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  1. Man, this bums me out, he seemed like such a cool, affable dude during the Community table read.
  2. I am really enjoying season 2, i don't mind waiting a week, i am old, i enjoy spending a week between episodes, it builds up excitement.
  3. considering there are no movies, and i bought a projector for the house since we were not going out this summer... We spent the $30 and watched it Friday night. My daughter and wife loved it! I think it's been watched 5 times already here. Plus, I really felt like supporting this gives us a shot at getting things like Black Widow like this as well, and i'm 100% hoping that happens. for me it was a 5/10 or so, but for the girls in my house, I think they're giving it a 9/10
  4. This is me as well, i found the show maybe half way through Season 1 and fell in love with it. But for me it's lost some of its magic. I'm sure i'll watch season 4 at some point, but it's not the must watch as soon as it comes out show it used to be.
  5. Wow, Season 3. I really feel like it was a mixed bag. Seasons 1 and 2 took half to season to really kick into gear. This year, it was the reverse, 1st 4 episodes were great, cool reveals and plot moving forward. Then 5-8 it just stalled out. It also felt like half the story was told this season and was really going to lean on season 4 to tell half the plot threads they threw out there. IMO, I would have preferred a "full" run of episodes, some of the fluff removed and a complete story this year. Esp since we're not going to see anything new until at least 2022. But, I do consider this a big step up from season 2, Season 1 pulled me in and they have not come close to meeting that season's quality (IMO)
  6. I think it's a good time to wrap up. I've been enjoying this season, but it doesn't have the luster of the previous ones. Overall, great series, well written characters with their own motivations are the highlight for me.
  7. Wow, An amazing 1st 7 episodes, and I feel like a total face plant in the last 2. The tone and quality of writing just felt like it fell off a cliff once the big-blue wonder came onto the screen. This is one of the hardest series for me to or not to recommend to people, because I have so many mixed feelings about it.
  8. Let's be real, in 10 years Kirkman will hire someone to write before walking dead and we'll all find out that Dr Manhattan was behind it all. These were the new lifeforms in distant galaxies that he talked about.
  9. You should check out east coast comic Con then, they usually have a pretty good guest list, a few oa dealers and the crowds are down right reasonable.
  10. Read yesterday that it was done by Lucas when doing the remaster / touch ups to 4k / 3d for a release years ago, but because there wasn't enough demand the version was never in theaters and this is the 1st we're seeing it. So this is a "real" 4k version of a new hope, not just an upscaled version of HD.
  11. I usually don't react much at the movies, but I'm pretty sure I said outloud "OH $#!7" when that happened
  12. So, I just read an interview with Wener Herzog, and he said a lot of the fx in the show were practical. So, I think that's why it looks so much better than a lot of stuff we see today.
  13. I'll just add, you are dealing with people. So it helps to get to know them, or ask a mutual friend. You'll quickly know who is fair to deal with, who the scammer/hucksters are, who has insane expectations, and who's just insane. Over the years I've found there no one set way to make deals, is matters how hot you are for the art and who the seller is.