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  1. It looks like the label has been generated but the package has not been received by the post office yet. No need to panic yet, its probably with a batch waiting to be dropped at the PO.
  2. And I will throw in a couple back cover house ads for good measure.
  3. Shameful lack of interest being paid to the Fox thread, time to apply some Science!
  4. Its last call on the remaining books, take 10% off what is left, thread closes tomorrow morning. Coming next is an all Ace Sale!!!!
  5. Here is what is left if there is any interest: Mystic 2 $2500 Wings 94 $675 Venus 16 $600 Weird Science 12 $1200
  6. Due to the many requests for the Lightning book I will do a dedicated Ace thread at some point in the near future.
  7. Now if you will all accept my many thanks for your participation, I have to get a mop to clean up all the tears.
  8. V Comics 2, the very hard one to obtain 4.5 SOLD
  9. Here come the last 2 of the night, instant Fox run completed...
  10. The Eagle 1 was listed by those "other guys" as a 305 conserved, label included $325