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  1. I see Pokemon and Magic Cards!!!! Just did my research...PSA doesn't offer the 9.5 grade but their biggest competitor does Voldy/Beckett...wonder which market share CGC is going after 10 is "Pristine Mint" according to Voldy
  2. Mine mostly too but mixed in a little bit of Queens Comics in the beaches area and being from Scarborough...Fantasm Comics at Markham Rd. and Eglinton was where I picked up my first real back issues...X-Men #27 and #29.
  3. You should look at the sold listings on EBay for these things...sort from highest price paid, bet you'd be shocked.
  4. Well your government is going to try and contain with the goal being 100,000 deaths. If only one percent are going to die according to your numbers that means 10,000,000 million cases total. You are only at 175,000 cases right now, so I don't think a summer convention season is looking promising. BTW what gets lost in all of this is that across the world if you get it, 81 percent are surviving and 19% are dying. That's with enough ventilators and care workers when this is still manageable, it's getting out of hand quickly so stop skewing the numbers to make your point or argument and wise the hell up, the world will never EVER be the same again and this is going to be a bloody catastrophe when this is all send and done. There is no one for America to save, they have to save themselves or we are all doomed.
  5. We'll travel anywhere in the GTA in this crisis to get you the books that you want. Never thought I'd have to deliver books with surgeon gloves on. Jim
  6. I appreciate everybody's optimism but I don't forsee a single show happening this summer at all, including FanExpo in August. They are talking that we will still be needing to social distancing in August at restaurants, where they will have to reduce seating by a half to three quarters to provide enough space between patrons. MLB has already resigned themselves to not having a season this year. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will not take place in 2020 and that's a 50 Billion Dollar property. This ain't good. I know this might not be the right thread, I just see a lot of guys I have a deep respect for in this thread and feel like we should be cautiously optimistic at best and I would pay money to be proven wrong.
  7. We were out last night finishing up dinner and at about 9:15 we were like what time is BOP playing at the local theatre. Turns out the next show is at 9:45, perfect. Got there at 9:37 hoping they had tickets available, well to my shock and surprise only four seats had been sold to this showing and it’s one of the biggest theatres in the cineplex. I commented and the guy behind the cash register said that sales have been awful, yesterday and today. I had no idea what it was rated but was definitely not expecting the 50-100 eff bombs that were dropped. Not that it’s offensive to me but took some getting used to. Anyways it’s probably the silliest/worst movie I have ever seen, and I’ve seen Attack of the Clones (although Obi Wan was way better in that than whatever he was trying to do in this). This one might be a disaster for the WB.
  8. So we are now in the label business and packaging business...does anyone know if they are still in the grading business? How long until I can get my business cards made by CGC? Or send my DNA to get a an ancestry profile done? Cuz CGC could stand for Cards/Graphics Company and Cool Genealogy Company at this rate of diversification!!!
  9. I was pretty proud of how well you handled it....I was certainly expecting a lot worse.
  10. Thank god for that...missing last year was freaking heartbreaking!!!
  11. Although the boards have never been the same since...dontcha think?
  12. And that’s why God gave us eyes and a mind, so we can decipher for ourselves what 1.5’s we like better!!!! Green label was not the smartest marketing idea ever, nor was posting a 5.5 Hulk #1 and showing it as a 9.2 label in your marketing campaign. Of course neither was no inner wells, or posting pictures of Paul holding a book without gloves on when the entire IG world was beeyotching about getting horrible grades due to “fingerprints” but sometimes mistakes are made!!!!!
  13. The general consensus was the book was a 6.5/7.0 max and NOBODY can understand the point of this giant marketing mistake on CGC's part. When people start getting back there 6.5's and then take them to the booth and say they look like the 9.2 you have advertised as a 10 foot wall display, you are asking for trouble!!!
  14.'s funny as I scoured this entire thread and Bob's booth seems to have been missed in this con report. Jim