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  1. This was one I was waiting a little while for. It is the 1st published image of Ragged Robin from the Invisibles. This pinup was used in a bunch of the promotional stuff at the comic's launch, including the main poster and the centerfold for the preview comic. I also love that Jill Thompson drew it, since she was the model for the character's design.
  2. Exactly this, I think anyone who's been in this hobby a while has deals that take months to years to do. But they have some communication. A simple, "we're waiting on the artist and it will be in the mail about 2-3 weeks after we get it" would have put me at ease. That's 30 seconds of work that would earn a return customer. I also want to add that they put a dummy tracking number into PayPal after I paid. I had no idea if it was real and my package was in USPS limbo or not, which only added to my consternation.
  3. So, no email responses, but a package did arrive, and it had the correct art in it! Very happy with the art, not so much with the communication from the rep.
  4. This movie cleared out the room faster than a stinky fart. I was the last one standing to finish the movie. It's not even horrible, it was just... meh.
  5. Let's see how this plays out now. Email'd them around 12/1 about some art, they sent me an invoice on 12/7, paid about 15 minutes later. Radio silence since then. But they've been kind enough to send me 3 other emails about their sales and "art drops". So they are active, just not responding to me. I've sent a couple of follow ups and have had 0 response.
  6. Published: Fantastic Four #351 pg 19, By Mark Bagley and Dan Panosian
  7. Published: Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality Issue 1 Pg 18, Greg Land, Jay Leisten
  8. Man, I was loving discovery, but they have lost me, I think I'm punching out for now, maybe I'll get cbs all access again before the next season and finish it up, but I felt like after episode 1 and a strong world they built, very little had actually been done with it.
  9. I'm just glad to see the rock finally hitting the gym. If he gets any bigger he's going to look like something out of a cronenburg movie.
  10. So much for it expanding on and answering the questions from the UK show.
  11. I swapped out all the lights in any room I have my art in to LED as quick as I could, everything I've read says that any bulbs that are not made to emit UV don't really output any UV at all, vs Incandescent and CFL which can output considerable amounts: I also found pure white is a bit harsh on the eyes, so i go for a more natural output in the rooms i spend a lot of time in.
  12. Reading the MTG Art Market thread, apparently 2 people gave higher offers on Demonic Tutor (175 and 250), the seller decided to let them duke it out at auction. But because of sour grapes they refused to bid at heritage? Not sure how that makes them win, they still don't have the art. Managing relationships in a small market is a big deal. (not giving away any inside baseball here, this is what was posted in the FB group for all to read, and grains of salt as usual for anything in the rumor mill / knitting circle)
  13. I think the guys who are into this stuff were disappointed by some of the results (notably the tutor's hammer price) but I feel like an auction like this really legitimizes this stuff and will only help it to continue to grow beyond Facebook Group auctions.
  14. I can't wait, this summer i bought a 12 foot screen and a projector. I have it set up in my family room and we try to do weekly family movie nights using it. I hope this lives up to the hype. We'll be watching it xmas night. -Pete
  15. Maybe more comics than comic art, but Fringe the TV Show in universe B comics were "fine art" and displayed on the walls of one of the characters apartments. One of the covers is on CAF (just found the other one is there too and added it)