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  1. My little contribution. Joe Field, owner of my LCS, spearheaded the following: Made Stockton, CA the hometown of the Fantastic Four How about Free Comic Book Day?
  2. Same. I had a 5.0 and 9.2 because I thought it was case abrasions as mentioned during initial post.
  3. Sweet, 3rd to 101st! Flaming out big time...and for those that are paying me to tank this, you still have my paypal account right?
  4. damn, late call on the jim 9.2 and alf 8.5, no points awarded this round..
  5. After my last round, I've come to the conclusion that grading comics is stupid. They should be read and enjoyed, not objectified like what all you sick puppies do... With that, let me ponder my establishment-biased grades...
  6. wtf did i miss on that 100? i must have had an aneurysm to give it a 6. Round two traumatized me and made me gun shy...