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  1. I also see the Sufer's board on the right side. Plus power batteries used by the Green Lantern Corps. And last but not least, Batman's over size penny from the Batcave.
  2. NYX was only direct edition because of the adult content. I am not sure about any X-23 newsies.
  3. Just helped a friend complete this. Mostly 9.2's with a sprinkle of 9.4's.
  4. Since we've been clogging up the Copper Age Forums and other threads here, with newies pics, I thought we should have our own thread to showcase some Modern Newsstand Comics. All are welcome. Raw or graded alike. I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of Spidey's.
  5. I received my prize from HighStakesComics today. Thanks Adam!
  6. Stopped by a LCS in Long Island and picked up a Spidey #16 (9.6-9.8) newsie and a Spidey Annual 2001 (9.4-9.6) newsie. Although, I did have to go through a long box just to find these two copies. I'll try to post some pics later tonight.
  7. You have several newsstand versions of ASM #238 I thought you hated those ugly bar codes?