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  1. 9 books, Value tier, received on 8/19. Over a month now with no update. 8/19/20 9 1,680 VALUE Received
  2. Hey everyone, Have this copy of Batman #11 up on ebay. CGC 4.5 Conserved copy. 99c no reserve auction. Ends in one week, Sunday September 27, 7:30 PM EST. Link to listing Thank you! Phill
  3. Based on the last couple of auctions, it looks like the entire Strange Tales 101 story is getting broken up. I just looked it up, and not only was it the first superhero story in Strange Tales, but it came out just two months after the introductions of Thor & Spider-Man. Have any earlier Marvel hero books ever come to public auction complete like this (if it is indeed the full story being sold)? It's out of my reach... but if I were looking to pick up a Kirby (& had unlimited funds), I think I'd choose the ST 101 Splash over the Thor cover or JIM 112 page..
  4. Aside from the obvious security requirements, I am not arguing why it takes a long time. I am saying that because it takes so long there is a greater chance of something happening to it - regardless of it being the most secure. The longer the transit the greater the liability, I don't care how secure it is.
  5. It may not appear to be accurate from your experiences, but it's 100% accurate from my first hand experience and a friend that worked for USPS in the past who has seen some less than ideal things. It's reassuring that you've had a positive first hand experience, but it doesn't change the overall part of my post: duration the package is in transit. There is a human element here. The last several times I used registered mail were times I remember accepting that the package had been lost in transit only for it to arrive weeks or even a month later. Feel free to do some independent research of other people's horror stories dealing with registered mail and you'll likely decide it's safer sending something priority in an unmarked package. Again, this is NOT a popular opinion, but I'm just speaking from the perspective of someone who has 3rd party insurance so I want it to get there ASAP. Time in transit is it's own version of insurance.
  6. Always a fun game! As always a little hard to tell from the photos, but looking at the bottom edge of the book.
  7. Unfortunately, after numerous inquiries into how Registered mail is actually treated, it seems very plausible there is NO additional benefit to the added cost. Not only this but internal (or outside) investigations (I can't remember which) have proven that just like airport security the "security" fails 99/100 times: Locked bins with registered mail have been left open, tracking not updated, packages stolen bc of perceived value... The biggest problem with registered mail supersedes the main problem at hand: duration the package is in transit. It just opens the door up for something to happen along the way. It's likely not a popular take, but I would say regular priority mail blending in with the rest has a greater chance of arriving safely on time. IIRC two gentlemen on the boards tried an experiment years back and proved that marking "Fragile" on a box ironically becomes an extra liability. Go figure.
  8. Heritage is always my first stop. For this specific job I can't flex it and work from something lower res, so unfortunately for this issue there were no issues sold in the last few years that have great registration like I need.
  9. It certainly couldn't hurt! But I may need a different one since part of the Marvel Comics Group box and stats are cut off.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm doing a project with a Chic Stone cover recreation of Journey into Mystery 104. I need a high res scan (TIFF) of this front cover (600 dpi), but most importantly I need it to be a copy with EXCELLENT registration because I'm recreating all the stats. I've looked at several copies at this point and there are some with perfect registration, but I don't want to shell out hundred of dollars on a copy if I can get a scan from someone here. If someone can help, it would be much appreciated and I'll make it worth your time for a scan of the front cover that I can use! Thank you, Phill
  11. With help from @bigclutch for the last border piece I needed to figure out, it is completed! This is the original cover art to The Walking Dead 106 Cover B. It's the 100th issue that Adlard drew for the series. Rick and the zombie outline is original art, the rest is a stat I created on a transparent overlay. A link to it on my page is here:
  12. I've finally been able to add my first single issue format Walking Dead cover to my collection!
  13. Hey everyone! I'm working on a project involving extending the border art and I was hoping I could get another WD's eyes on this. This is from the issue 106 cover b variant. It was Adlards commemorative issue celebrating his 100th issue. The background is composed of interior pages from issue 7-105. I can make out every single page, except for one, and it's the one I need.. At the top left there is a page in between the group arriving at Alexandria the first time and carl being shot. It's partially behind the Skybound box and the word "Image" Any ideas what this page could be? Thanks in advance for any help!