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  1. Another show right around the corner......If you don't make it your missing out.
  2. if not too late.... Hulk #339 Todd McFarlane and Peter David signatures on the front page VF $30 Hera Cover 9.0 $15 Batman # 1 100 pg-Giant NM- $6 Haunted Horror #10 $4
  3. Start me a stack.... Amazing Spiderman 651 2nd Print VF $3 Amazing Spiderman 668 2nd Print VF $3 Invincible 19 NM/NM+ $3 Invincible 20 NM- $3 Deadpool 29 Hastings Kidrobot Variant NM $3 each (2 available) both Deadpool 30 Hastings Variant NM $3 Mantra 1 Newsstand Fn+ $3 Prototype 1 Newsstand F/VF $3
  4. Maybe as I did sell a copy at the show. Nice to meet you and thanks for you patronage!
  5. The comic dealers I talked too all had great sales. I have done every ACCC and have increased sales every year. There were not a lot of comic dealers in the room but there were great books everywhere. I did not hear any negative comments and the crowd was thick on Saturday. I will be back. Key books, Run collectors (esp Spawn 150 -200), Guest related( I could have sold 20 + Little Mermaid comics if I had more) led sales. Good dollar books around etc...... My only wish is that they get more comic related guests next year and I hope the dismissive response from a rep I asked "Comic guests don't sell tickets" was only him talking out of his ***.
  6. For those trying to value their Australian Newsstand keys.... NM 98 CGC 9.0 at $1600.
  7. I see that someone else found a solid black holo..........beside X-men 25 has anyone seen these on the other issues?
  8. Sunday bump and also I forgot about this Daredevil # 1 cheers!!
  9. Hola A few auctions on MCS: Batman 357 CGC SS 9.8 Conway Batman 655 CGC 9.8 Variant Fantasy Quarterly 1 CGC 9.4 Mister Miracle 1 Thanks and good luck bidding!