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  1. Hi all, I have a really nice SGM Tokyo Ghost page for sale. I'm sure everyone knows that good pages from this series are about impossible to find. Asking $1,700. Free Domestic US shipping. I have no problem selling international, I'll quote cost. References required. No probies or HOS's
  2. Big update for me today. 4 ASM pages from Cammo. IMO they are some of the best pages in this arc. 4 X-Men pages. A Silvestri, 2 Leonardi pages (1 published, 1 unpublished) and a Butch Guice page
  3. I have 2 archival boxes, with art in Mylars with backing boards. 1 box is my favorite invisibles pages, the other is my favorite "other" pages. Then I have 1 11x17 itoya with my overflow Invisibles pages, and another 2 Itoyas that are larger, for other art that's either over sized or I don't want in my other archival box.
  4. Unless you're looking for a book to bludgeon someone with, I'd suggest the Invisibles Deluxe editions over the omni. If you keep an eye on eBay, you can usually get all 4 Deluxe in pretty good shape for about $80
  5. The plan is to see this with my daughter and wife on Sunday. Should be a lot of fun! From everything i've seen she's going to love it. I was just checking out Metacritic, and it's basically at the same level as Bumblebee. 65 vs 66. if it's as good as that i'll feel like i got my money's worth.
  6. I only have custom frames for my paintings and only 1 piece of comic art. The comic art is a DPS, so it won't fit into a standard size 11x17 frame and I know I won't be selling it any time soon. Otherwise, I have generic size frames with UV plexi that i swap stuff in and out of. I like rotating the art, I feel like if it's always the same thing on the walls you start to take it for granted. Paintings I feel like need to be framed and up, because they're usually large and a PITA to store safely.
  7. ask and you shall receive!
  8. if this was bought in NJ, I bet it was on a t-shirt sold at seaside heights as some point
  9. Very cool. Rob is awesome. He cracks me up on Harmontown.
  10. With an awesome design and great part in "Into the Spider-Verse" EOSV 2 main and Land covers are as good as anything. But I really don't know if they've figured out anything worthwhile to do with her in comics.
  11. The 1st episode didn't impress me, but as the show has gone on, it's really grown on me. I enjoyed the "breakfast club" episode.
  12. I had a shock this week, sold something to Washington State, they charged the person sales tax, but the money never hit my paypal, i'm assuming eBay has some process for skimming that money right off the top and putting it in the right place?? Or am I going to get a bill for Sales Tax and never see it coming? it's a cluster-mess.