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  1. They've never limited their context to the original version of any character in the Fox, Sony, or Marvel universes; it's always a mix of all the versions the writers think are the best parts of any given character or their stories. Taskmaster has been shown to steal both moves and tech for decades. So your point is that because Stark was a Gary Stu in previous MCU films, Taskmaster should be able to steal anything EXCEPT Stark's toys?
  2. My question is why Taskmaster didn't have more Stark tech right from the start in Avengers 196. That seems like what he should have wanted more than ANY of the other Avengers weapons.
  3. That seems likely, and entirely consistent with what Taskmaster does. His whole shtick is that he steals the moves and weapons of other heroes. When he first appeared he had a copy of Cap's shield, Daredevil's billy club, and Hawkeye's bow and arrows, so he was like a copy of the non-powered heroes with all of their moves and weapons. At first he just carried different weapons around, but eventually he stole SHIELD tech in the form of his shield that could automatically convert it to anything he wanted. So him having the tech of various Avengers is exactly what I'd expect. So what's the problem?
  4. That pic is from Time's article on him where they named him Businessperson of the Year for 2019. Seems like a good pick given the absolutely monumental successes of the year in the Fox acquisition, Endgame as the biggest film of all time, and the launching of Disney Plus and the runaway success of the Mandalorian. An interesting bit in the story is where Iger says he knew Baby Yoda would be huge long before the show launched and he considered cashing in with toys, but he decided not to because toy pictures ALWAYS get leaked, and given the 6-month lead time needed to design molds for and mass-produce toys he knew given the launch of the series in November that it would spoil the impact of his appearance at the end of the first episode. So he decided to wait on the toys and just let it happen.
  5. This is just a clickbaity way of saying what Lindelof has been saying in interviews since the season first aired. He's been saying all along he put all of his ideas into this season and he didn't have any others yet for future seasons. That doesn't mean he or someone he knows won't come up with ideas at almost any point. Given that he worked on the idea for this season for 6 to 7 years before he felt like he had a solid concept, I certainly wouldn't expect another season for at least 2-3 years though, possibly much longer or never. If he focuses I'm sure he could come up with something quicker this time now that he's explored the space in depth. I haven't heard him explicitly rule out future seasons, and this article references no quote like that, either. He's just been saying for months he doesn't know yet what would come next, but has several times indicated he's not unwilling to mull over new ideas.
  6. I won't be buying these because I don't like the 7" scale, but the Hellbat and armored Superman figures from that wave look absolutely fantastic. Everything else looks rather meh.
  7. LOVE those covers. Are they just covers, or did someone actually tell the episode stories in full comic form?
  8. Yes, Obi-Wan retired at the ripe old age of 38. Not because the Republic fell or because Order 66 meant he would've been killed on sight, but just because he felt it was his time. It'll be interesting to see where the Disney Obi-Wan series goes. It could range from including a Rian Johnsonesque Tom Hanks Castaway scene where he tries to hang himself but the rope snaps, or it could turn out that he spent 25 years being a masked vigilante who cruised the galaxy sabotaging the Empire while periodically checking back in on Luke to make sure he was OK. I imagine it will be somewhere in-between with Obi-Wan helping out the natives of Tattooine without sticking his head out too far lest the Empire lop it off.
  9. If the Empire was such a precarious organization that all it took was for Palpatine to die to topple it, why weren't Obi-Wan and Yoda trying to figure out a way to kill him? Why wait decades for Luke to grow up to get that done? Answer: because George Lucas didn't think of that circa 1976 to 1979 because he was focused on the films he was making as opposed to a larger story, and the reason for their retirement to Tatooine and Dagobah was crafted to fit into the story as told 25 years before. As told, both Obi-Wan and Yoda are just as much cowards for running from Palpatine as Luke was for running from Ben Solo.
  10. The first trailer implied that Rachel Weisz might be Taskmaster because it showed an image of her that faded into an image of Taskmaster fighting Widow. Still can't tell from this trailer what gender Taskmaster is. The suit is bulky enough with enough pockets and accessories up and down the arms and legs that it could be a man or a woman under there.
  11. Hasbro. The information was leaked from vendors. Oh, I thought you meant the company was independent, but you meant the wave's characters are independent from the film. I'm skeptical it will sell, but it'll be interesting to see. I collected GI Joe as a pre-teen and as a much younger kid played with those single-colored plastic army men, but I'm not sure now how popular military-themed toys will be with kids or their parents.
  12. Ah, that makes sense, he's already got so many of your loose figures to play with that he's mostly past it and is in collecting mode with the new trilogy stuff. Looks like both of your sons inherited your hobby! Is the older one still into some kind of collecting?
  13. Independent? So who is it? A fan, or some company that's done figures before?