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  1. combiner1

    The ARTGERM Thread

    Same can be said to any comic artist. Just look at Campbell, and Jim Lee’s art.... all their covers that featured women all look the same. The only difference is facial expression (smiling or closed lips); different hair style, mask or not, and even different angles. Heck, I think even AH all his women looked the same. I think only Alex Ross’ cover looks like a different women....
  2. combiner1

    Moderns that are COOLING on EBAY...

    Well MAD (Joe Madureira) was very popular in the 90's with his anime style X-men. I'm guessing Battles Chaser's popularity is being fueled by nostalgia.... I think MAD is trying to return back to comics when his video games route went bust..... I still remember bidding on a full set of Battle Chasers #1 CGC SS 9.8-9.6 about 10 yrs ago. I believe there were 4 covers and I won (CND$100)
  3. combiner1

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Is there any reason why this book is that hot?? A ratio of 1:100 should be just $100 after a week not x7 First appearance?? Major death?? First artist cover?? First “spider-wang”??? (DC done it why not Marvel) im asking since I passed on this regular book last week.......
  4. Thanks Dre... Hope your mom feels better Question : Are you gonna have JCS's Return of Wolverine?
  5. combiner1

    Batman DAMNED #1

    When DC announced that there doing the Black Label Series, they also announce it as being matured. Heck, they even announce that Batman White Knight will be getting a Black Label treatment (w/ Joker and Harley, doing it full-on). When DC announced it, people didn't noticed it. They were just "eh...whatever". When the book arrived, comic book store, didn't heavy ordered it either. I think at my area, only one LCS ordered heavily, the rest only ordered for their Batman pull box. Even then, people weren't noticing it..... Only when DC announced that, it's going back to 2nd printing and saying that on future printing, it'll be censored. Then that's when everybody wants a piece of it. It also doesn't help that it was featured on some Late Night Shows. I think the reason for this crazy spike is, it's not because of "it", i think, it's because censored future printing and it got crazy publicity coverage......
  6. combiner1

    Batman DAMNED #1

    I’m on the fence if this would have staying power. It has Batman, the first book of DC’s new comic book lines, showed Batman’s wang (a shadowy at best), it also showed us a side of Bruce’s dad, plus the Joker died. But it if you guys all remember Marvel’s Ultimate Line. That was supposed to bring the characters into the 20th century... what happened now??? The only remnants is Miles (Spider-Man 2.0) At first the line was big success, MCU Nick Fury was even based on that. But eventually, the line folded, and nobody cared anymore. Id say Batman Damned #1 is like Ultimate Spider-Man #1.... for a few years it’ll stay hot, but eventually it’ll cool down.....
  7. combiner1

    Submitting to CGC from Canada

    Where do you live?? If you’re close to the GTA, there’s a lot of LCS that’ll submit books for you. A much easier route IMHO. If that’s not an option, if you go to Canada Post’s website, there is a form that’ll you need. I forgot the form number. Essentially the form has to be half filled out by you and CGC. Basically the form is to inform custom that you’re not selling/buying anything but only a service (CGC). This way you won’t get charged/taxed when the book returns to you.
  8. Detective Comics #27 Fabok Fan Expo Exclusives  Raw/Acetate set:  $60 raw NM+ or better set x1
  9. Detective Comics #880 Black Foil Exclusive  $50 raw NM+ or better x1
  10. The only difference between the two is the forehead shadow of Batman (one has it and the other doesn't) and the elastic on Catwoman's goggles (one has more lines)..... Other than those two, I don't see any difference. I guess he's so used to drawing Batman and Catwoman, that he can drawing them almost identically. It is a sketch though..... I guess if he's asked to draw Batman and Catwoman head sketches, that's his default drawing. He doesn't have to think about poses or head position or where to draw
  11. combiner1

    SAGA from Image Comics

    A year is just too long I wish they would show a picture narrating the books..... I know it's Hazel, but the dialogue suggest that she's all grown-up and telling this story to somebody......