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  1. Actually no, I have been grabbing those every chance I could knowing they would be tough. I only have one late run issue to get with the rest being fairly "common" if there is such a thing with Fox books.
  2. 6 more to finish the Mystery Men run, I have the full Wonderworld, Science and Weird runs done.
  3. Thanks! The quality of my Fox collection ranges from Mile High down to .5; with so many of these you have to take what you can get when it comes up. Only 6 more issues to go....
  4. Blue Beetle has thing about riding on car rooftops.
  5. I have a few Fox books with that same mark, I think Gino has some as well, not sure what the story behind that is.
  6. Cross post from the Fox thread, its a Hitler cover.
  7. The previous one took an arm, this one was a leg. Glad I am not starting to work on a run of either title today...
  8. Thanks Gino, that was the last one, full run post coming soon.
  9. these are nice to have if you are a fan of Finlay's B&W illustrations, check out the back cover.
  10. Its the first appearance of Tarzan and there are very few known copies. This is arguably the start of the hero genre that lives on today, the success of ERB's hero's launched an incredible demand for more hero driven content leading not only to the entire Jungle oriented content that followed but more "superhuman" types such as Doc Savage, The Avenger, etc.