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  1. Here’s a top angle from the book in a CGC before it was sold on eBay(sold for 12-13k if I remember correctly). Im thinking it’s blatant based on the right side of the top edge considering the bottom has no over hang.
  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of CBCS horror stories lately
  3. The circles looked fine to me but there’s blatant spine ticks that are flled in pic 2
  4. My buddy wanted to buy a bat 16 off fabceook but he’s worried about color touch here’s some pics he sent me. Looks like amateur ct but wanted more opinions. Here’s some spince pics.
  5. Bump, getting lowballed like crazy for the dd1. 24 hours until close. Ive got some standard books coming back in a few weeks. I’ll make another thread and that’s about all I’ve got for non keepers.
  6. Adv271 8.0 oww 500$ 450$ bought as an CBCS 8.0 for 600$ from Reece’s paid the reslab. Taking a loss on this one.
  7. SC 24 7.5 CROW 675$ 650$ sold this on eBay and buyer backed out.. 675 was the price and I had a 0$ final fee promo. Zzzz
  8. FF 48 OWW 2900.00 pressing history unknown