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  1. In my experience centerfolds that are detached can often be carefully reinserted - it just depends on how much paper is still present. The centerfold may have been almost detached the first time around and minimal handling needed for the spine roll reversal caused it to pop out - but there's no way to know for sure. But to answer your question from a strictly conservation standpoint, yes. The spine roll affects eye appeal and is what it is, or is not. A detached centerfold can be remedied from either reinserting it (if possible) or reinforcing it which (although it makes sense from a structural viewpoint) isn't viewed favorably from a value standpoint.
  2. Just picked up this early Walking Dead Splash page:
  3. The book is supposed to be graded as it is, not as it was. Who ever pressed this book didn't take proper precaution, and/or the centerfold was already just about detached anyways and would have said so upon a re-submission without pressing. Regardless, I think it's a beautiful book and I can see a 7.0, which it is. A 7.5, no. But I think it's nicer than a 6.5, even with a detached centerfold. This being said: if someone brought me this book to press I would either pass, or I would have reversed the spine roll correctly, this isn't something that is acceptable on any book let alone one of this caliber if it wasn't already detached. The messed up part is, that regardless the grade is higher so.... more money.
  4. Hi all! Weird Comics #1 I'm looking for a really low grade copy, even a remainder copy! Coverless copies considered! Thank you!
  5. The 3.0 ended at just over 8k. I think the vertical crease and 3 added staples has something to do with it, but overall still not a terrible price.
  6. It's a pretty copy. I'd wager it hits right around GPA, 10K +/- 500
  7. It warms my heart and stabilizes my confidence in buying raw books when I run into a thread like this. I was the underbidder on the initial auction a few weeks back. Just missed out on a 5.5, and the 7.0, and anther raw one and decided to settle on this copy until I could upgrade. It's funny finding a thread like this afterwards, when you are the winning bidder. I've been so busy, I overlooked the interior pen indicating it was the same book from weeks earlier. Looking forward to getting it and seeing what's up. Aside from the tape I'm not overly concerned. More so about the staple rust as previously mentioned here. But for $50.. meh, I do like the cover and it presents well.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. His his email available someone online that I don't see? Or can one of you post it here, or message it to me?
  9. I'm sure there are people more cynical about the census and GPA in general, but like many I find it to be a helpful resource. That said.... I often find it frustrating that some sales are recorded, and others are not. But what I find worse is when sales are recorded and the information is incorrect. Take this Mask Comics #1 for example: MASK That copy is a 4.0 C-4. I"ve been checking GPA to see when it would finally update with that sale, however, GPA incorrectly marked the copy as a 4.0 C-1. Although this may seem trivial, it makes it difficult for a true FMV to be understood. Forgive my ignorance, but how is GPA monitored? Can requests for sales/updates be submitted somewhere?
  10. Lol the ignorance in this thread is hilarious. People talking about TWD as if it's still being decided whether or not it has made a cultural impact or not. The comic series ended, the show has been on for 10 years, and interest for the franchanchise as a whole has dwindled compared to where it was at its peak. But TWD is a property RIPE for nostalgia. It is a property that will have new readers, and new viewers over time because it was created for an adult demographic and it became a pop-culture giant. The comic book series won several awards, as did the television series (amist breaking crazy records). Prices for the comics will drop, but it will eventually hit a time where people become interested in it again and want to get that Issue 1, 19, 48, etc. Maybe it will take the 10 years, maybe 20, but when the series gets re-booted (which is inevitable) there will be a whole new generation of fans. And that's not even taking into consideration the new fans that will get into reading the comics and the original tv series over that time. Argue it all you want, but The Walking Dead defines the Horror genre like Batman or Spiderman defines Superheroes.
  11. After 10 years of collecting comic art, I finally secured a published Walking Dead cover. Bigger photo here: CAF LINK