funny as I scoured this entire thread and Bob's booth seems to have been missed in this con report. Jim
  9. Not sure who RR is. When you walk in, we'll have the first three tables against the right wall, not the ones beside the bar. We will have three AF 15's on our wall, because as good as Eric is at buying them, selling them is a different story. Look forward to meeting you. Jim
  10. Wow that got dark quickly...I go to the gym twice a day, six days a week as well as play competitive hockey, basketball and football holding my own with 20 somethings three of those days. I didn’t realize you thought I had a problem.
  11. I should finish it up the last little bit but I’m on pace to be owing somebody $20 at this rate
  12. That sounds awesome...what are you doing Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night??? Love, JJ