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  1. I saw the movie, but I don't recall more info being available to him about the bomb other than what you can see in the video. I don't fully get how he knew, either, other than he was running super-fast to get to the mansion and somehow realized the bomb was going off when he got there. Maybe he heard it?
  2. Holy moly, you're right, all of my X-Men and FFs have jumped by 50% to 100% in the last two years. I had no idea.
  3. Whoa, I hadn't noticed this issue was doubling and quadrupling in price since 2017. What the heck is driving it?!?! The number of copies being sold still looks high in GPA relative to all other Silver Age Marvel issues, so this is surprising.
  4. I've never understood the hate for Iron Man 3 either. Much more fun than the second one, which itself wasn't horrible.
  5. I've got those two FF figures, but it doesn't come with that stretchy neck...I WANT IT!
  6. Girls can't beat boys...even my three year olds can tell you that. I say that assuming that shotput gold medalist Valerie Adams at 6' 4" and 265 pounds (and sister of NBA Thunder center Stephen Adams) won't read this and decide to show me how wrong I am.
  7. Actually I'd say that Guardians of the Galaxy implicitly suggests that the power stone emanates passive power. They say that only extraordinarily strong individuals can possess it, they show it ripping apart the Collector's servant when she grabs it, and they show it dramatically empowering Ronan when he grabs it and sticks it into his hammer. That all implies it's always giving off an aura of power. In Infinity War, we never see the latent energy of the stones like that, just a far more subtle glow when he plugs them into the gauntlet and again when he explicitly activates them. Until I hear different I'm guessing they didn't think about this, but they clearly wanted to establish Thanos as the biggest of the bads so they wanted to depict him beating Hulk with no help. Which is consistent with the comics, usually characters and abilities get refined and further defined when new authors start writing them (McFeely and Markus on Infinity War), or some aspects of a character get overlooked or forgotten about by subsequent authors (McFeely and Markus may have overlooked Gunn and Perlman's intent and that of the comics). Not that big a deal on a fairly subtle point.
  8. The controversial bit is that in the comics it grants the wielder passive abilities that don't require explicit activation of the stones. They never explained it well enough in the films themselves to know if the intent was meant to be different from that. Apparently both the Russos and the screenwriters have said their intent was that he didn't use the stone against the Hulk: I haven't seen any comments yet where they address how the comic version endows passive strength, endurance, and power enhancement though, so it's hard to even say if they ever thought about that and intended to change the film version of the stones from that.
  9. Thanos already has the power stone in his glove in the opening scene on the Asgardian ship where he kills Loki and Heimdall and beats the Hulk. He got the Tesseract from Loki, crushes it with his hands, and puts the second stone, the Space stone, into his gauntlet. The Russos said they didn't feel the need to show him acquiring the Power stone because Guardians of the Galaxy covered his search for it.
  10. Our current estimate for the number of stars in just the Milky Way is between 150 and 250 billion, so she didn't have to travel to another galaxy and still have the overwhelming odds be in favor of her never encountering Thanos.
  11. It doesn't bother me either, but I do wish they'd work it out. It's less interesting to think of Thanos, Hulk, Juggernaut, Colossus, and Thing as all basically the same guy with the same powers who just look different.
  12. It just magically appeared, and yea, I didn't buy that when I was 11 either.
  13. I thought of that, but every one I've ever seen on the site is a uniform size, lighting, and quality no matter how old or new the comic is, and that indicated to me they were all scanned in a similar way. But who knows, I'm sure I haven't looked at more than a fraction of a percent of what's up there, so maybe you're right and they do vary in size and quality or they're getting ripped from DC and Marvel directly.