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  1. Yes, they need to update their website, and until they do this will continue to cause confusion. I had simply seen some already graded books with the same notation and let my client know it seemed possible for the Tec 29. It is also correct that cleanings are conservation or restoration, depending on what was done.
  2. This is technically incorrect, according to their most revised grading standard. Again: I did the conservation work on the Tec 29. Marriage, if done with other work that is all archival and reversible, falls under the umbrella of conservation with a notation on the label of the marriage. It's pretty straightforward. If there were color touch, or extensive pieces added, or a chemical cleaning, it would be restored with a marriage notation. CGC isn't trying to hide anything, they are trying to educate and let people know that there is a difference between archival techniques vs amateur non-reversible work, and that using original parts is counted as conservation - which it should be. Just like using vintage period-correct staples in a book that aren't original - that is also conservation. They are both original parts of other books, not completely re-created pieces.
  3. And last but not least.... Out of the Shadows #11 Standard Comics, 1954. CGC 4.0 ow - $700
  4. Next up... Planet Comics #55 Fiction House, 1948 Jumbo Comics #40 cover homage CGC 2.5 crm/ow - $170
  5. Hi everyone, I have a few books up for sale tonight. First in thread or pm agreement (via timestamp) wins the book. Payment by paypal, check, money order, carrier pigeon with a wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band, etc, etc. Shipping is actual cost based on buyer's location. No returns on CGC graded books.
  6. I actually did the work on this book (The Detective 29). And everything that was done fell well within the realm of what CGC says is "Conserved". I think that people aren't educated enough about conservation and just start screaming from the rooftops as if a book is being passed off as something other than what the label says.
  7. I just assumed that at this point there has been a majority acceptance that dry cleaning is undetectable.
  8. Because dry-cleaning a comic book is even less invasive than washing a car. There is no need, what-so-ever, to have to disclose proper dry-cleaning.