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  1. I think I bought 100 copies or more of each X-men #281, 282 & 283 at 30 percent of cover when it came out.
  2. It used to be 127 copies. Now I think I have around 50 or so copies left. Plus 10 graded between 9.4 & 9.6.
  3. Just found my counterfeit copy that I bought for 5 bucks over 35 years ago at a show.
  4. I had a Star Wars Tales of the Jedi grade out 9.2 in 2006. I knew it was severely under graded and finally decided to crack it out and resubmit it without touching the book. Well guess what? Came back 9.8.
  5. Yes, When CBCS opened for business it had Moderns starting at 1975. So CGC had no other choice but to revert back to 1975.
  6. I sold a VG newsie for $50.00. I should have another one coming back from CGC in a couple of weeks. Hopefully in 9.8 shape.