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  1. The general consensus was the book was a 6.5/7.0 max and NOBODY can understand the point of this giant marketing mistake on CGC's part. When people start getting back there 6.5's and then take them to the booth and say they look like the 9.2 you have advertised as a 10 foot wall display, you are asking for trouble!!!
  2.'s funny as I scoured this entire thread and Bob's booth seems to have been missed in this con report. Jim
  3. Not sure who RR is. When you walk in, we'll have the first three tables against the right wall, not the ones beside the bar. We will have three AF 15's on our wall, because as good as Eric is at buying them, selling them is a different story. Look forward to meeting you. Jim
  4. Wow that got dark quickly...I go to the gym twice a day, six days a week as well as play competitive hockey, basketball and football holding my own with 20 somethings three of those days. I didn’t realize you thought I had a problem.
  5. I should finish it up the last little bit but I’m on pace to be owing somebody $20 at this rate
  6. That sounds awesome...what are you doing Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night??? Love, JJ
  7. That article makes it seem that video game collecting and video grading is a new phenomenon when that couldn't be farther from the truth. This piece is an advertisement for WATA disguised as an article. The first person to congratulate the article and it's participants in this thread is even a member of "Wata Advisory Board" If you are okay with the $101,500 Super Mario Bros cartridge sale, well that is totally up to you. Just let it be known that the seller of that cartridge is a member of the "WATA Advisory Board", then it was graded by WATA and then it was sold to a consortium of "collectors" who are also on the "WATA Advisory Board". You can take that for whatever it is worth. Jim
  8. Just enough to send the “Bug” to school for a year unless she keeps up with her swimming. JJ
  9. Brad is also an Overstreet Advisor, a recognition given amongst his peers. He is well respected within the hobby. You aren’t going wrong with SharpComics. Jim
  10. this more than you will post all year???? I’m glad you’s been awesome. Jim
  11. I’ve had a half dozen Cooke autographed books sitting at the shop to give to him, been sitting here for over a year and now I hear he won’t even be on the same continent as us pretty soon.
  12. 15 years later and this is still the stuff of legend. I wonder if any of us had the foresight or “vision”.