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  1. It's DEFINITELY going to happen since the Sentinel has been such a massive hit. There is no other Haslab project that would sell as well as a big Galactus, although he won't sell as well as the Sentinel since you can't army-build him. But they can go more all-out on him and make him packed with features to cost $500 to $700.
  2. I can’t remember how much these were? I don't even know, but I believe the retail figures were $60, so I'm guessing that's what they cost at SDCC, or possibly less since they had no pack-in figure like the retail versions had. These days last I checked they sell for $150 to $250 in the blister.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order at least five, but I'm not doing it until near the end to give me time to mull it over and see how big their total production run will be. It's possible they end up making so many that resale ends up becoming difficult, although I doubt that will happen. I already know I want at least three for myself, but if they add more battle damage features I could potentially end up wanting more.
  4. The problem with X-23 is that she's a clone of Wolverine, so ideally Marvel casts a man as Wolverine and a woman as X-23 who are extremely similar to each other. If they go with a short Wolverine Keen may end up being too large for the role given that her parents are 5' 11" and 5' 9", and even if she turns out short there's the additional requirement of at least somewhat resembling whoever they cast as Logan. But if they ignore all of that and cast them both regardless of their similarity to the comic characters or each other then I do hope they cast her again...she did great.
  5. And a last note about the Marvel Universe Galactus--he's one of my three favorite action figures ever, LOVE LOVE LOVE that guy. The voices he says when you press the G on his chest are super-fun too, EXTREMELY well-written and voice-acted, and are demonstrated below. He shares a lot of parts with the Sentinel, and while his head is at the same level as the Sentinel his tall hat increases his height from the Sentinel's 16" to about 19.5". My display cases have adjustable-height shelves, and I had to do multiple adjustments to get someone as big as him to fit in them.
  6. One more thing about the Marvel Universe Sentinel--the first version of both him and the Marvel Universe Galactus--which is even better than the Sentinel and WELL worth getting--were first sold at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010 on HUGE blister cards, but with no packed-in figure (Galactus came with a 3.75" Silver Surfer at retail). Those massive blister cards look super-cool, and anyone who enjoys having packaged figures as art deco and likes either of these characters would do well to snag one in the blister since they dwarf every other blistered figure I've ever seen. I don't have one of either on the blister but I've considered it many times.
  7. They revealed the third stretch goal this morning, and they're only about 100 backers from hitting it--a female Sentinel Prime. Makes perfect sense since it's sort of army-buildable if you buy multiple Sentinels, although having them all with the same hair seems weird. They posted on Instagram last night that they're considering more stretch goals beyond the third one. I bet they do it.
  8. I still love that guy. There were four different versions released, and the first three are compared here: That page was written back in 2012 when three versions had been released, but a fourth one was released in 2018 as an Amazon-exclusive "Days of Future Past" set that included a larger 6" Wolverine figure. That newest one had the worst paint deco as none of the wires in the wrists or ankles had silver paint like yours or the other two. Yours is the second version that the guy at the site above claims was the one sold in retail brick-and-mortar stores. I have the third version that's mostly purple that was sold only online. I learned about all four prior to buying and intentionally went for the third version because I liked the paint the best. All four versions are functionally the same with only paint applications differing. I still love everything about this Sentinel--particularly the lights and sounds, with the sounds being surprisingly good--except one thing, the T-joint hips where you have to rotate the hip ball to control the angle the legs swivel outwards at. Swiveling that T-joint is a ROYAL pain in the rear. Hasbro used to regularly use T-joint hips up until five years ago; no figure molds they've created since then have that style of hip joint. They've released figures since 2015 with T-joint hips, but those figures have all been based upon molds created before 2015. I expect that the new Sentinel won't have that type of hip, and I'm quite glad. If you buy the new Sentinel you could still use it with an army of these 16" Sentinels by just making the Haslab version a Master Mold since he comes with a head for that Sentinel. Master Mold was a Sentinel that could create other Sentinels. He was bigger than the others and had a different head and a few other style differences, but other than that he mostly looked like other Sentinels.
  9. I was half-expecting a $500 Sentinel with more features, such as a chest compartment to place captured mutants into. Still wish they had done that, but I'm sure they wouldn't have sold as many at that price. I bet they come out with accessory packs for him like Hot Toys does for their figures. Repulsor beams, more battle damage, a female Sentinel Prime (the Primes are humans converted to Sentinels so they can be either gender), a Wolverine blasted down to an adamantium skeleton as shown in X-Men 142 in "Days of Future Past," or a dozen other options one could brainstorm.
  10. Today's revealed incentive promotes buying more than one even more in battle-damaged parts. They will almost certainly now create even more damaged parts, and it begs buying more than one to display different Sentinels in varying states of damage. The original design was three stretch goals, but they said during the presentation there could be more if it did well. And since it's crushing it, I bet we get a LOT more extensive battle-damaged parts.
  11. I'll likely get at least three just for me and more out of speculation. One of you guys bought two of Jabba's barge, was that you or F for Fake?
  12. The new Haslab project is up, and it's a Sentinel as teased. $350, with a bendy-wire tentacle, a Sentinel Prime/Bastion 6" figure included, lights in the chest and eyes, and three additional features unlocked and revealed once they reach 6000, 7000, and 8000 backers.
  13. Hasbro is announcing their new Haslab project on Friday, an X-Men Sentinel. Wonder if I'll want to buy five...
  14. At the start of the video he says they had already been shooting for weeks when he started, and the reason for that is they originally had another actor cast as Wolverine. Dougray Scott was supposed to play the role, but he was working on Mission Impossible. He originally thought he could fit both films in, but Tom Cruise refused to change his shooting schedule to accommodate Dougray playing Wolverine, so Dougray had to drop out. He looks good at being pissed in the first pic below, but I've never seen him in a film so I don't know what his acting is like. Like Jackman at 6' 1.5" Scott is far too tall for Wolverine at 5' 11". I like Jackman a lot and still place Logan in the top five superhero films ever, but I'm not terribly nostalgic for him in the role. He's nowhere close to ideal as Logan for two reasons--he's far too big, and he's at best OK at playing someone with feral rage. A young Sonny Landham in the second pic below from Predator is still my ideal look and demeanor for Wolverine, but he, too, was too big at about 6' 2". I fully expect to like the next Wolverine far more than Jackman if they find the right guy, but we'll see.