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  1. Thank you guys for everything! Predator is one my favorite movies, thanks Brian. All you guys have been awesome over the past 4 and 1/2 years.
  2. Email Dan Partouche, He does business with him.
  3. Correct. You would not be meeting the Creator and yes the books need to be prepped. Thanks
  4. He has before, in the past. it still is 50/50 just off of the volume we take in and the limited time we have with him.
  5. Hey Guys, This a repeat from SDCC, most of you know the drill. Robert Kirkman will only sign for CGC at our private signing. His signing fee is $30(cash only). Please see Sam Peterson at the upstairs CGC booth and have your books prepared properly (window-bagged & boarded with your name and invoice number on the back) if you don't have forms you can pick on up at the CGC booth and write the invoice number on the back to make the process go smoothly. Chris Claremont is done the same way, his fee is $10 and you need to have your books prepped as well. Please see me at the CGC booth downstairs for this signing. Thanks. As always if you have any questions. Please email me at
  6. Correct. We will be facilitating this event. I should have information about submissions and pricing posted this week. We are also doing Alamo City Comic Con in October, so if you want me to hold on to any Teen Titans 2 to add Marv Wolfman I can easily do so. The Dork Buzz people are great! I know they are new(er) to the boards with Sig Series, but I give them a thumbs up!
  7. He only makes a surprise visit at the CGC booth if he emails me before the show and asks to sign for an hour or two. He hasn't done that for LBC, so there won't be a surprise visit. Thanks.
  8. This OP is ok with Me. Hypergeeky started this before the rule change. Thanks
  9. email or
  10. That is up to him. He signed at our booth in WonderCon this year and didn't sketch.
  11. Rob will sign at the CGC booth 901 from 11 to 1 on Friday 7/22/16 in SDCC. Come to the booth and line up early. Rob does charge a signing fee. Thanks!!!
  12. Craig Kyle (X-23 Creator) is signing at the CGC booth from 2:30 to 4 on Saturday at the Long Beach Comic Con. His signing fee is 10 dollars each. Craig will not have a booth at this show but as his request is coming to sign at our booth only, for a brief period. Stguchi will be taking mail-ins form Dealers, email me if you have any questions and Scott's contact info is below.
  13. Robert Kirkman (creator of the Walking Dead,Outcast) will sign for CGC only in our private signing. His price has now moved up to 30. If you want to meet him at his normal signing please do so, only there will not be a witness there and those books signed at that signing will not be eligible for CGC Signature Series. Kirkman left, Zombie on right Please drop off you books (window bagged and invoice number on the back) as a heads up, to make this easy, if you do not bring or make your own window bags or put your invoice number on the back of the boards of them with cash, we will not take the books until they are prepped, there have been a lot of times were customers drop off books in poly's with no paperwork and say "Kirkman" and them leave and we will have 20 minutes of prep with a line of 30 people in front of us. With that said and as always, Thank you, for your cooperation. Any Questions, please email me at Thanks
  14. The Mighty Hero Initiative are hosting another signing in SDCC this year. If you want any of these artists, drop off your books (to me only and they must be in window bags and invoices written on the back) at CGC booth 901 with the cash in the back of the book(s). IF you want any other Signature with Charlie Adlard's signature on your Walking Dead books (i.e. Kirkman,) those must be on a separate invoice as well. Email me with any questions