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  1. Those days are long gone buddy...If I'm not day drinking on the show floor making deals, something is indeed wrong.
  2. Actually no grade is attributed to this book at all in your wrote GD at the end of your title, when that could mean absolutely anything. It's vague at best. I do like these from your auction listing though.... "Offers: Every week we get offers for books currently listed for auction; It is an auction. We would greatly appreciate it if you just bid to show that you are serious. Respectfully, unless it is a crazy offer we will not accept. We would rather every single client has a chance at the book. If we believe your offer is higher (which is quite rare) than
  3. Someone pointed this out to me on Urban Dictionary today....figured it was worth posting.
  4. Thank you everybody for the kind words and participating in this thread, just remember Escape is Impossiible!!!
  5. The latest video is just pure win...and has 25 posts all bashing him now. The tides have definitely turned.
  6. This makes perfect sense Joey. As we now have scans of the 4.0 we know that this is not the book that he’s showing us the pics from. (The 4.0 is actually quite pretty) this has to be from the 2.5 that he has mentioned where it DID come back restored with the “cover cleaned” making your hypothesis even more plausible.
  7. "That's on you" Three words that I will never say to a customer ever, Thanks Dyldo
  8. Found it...and had to use a loop and four guesses to figure it out Wonder why he went with a character label? That's so unlike him. Now as Bob pointed out to me on the phone last night, that SA blues can have resto notes, but I love that again we went to the character label. If I were him I would never hit the character label option again in my damn life. I wonder if the glue on the spine was the reason for the "detaching" CGC Cert # 3700329002 Title Amazing Fantasy Issue 15 Issue Date 8/62 Issue Year
  9. This is Guardian Han Solo reporting from the front lines of battle...the battle appears to be futile, based on delusions of grandeur