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  1. Oops yes meant Vault of Horror. Curious about GPA stats on graded issues in total when looking up a particular issue from pre code issues. How does number of graded issues impact rarity? Or more precisely, issues graded higher than a particular grade. Say 4.5 has 30 issue graded higher, but only 60 graded issues are known? Trying to get a handle on it. Despite keys as such just curious the number stats. Thank for your earlier reply.
  2. Vault of Fear # 39 graded at 4.5. 57 graded copies exist.... How rare is the issue? Does not appear to be that rare to me based on those numbers. Thought on your criteria for establishing rarity. Thanks
  3. Last one sold graded as 7.0 in 2011 for 800.00 Go here to view raw values: https://comics.zapkapowcomics.com/comic/11932/issue/110560
  4. Will buy EC and Avon horror comics. Let me know what you have for sale.
  5. So no need for issue #1. I see you are looking for some 'key issue" of this run. Still have an interest in issue #1? Will send pics of what I have for sale on issue #1
  6. Looking to buy UG comics. Lookiing for Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, posters and original art. Thanks