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  1. Left all the comic Facebook groups and deleted most of my Instagram comic accounts. It’s like social media is breeding comic book m0r0ns . Maybe a decade on the boards has jaded me as to what an online comic presence should be but this character is the epitome of everything I can’t stand outside of the boards.
  2. Gorgeous book, hope everything works out with the buyer/seller. ASM3 just seems to never cool off.
  3. I don’t know why I come back to these boards. It’s turning into Facebook. Everyone wants to press everything. Rule of thumb: if you can’t determine if a book needs a press yourself. You should not be dabbling in pressing. thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  4. All good. I was worried about the top edge but very surprised to see both top and bottom. I’m gonna resub it to CGC one of these days and see if they’re consistent.
  5. I bought an amazing Spider-Man 9 cbcs 8.0 universal on comic link. Crossed it over to CGC with their crossover service. Came back 8.5 Top and bottom trimmed.
  6. Only grab of the year most likely but it’s a good one at least.
  7. Thank you. ASM39 sold st107 is last book avail. Let’s drop it to 200$ Shipped us
  8. Haven’t seen an assist like that, but works for me. ASM32/86 sold too
  9. Bought a copy Spider-Man slabs, lightning fast payment!
  10. My washing machine kicked the bucket looking to move a couple books to help with the costs. Regular rules apply No HOS/probations First take it wins, thread or in PM Payment: PayPal, money order, or check Returns accepted within 7 days Prices include shipping to US, anything international you cover ASM 23 8.0 OWW Bowling Green 500$