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  1. Any complaints about bad accents in Star Wars have to start with Jar Jar's goofy Jamaican accent or Nute Gunray's cringeworthy Thai accent.
  2. Films can EASILY be bad yet still be lovable. I love pretty much every Michael Bay movie, but that doesn't mean I think they're not full of cheese. Plenty examples out there of bad movies I love--Ben Affleck Daredevil, Starship Troopers, etc. Starship Troopers is an interesting one because it was below 50% for years, but in retrospect younger critics have come to like it and it's now up to 65%. Life Aquatic is one of Wes's lesser films. I enjoyed it, but it's not great. His humor is much sharper in most of his others. 56% isn't a bad score, it means mixed reviews, and that seems app
  3. That scene and the show as whole so far reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode called "It's a Good Life" where a boy with omniscient powers controls an entire town and everyone has to kow-tow to his moment-to-moment whims or he will torture them, transform them into creatures of his imagination, or "send them to the cornfield." They also re-made this episode into a segment in the "Twilight Zone" movie. She reminds me of him, except she's an adult with more morality. I also expect that it differs in that none of these people will turn out to be real, which I is all but implied by the fac
  4. She definitely remembers. When the beekeeper comes out she says "NO!" and time reverses, and when Vision's boss in the first episode starts asking what's wrong with them she blinks and he suddenly starts choking. She seems to be actively attempting to maintain the illusion whenever something threatens to break it.
  5. What characters have that power who would be associated with Wanda? There are multiple hints that elements from an exterior real world are making it inside of Wanda's fantasy, but that they get translated into fantastical elements within the fantasy. The AIM beekeeper with the SWORD symbol with literal bees flying around him is one example, and a helicopter from the real world translated into the fantasy as a toy would be another. A character who could turn a real helicopter into a toy sounds like a nearly omniscient type of power...I can't think of any likely Avengers-related friend or
  6. I've enjoyed it so far, yet still agree that if this didn't involved already-established characters I wouldn't have made it through the first episode. It's OK, but it's building upon what preceded it in the MCU so far, and you could EASILY pick two dozen of the best episodes of the Van Dyke Show or Bewitched that are more enjoyable to watch or re-watch than these two episodes.
  7. I read someone hypothesizing that the entire show is an alternate take on the House of M storyline from 2005 in the comics where Scarlet Witch suffers a mental breakdown and alters the fabric of reality in an attempt to re-create her lost children. Maybe, but that doesn't explain all the SWORD, HYDRA, and AIM references. Also House of M involved mostly real events aside from the select elements Wanda what we're seeing real, or all in Wanda's head? I doubt it's a parallel universe, feels far too surreal with all the sitcom tropes.
  8. Yep, that's right. So we've got what appears to be an intentional mix of HYDRA (the watch), AIM (the beekeeper aspects of the guy coming out of the sewer), and SWORD (the beekeeper's symbol) going on. So maybe all of that is being projected by Wanda. Did they ever show ties to ANY of those organizations with Wanda? I don't remember the political ties to Wanda and Pietro from Age of Ultron.
  9. Based upon critical reviews the third one is more of the same. Next time watch it looking the entire time for subtext or you won't enjoy it any more than the first two. I'm guessing by the IMDB cast list the illusion gets broken in episode 4.
  10. AIM scientists were my very first thought once I saw the bees. But this along with the Strucker watch just blurs my already-blurred notion of HYDRA and AIM. My general understanding is that AIM is usually headed up by MODOK and HYDRA is usually headed up by either Red Skull or one of the Barons, particularly Strucker. AIM is a subdivision of HYDRA, isn't it? But mostly independent? Or are they more tightly wound than I understand? I haven't read enough Cap stories to fully know. The few stories I have seen with AIM or HYDRA had them being completely separate with no overlap, but I c
  11. Mojo's productions are all real, aren't they? This appears to be almost pure illusion to this point, presumably in Wanda's mind. I don't remember that being Mojo's modus operandi.
  12. The Din Djarin/Child 3.75" Walmart exclusive 2-pack figures were available on the Walmart web site most of the afternoon. I came here to share that info but couldn't log in here due to maintenance. Gone now.
  13. Yea, Walmart had at least two product pages and two SKUs being used for this thing. I think one was without the bundled free Grogu pin and one was with it, but they're somehow cross-referenced in their system. Any idea why this figure has scuffed Mando armor? I don't remember ever seeing his Beskar look like that in the show. I almost skipped it due to that and bought the unscuffed Beskar version instead, but the SUPERB unmasked head and Grogu sucked me in.
  14. When I go to the page at the link below on my Windows computer I see the option for an in-stock email notification. When I bring that same page up on my Android phone, or in the Android Walmart app, I don't get the option for a notification. So that surely does suck with how inconsistently it's available. One irritating thing is they kept changing the number you could order. During the first time block you could order 20, then it went back up for sale for an hour or so in the late morning and you could order up to 99. Whenever it went
  15. It also should still show up in stores but hasn't yet. Release date was supposed to be 1/15 so it showing up online was a surprise. I had an in-stock alert set, so when I got up to pee around 5 AM I had an email timestamped 3 AM EST, so that's when it went up. Bought mine, and it stayed available online until around 8 or 9 AM EST. It has also been popping back up for sale periodically all day long. I set ten in-stock alerts just out of curiosity and all ten went off. I don't think there was an hour in the day when it didn't go back up for sale.