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  1. Wow, An amazing 1st 7 episodes, and I feel like a total face plant in the last 2. The tone and quality of writing just felt like it fell off a cliff once the big-blue wonder came onto the screen. This is one of the hardest series for me to or not to recommend to people, because I have so many mixed feelings about it.
  2. Let's be real, in 10 years Kirkman will hire someone to write before walking dead and we'll all find out that Dr Manhattan was behind it all. These were the new lifeforms in distant galaxies that he talked about.
  3. You should check out east coast comic Con then, they usually have a pretty good guest list, a few oa dealers and the crowds are down right reasonable.
  4. Read yesterday that it was done by Lucas when doing the remaster / touch ups to 4k / 3d for a release years ago, but because there wasn't enough demand the version was never in theaters and this is the 1st we're seeing it. So this is a "real" 4k version of a new hope, not just an upscaled version of HD.
  5. I usually don't react much at the movies, but I'm pretty sure I said outloud "OH $#!7" when that happened
  6. So, I just read an interview with Wener Herzog, and he said a lot of the fx in the show were practical. So, I think that's why it looks so much better than a lot of stuff we see today.
  7. I'll just add, you are dealing with people. So it helps to get to know them, or ask a mutual friend. You'll quickly know who is fair to deal with, who the scammer/hucksters are, who has insane expectations, and who's just insane. Over the years I've found there no one set way to make deals, is matters how hot you are for the art and who the seller is.
  8. Saw it this weekend and was blown away. The ending from the point at which de niro was killed to the very end was about as intense as I've seen in a long time. With the perfect crazy end scene in the mental hospital. As good as it was, I almost hope they don't make a sequel and just keep it as 1 great movie.
  9. I think it's going to be impossible to form an opinion off 1 episode. I can tell already it's not the tightly controlled narrative of the comic, it's something different, it's not a deconstruction of comics and their tropes, I'm honestly not sure what it's "saying" yet, but I'm sure it has a message.
  10. I have only erased back of the board notes once. One of the previous owners had written the wrong artist on the back of the board (I'm sure to deceive someone) so I erased it and wrote the correct artists on the back.
  11. Ugh, so I guess that means we'll see half of it up at Anthony's in a month?
  12. Watched it on a long flight, wow. Last stand at least made me care enough to be mad. This I was just apathetic.