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  1. If they could ever this guy for a signing, then all bets are off.
  2. With the shekels that the Toddster is making on this signing, he should be thanking you.
  3. I used to have CGC 9.8 that I sold years ago. What's the grade on this bad boy?
  4. Unfortunately these are just mock covers that I found on CGC's Instagram account.
  5. You're talking about the guy with glasses, I also forgot his name. I stopped going there several years ago after I had a falling out with Steve.
  6. I used to go to Chameleon at least once a week when I used to work in the city. There were mostly Wall Street guys popping open wax boxes of sports cards looking for the hot rookie of the moment. Fred was always ready with the 300 count storage box for all the commons that they mostly got.
  7. I think the majority of the books are gonna be McSpidey's & Spawn's.