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  1. I have only erased back of the board notes once. One of the previous owners had written the wrong artist on the back of the board (I'm sure to deceive someone) so I erased it and wrote the correct artists on the back.
  2. Ugh, so I guess that means we'll see half of it up at Anthony's in a month?
  3. Watched it on a long flight, wow. Last stand at least made me care enough to be mad. This I was just apathetic.
  4. I saw what he had left about 6 months ago, and it was pretty impressive, there's some treasures to be found for sure if even 50% of it is still left
  5. I still can't believe I got this one, a personal grail. The cover to rifts RPG: dimension book 1 - Wormwood
  6. I stopped buying floppies around 2013 or so, but if you cherry pick there's been some damn good marvel stuff in modern times. Uncanny X-Force 1-18 was amazing, was it a bit of an homage to dark Phoenix sage, sure, but it wore it's influences on it's shoulder and made itself into it's own great thing. Journey into mystery by Kerion Gillen, the kid Loki story was something special, from beginning to end a great "journey" and a lot of fun. A lot of Peter David's X-Factor is a fun read. Wolverine and the X-Men was a fun read as well, where wolverine takes over the school. That's all I got off the top of my head though, I'm sure I'm missing a few that I thought were great and I enjoyed a bunch that were not great. 90% of what I read and have read in modern comics has been Indy stuff. What kills me on modern comics is the price, I walk out spending $50 for a very small time investment in reading way too often.
  7. At least it's hand drawn art. The prints & signed and graded comics that dealers (and a few collectors) post drive me nuts.
  8. Todd changed how Spider-Man was drawn, Jim Lee has changed how every other comic was drawn.
  9. Man, I think this one is impossible. A quick list of 10 off the top of my head Neal Adams Frank Miller Jim Lee Art Adams John Byrne BWS Mignolia Starlin Laird/Eastman
  10. I was thinking about this last night, I had a Boland prelim at one point, it was about 8x10. But because things all look about the same size on a computer screen, I feel like the size differences in art can sometimes be undervalued. Vs when art was bought in person so you can appreciate the true scale of the image.
  11. I have a copy and it's a really cool book to flip through. For some reason, I think they can still be ordered as well when I last checked.
  12. You are correct, I was confusing Swamp Thing and Sandman. But I think it's fair to say that you can draw a direct line from Swamp Thing to Vertigo.
  13. Also, this is the run that launched Vertigo, and was the beginning of the "British Invasion" in comics. There's many a reason why (IMO) his swamp thing run should be held in high regard.
  14. This has to be a grail if sandman art, 1st scene she's in, and every panel is death or dream
  15. I signed up yesterday before the flood, if you can get in, it breaks down to about $4.50 a month. pretty good deal!