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  1. ACE COMIC CON, Long Island NY Dec 8-10

    I really don't care much for photos or autographs were they charge more than fifty bucks or so. So for me, the $55.00 entrance fee was a non starter to begin with. Too bad since I live 10 minutes from the show.
  2. Little Giant Comics says HELLO

    I think these are great. What's on the horizon? Maybe some Neal Adams goodness?
  3. New York Wintercon; December 1st-3rd, 2017; Queens, NY

    $55 bucks a day!
  4. Will newstand comics prove to be the rarest variant?

    The same can be said for the 30 and 35 cents variants from the 70's.
  5. Will newstand comics prove to be the rarest variant? Looks like 6/79 Marvel went Direct Editions.
  6. I wonder how much this newsie would fetch on ebay?
  7. WTF?? Why are these going for so much?
  8. What issue number are you referring too?
  9. Good Black Friday Deals

    No problem, LMK if you have any dupes that you wanna onload. BTW, sweet book!
  10. Good Black Friday Deals

    Any HG raws of Spidey or X-men?
  11. Good Black Friday Deals

    Any more Canadian Editions Newsies?
  12. The "Newsstand Edition" Phenomenon