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  1. Glad you got one, its for sure in my top 5 best Hulk covers too
  2. This rare Adi Granov variant has to be ranked in duo to it being one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen
  3. Looks like Vengeance #1 variant is picking up steam!
  4. Very sad to hear about the loss of Debbie Reynolds R.I.P. to them both. Curse you, 20 Sith teen
  5. I love this thread I love collecting vintage toys like G1 TF & Voltron. Plus some of the new classic remake modern toys. I'll start sharing my toy collection once I get them all organized.
  6. Merry Christmas bordies, Hope you guys & your loved ones have a great lovely Christmas morning Happy Holiday
  7. DK III Master Race #4
  8. Also Silver age Plastic man #5
  9. At one point I passed up that error White Bone copy to get this one instead
  10. I always wanted that book !!! Congrats, super nice copy