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  1. Hi all! As the title states: Worlds of Fear #9 CGC 2.0 - off-white pages and its a real pretty GD copy I must say, take a look for yourself HERE .99c auction starts tonight ends one week on 3/10!
  2. Thanks! It's due to spine splitting. Was going to conserve it but I figured it could be left alone for the time being.
  3. Very cool piece! I was referring to this statement you made: Advice like this can absolutely lead to someone causing damage: warping, color transfer, color bleed through, etc..
  4. Also take this advice with a grain of salt. DO NOT just try what this person advised without practice on other paper first, or you can seriously damage the art.
  5. The sheer amount of speculation about how books are pressed is frightening. If you've never pressed books then you don't understand the process of pressing. And you also probably don't understand the properties of the paper comic books are made out of and the relationship of how it's all held together by the staples. The fanning you see on the right side of the book can often happen because that's how the book looked when it was initially published. When the spine is corrected you are making a false comparison to how the book looked with the spine roll, which is an altered state to begin with. Obviously there are examples of books that have been outright manipulated, the Avengers 1 comes to mind. But this doesn't mean that every book that every book that has been pressed and gets a grade bump has been seriously manipulated. In my mind, proper dry-cleaning and pressing helps to conserve the book and protect the book in the future. I think the reality of all this, though, is even more grim. The amount of collectors, or even just investors, who don't know how to handle a book correctly or even be able to detect something as simple as missing pages is staggering. People need to educate themselves. Comic collecting should be a fun, care free hobby. But when you start collecting more expensive books, at a certain point it's your responsibility to do due diligence on what you are buying.
  6. Your fault for making the assumption. Do you also read article headlines without actually reading the article? Also no reason you should put conserved in quotation marks. Conservation is a real thing. Restoration is a real thing. They are two different things. Make sense?
  7. Lol this is exactly my point that some people in this thread don't seem to understand.
  8. Beat me to it, thank you Joey. Lol, yeah YOU have the right attitude about it.
  9. Incorrect. The initial value estimate is just that, an estimate, and ultimately CGC has the discretion to change it if necessary. While they didn't value it higher, they were 100% wrong to do so. But that's not my problem. Neither should sending a book to be re-holdered with full insurance because the book has fingerprints, scratches, and debris inside the case.
  10. Looks like CollectInsure is the route I will be using in the future! Thank you for the recommendation guys.
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this issue, Commando Comics #5. Canadian book published by Bell Features in 1943. One copy was picked up raw with pages 21-28 cut out. The other copy was cracked out of a voldemort case with a label note reading: "11th, 12th, 13th, 14th page missing". The goal was to marry the missing pages and make one complete book. Well to my surprise when I cracked out the one copy, it wasn't missing pages 11-14, it also had story pages 21-28 cut out - in the same exact way. What I'm more concerned about is what are the chances a scarce book like this has a similar defect? According to GCD the pages missing are story pages. So I'm guessing either there was some really cool stuff on those pages that kids cut right out - or perhaps there was something else going on on the day the book was published? Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to share.