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  1. I can see it being a rude awakening to most, and I'm sure most people won't know what to do. They probably also won't know which sales in PayPal match up to which items, although some may type a note tying the sale to an item. If they didn't, and they don't even remember what they to be them! Although the odds of an audit for a few dozen transactions from a garage sale is pretty low, and for those who actively try to avoid that any accountant should be able to help them figure it out without much work. The fundamental idea is easy as pie--if you make money, you owe taxes.
  2. Most garage sales are selling EVERYTHING at a loss, i.e. less than they paid for it. Very little in those would even qualify for taxes. And for the things that do sell for more than was originally paid--well, if people don't realize the government taxes all income then I don't know what to tell them aside from ignorance of the law is no excuse. At a typical garage sale so many of the things sold are at a loss that they eclipse anything sold that appreciates so aside from collectibles it's uncommon that garage sales would end up even requiring taxes.
  3. A 9.8 copy of that sold the same day on eBay for $4800 on a buy-it-now. There's also a 9.8 copy on eBay right now currently at $6350, although that one is signed by McFarlane.
  4. Was that the eBay buyer who had the username: pastimperfekt? If so, I remember him buying every high-grade Marvel slab in sight. He was mentioned here more than a few times in the past, circa. 2007-2008. Wonder what ever happened to him - did he run out of money? The guy I'm referring to started buying in 2010, and I never identified any eBay account at the time. I really only watch Silver and Bronze Age Marvel prices, and 2010 was specifically the only year I saw him tearing up that market.
  5. eBay has this new feature where they randomly add ‘allow offers’ to people’s listings even if they originally set it to no offers. Might be what happened with this seller. Yea I saw that a few months ago, but more recently I've had stuff up for 2+ months and the offers aren't getting automatically added, so I'm thinking they backed that out. What's also likely is that they never turned off the allow offers feature. Ebay has gotten sneaky about that by turning it on by default and hiding it down below a section of auction options that you have to click to expand. I assume most
  6. You should absolutely hold off on watching Bad Batch until after you finish Clone Wars. He's got roughly 133 episodes and 50 hours of catching up to do spread across some amount of time that for most people is likely to be 6+ months. Holding off a year or more might be a bit much. I'm in a similar boat except that I'm midway through season 4, but I only get enough free time to watch about one episode every week or two. So I wouldn't be able to watch for a few years at that rate. Some of the character arcs might get slightly spoiled, but the concept of the show doesn't sound l
  7. Some of the smaller buys could just be younger, more inexperienced vintage collectors spending some of the $1800 in stimulus checks they've gotten this year on comics, but that doesn't explain FF 48 going up to $10K to $20K for high grades. Usually these surges happen during recessions, but this time the surge in the comics market has coincided with the surge in the stock market. So I'm mostly still mystified. I should probably de-couple any MCU characters slated to appear prominently in phases 4 and 5 from the rest of the comics market. Those were rising before the current overall ris
  8. Back in 2010 we had one deep pocket setting records on almost every highest-graded Silver and Bronze Age Marvel. That person was putting in bids up to at least quadruple the most paid up to that point, but I don't think anyone ever knew just how high the bids were. In some cases prices were 10x what had been seen before. We do know that they were so outlandishly high that ComicLink contacted the bidder to make sure they didn't type extra numbers into their bid by accident, and the bidder (or their representative) said that it was an accurate bid and they just wanted to ensure they got the c
  9. Can't believe the PS5 is still out of stock everywhere 6+ months after release. Anyone know how long the PS4 took to become easily available back when it first released? Is the new XBox also still unavailable?
  10. Side note that's directly related to the topic--back around 2008 or 2009 I calculated total and annual return rates for every certified comic I owned, so I'm back here posting in Comics General because I figured after a decade it was way past time to do it again since I lost my previous MS Access query that did it to a computer crash. This time I've got my data and queries in the cloud so I shouldn't have to do this again other than to keep refreshing market values of what I own. I expected we might be in a bit of a bubble since collectibles ALWAYS go up during tough financial times, but sin
  11. Yea, X-Men isn't in the top five Silver books, definitely not. Those prices you're quoting for 3.0 and 5.0 copies are definitely bubbly and won't persist. I hadn't noticed those since I only look at high grade, and oddly this year there are multiple copies that have sold for around those same prices that are significantly higher-graded, so those sales definitely look to be outliers. X-Men has such a weird history since they're a team that didn't finally become popular until twelve years after they were introduced, and because of that I look at the Silver Age issues as a completely separ
  12. Counterpoint - I think X-Men 1 fits this list because it is ridiculously common vs. the other Silver Age keys of its era. Not as common as Daredevil 1, sure, but far more common than the likes of FF 1, TOS 39, Hulk 1, Showcase 4, AF 15, etc. CGC Census counts for a few Silver keys along with the later ones Rip listed: Showcase 4 - 522 total, 8 at 9.0 and above Amazing Fantasy 15 - 3433 total, 24 at 9.0 and above Hulk 1 - 1854 total, 20 at 9.0 and above Fantastic Four 1 - 2532 total, 17 at 9.0 and above Tales of Suspense 39 - 2374 total, 59 at 9.0 and ab
  13. I mostly agree with this list with one exception--X-Men 1. The supply on that one is an order of magnitude or two lower than the others, particularly FF 48 which seems like a perfect Silver Age example since it is by far the Silver key with the highest supply due to being present in multiple warehouse finds. Why X-men 1? I've been out of the market for the last decade, but over the last few days I've been looking at prices again and FF 48 is by far the biggest surprise increase I've seen. I don't get it...feels a bit Gamestop-y.
  14. As long as she didn't change the core concepts from Kirby, i.e. the relationships between the Celestials, Eternals, Deviants, humans, and mutants, giving her free reign makes sense. Her only real restriction should have been to just stick to those key story points so that the film can serve as back story for the X-Men.
  15. Yikes! That's eye catching indeed, thanks. And a special thanks to gocollect for their delays in capturing data... I might be going back to GPA, how can I not? What's the point of having a pricing service if they don't update their prices? The whole point is to be informed, and I'm not (or at least wasn't in this instance). Sorry, rant over.... Sorry to ask what seems like common knowledge, but I'm a bit out of touch with the market...why isn't this sale in GPA? How long are their delays for capturing eBay data? Looks like this auction ended almost three weeks ago.