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  1. You forgot Score. I should know because I bought a case.
  2. The only thing I look for now when I am in Walmart is toilet paper.
  3. The Canadian price tag on the direct edition is $3.50.
  4. The first Direct Edition that hit the stands where cover dated 6/79. Although, I think there might I've been a few test runs before then. In 1983 I would give a slight edge to Direct Editions.
  5. Let's not forget that Ditko had first dibs to his AF 15 OA that was eventually donated to the Library of Congress. This is what Sara Duke one of the curators said about Ditko: But one thing is clear: Artist Steve Ditko had no issue with the art’s provenance. “I will say that Steve Ditko knew that the art was coming to the Library of Congress,” Duke says. “And even though he was an Ayn Rand objectivist, and those followers typically believe the government shouldn’t have any role in anybody’s life, he told the donor that it was theirs to do with as they wanted, and he had nothing to say about it. And that seemed very true to who he was.”
  6. That's what he told me when I first met him. BTW, Greggy also met him and didn't ask for anything. He just shook his hand.
  7. I remember back in the day when all creators would sign my comics for free. Including Stan Lee, John Byrne, Barry Windsor Smith, Neal Adams, George Perez, Rob Liefeld & Chris Claremont.
  8. Because of the $1.00 price difference it would definitely get the "Newsstand Edition" CGC label.
  9. He's still waiting for the Gregster to pop in to check his sweet DC's before he reveals all.
  10. I got some OA from the Marvels series from this gallery back in 1994.