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  1. I sold mine to a fellow boardie 2 weeks ago for $1,400. No complaints here though, since I paid cover price for it.
  2. That's no ferris wheel, that's a lifeguard chair. It looks those kidnappers took poor aunt May to a abandoned beach house in Breezy Point/Far Rockaway Queens. Also, I would like to add that when Ross passed away in 1993 he was living in Jamaica Bay, Queens which is a hop, skip and jump away from Far Rockaway.
  4. I also pre-ordered these back in October and received an email from Walmart on 1/11 telling me that my order was canceled. Since I had totally forgotten about it, I was like whatever. Then I noticed a day later that Walmart had debited my checking account for $19.20 3 times and $38.40 once. I guess I had pre-ordered five of them back in October. This morning FedEx dropped off 3 small boxes with these bad boys. I should be receiving another FedEx delivery on Friday with last one. Buzz don't bother with ebay. I'll hook you up with one. On the house. Shoot me a PM. @Buzz
  5. I definitely thought about the Geppi/Diamond aspect. I was hoping someone would catch it to further prove my point.
  6. First time that I saw the phrase "Copper Age" was in the The Comics Buyers Guide. It was in a ad by Joseph Koch.
  7. I would go with the Diamond Age for anything after 2000. Diamond's last 4ever.