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  1. so many young collectors are being mislead

    I skipped most of the thread, but I hope there was a good hornswogglin' in it. Love a good hornswogglin'
  2. Been gone for a while, what'd I miss?

    Sounds like much the same as ever. Only the names have changed. And way to go, Balls, and throwing in the red herring about Jimmy.
  3. Been gone for a while, what'd I miss?

    Ran into some money troubles about a year ago and I haven't had time to check in. If any of you recognize my name and would be wiling to fill me in, I'd appreciate it (looks like we have some new rules I don't want to run afoul of). If you're willing, PM me with a summary. Thanks!
  4. Getting rid of "CGC it!!!!"

    I always saw it more as reputation all risk/ brand management than free advertising. Having their name associated with spam, annoying vendors and PGX can't be something they're pleased with.
  5. Getting rid of "CGC it!!!!"

    So, I listed a pair of sunglasses as "RayBan-like" on eBay and a day or so later the listing was removed because using a brand name that way isn't allowed. I'm guessing this was a keyword search ebay was doing itself instead of action by the brand (just assuming, but I can't imagine RayBan has a team like that). Couldn't that policy be used to get rid of CGC IT!!! Keyword spamming, and "PGX like CGC" listing descriptions? I imagine all it would take is CGC getting a service or trade mark on CGC (if they haven't already) and reporting that to ebay. What say you? Something that's been tried before?
  6. Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    My room is still a crazy mess, but I finally got my shelves put up. Now to get some scans framed for permanent placement!
  7. Post your Garage Sale/Flea Market/Antique Mall Finds Here

    Love this thread. I've been away for a while, but I started doing videos on some finds (easier than taking pics for me):
  8. eBay to force non-store sellers to use auctions instead of fixed-price listings.

    Admittedly I'm a newer seller, but this ticks me off because I use a combination of both formats for different purposes (and to cycle through product). List (with automatic re-list) auction format for three cycles, list that item fixed price (with automatic re-list) for three cycles. The fixed price becomes a bank of items sellers can add on to their auction purchases, or that sell on their own. Since I started doing that my sales volume has tripled. The only thing that will save me on the channel will be if the free listing offers include fixed price and I can maintain a solid base of items available at all times. Otherwise it's back to one big week of sales per month and much lower sales totals.