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  1. Lots of red flags here. As you noted, the difference in sizes of the characters. The signature doesn't look right (and is it signed 'Charlie' rather than 'Charles'?). The difference in line weight between the characters and the tree/grass is something I've never seen in a Schulz drawing before. The line work looks amateurish. I'm pretty sure it's a fake.
  2. This ASM #61 cover/OA comparison might be useful if anyone wants to see what Mike is talking about. Scroll down until you find the slider bar and you can go back and forth between the published cover and the original art.
  3. When I was in school in the early 90s there was Country Dreamer and West Side Comics in Rutland. There was also a decent store in Middlebury... Comics Route, I think? Before that there was Moondance in Brattleboro. I used to drool over the full page ad they had on the inside front cover of Marvel comics around 1980 or so but I never made it to the shop. Sadly, all of these closed and nothing has sprung up to replace them. I think comic book collectors in Vermont have always relied heavily on mail order. If you're looking for back issues you might pop over to Comic Boom in Keene, NH, about twenty minutes east of Brattleboro. Otherwise you could come down to western Massachusetts and visit Gary Dolgoff in Easthampton or Superworld Comics in central MA. You should call first though as neither of them are traditional comic book stores.
  4. It's not the original -- it's a recreation by John Byrne.
  5. Bought a nice batch of mid- to low-grade Strange Tales to fill holes in my run. The books arrived quickly, were well-packed and looked exactly as described. Very happy with this purchase -- thanks!
  6. Strange Tales #101 Strange Tales #106 Strange Tales #108 Strange Tales #109 Strange Tales #111 Strange Tales #115 per PM!
  7. I went to the opening. This isn't everything but it's a pretty good sampling: Metropolis Gallery Original Art
  8. I think it may have come from a book called DREAM TEAM #1, which had a cover date of July 1995. That book had a pin-up of Spider-Man and Prototype (a Malibu character) by John Romita Jr. I'm not familiar with Prototype but checking him out on Google Images makes me believe it could be the same character as the art you posted. I don't have the book to confirm this, though.
  9. More pictures: Comic Art Con April 2016 Click on a picture for a high-res version. I didn't get any good shots of Anthony's tables, it was a little chaotic. Sorry for the glare and anyone else I missed.
  10. Saw this at Bechara Maalouf's table yesterday: Thor 292, Page 26 Price is in the upper-left corner - $850.
  11. I'm pretty sure it is. Earlier this month I tried to schedule an appointment with the Library of Congress to see the Amazing Fantasy #15 original art and the librarian mentioned they had two pages on loan to this show.
  12. No doubt, but I thought I would cast a wider net to try to land any one of those books. To add to the list of defects that don't bother me, I can put up with a lot of tape, particularly along the spine. Small tears (1" or less) are also not a problem.
  13. I'm looking for the nicest CGC copy of Journey Into Mystery #83, Tales of Suspense #39 OR X-Men #1 I can get with a budget of $2,000. I would consider raw books if I've heard of you or you have impeccable references. I would also consider a purple label as long as there is no trimming. I have little interest in Signature Series and would not pay a premium for anyone's autograph. I realize there can be a wide range of defects in lower grades. I generally don't mind creases, stains, and small pieces missing from the cover. I really dislike detached covers, popped staples, excessive writing, heavy fading and spines that look like hamsters have been snacking on them. Please let me know what you have and what the total cost would be including shipping (I'm in the continental US -- if you need more specific info PM me). Thanks!