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  1. Amazing Heroes #16 Pre-dates Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1st app.of The New Mutants) A CGC 9.0 sold last July for $103.00. A MGN #4 CGC 9.0 sold this year for $83.00, although the 12 month AVG. is $143.00.
  2. Great find! So far we have Dave Cockrum, Roy Thomas and "Big" John Buscema. who's the other creator? It looks like Lipser?
  3. I think what also helps it out, is the fact that MA is a Marvel publication.
  4. There's also a purple variant. I think they want like $36.00 bucks for it on ebay.
  5. I've notice that just like in the comics, certain powerful superheroes will have their power ability adjusted to fit the narrative at hand. Plain and simple.
  6. Saw it again today with the kids and the wife. She fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Although, that's usually par the course for her. I did enjoy it more the second go around.
  7. Saw the 6pm showing. There was definitely a couple of plot holes. Lots of laughter and wow moments with some tears. Infinity War was better. Nuff Said!
  8. Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner. Any hot books to be on the look out for?
  9. I've been using them on and off for over six years with no problems. I guess I've been lucky.