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  1. Call me an old soul but this book is very touching. Perry White ask Clark Kent (A Mile Manner Reporter) to look into why super-heroes wear masks. Clark went out to find who was the first mask hero. It's a nice story.
  2. Yes- she's a junior in high school. Next year she will try to get into AP art class. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for replies. I found there’s a software AutoDesk puts out “Media & Entertainment Collection” and “Sketchbook”. Maybe these softwares might be an entry point for her to go into this field.
  4. I asked my teenage daughter to draw me the classic Detective Comics #31 cover for my birthday. She first sketched it out on paper and then upload it to her iPad and used an app “ProCreate” to color it in. I think she did a pretty good job! She wants to use her art skills for college and find a job that makes a decent living in doing what she loves the most but she doesn’t know where to start. She thought of going into animation or become a conceptual artist to draw cars for the big car companies. Any ideas what she can do? and what other software she can learn to stay ahead in the game? Are there any type of engineering jobs that she can utilize her talent?
  5. $285 Super-Team Family #4 9.8 CGC Toughest book in the run to get a 9.8 due to purple cover.
  6. $165 Last Days of the Justice Society Speacial #1 9.8 CGC Extremely hard to get in this grade due to black cover.
  7. $1000 DC Super-Stars #17 9.8 CGC
  8. $150 DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #7 9.8 CGC
  9. $350 House of Mystery #255 9.8 CGC
  10. I just saw Venom and it was pretty good. I heard Sony developing a Morbius film. And recently Marvel acquired Ghost Rider back to their list. I was thinking a possible Legion of Monsters Film in the next 5-7 years. Maybe they add the Hulk in the movie as well. What do you think?
  11. Hi, My wife finally finished my present. I asked her to sketch the famous House of Mystery #174 cover for Halloween. I think she did a good job.
  12. For some reason I have saved this catalog all these years. It’s pretty interesting to see what prices were back then on these books.