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  1. I love how the spaceships in the Frazetta piece are the ones from Famous Funnies 214, my favorite of the run.
  2. At the local convention today I did not see much as most are getting ready for Baltimore but I did find this which makes me very happy.
  3. lpsunburst

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    LOL, William must have gone to bed early
  4. lpsunburst

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    The takebot strikes again! I agree on some of the restored books, my view has changed over time as well. That MM 10 really looks gorgeous doesnt it?
  5. lpsunburst

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Seriously strong price on the Mystery Men 10 last night, I put in what I thought was a ridiculous bid only to find out that it was ridiculous. https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/mystery-men-comics-10-fox-1940-cgc-apparent-vf-75-slight-to-moderate-a-2-off-white-to-white-pages/a/121834-14636.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116
  6. lpsunburst

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Nice pick up Jon, not an easy run to complete but you are halfway there!
  7. lpsunburst

    Frank Frazetta's Famous Funnies #209 - #216

    Ok, thanks. I thought Jim was working on amassing the set. I just checked his CAF and he has the 210 plus the Buster Crabbe covers as well as WSF 29. Pretty amazing collection all in all especially with all the GA cover art he has.
  8. lpsunburst

    Frank Frazetta's Famous Funnies #209 - #216

    Are those Jim Halperin's originals?
  9. Love it, my copy is January 1932 is your copy later? Interesting to see Hugo work through the coining of the term.
  10. Here are a couple of the digest sized Amazing's that I picked up, also in wonderful condition.
  11. I picked these up at my local monthly Con here in DC, the condition of these was such that I could not pass them up, these bedsheets are still very supple. I love how they phrase it "Scientific Fiction".
  12. lpsunburst


    A TAR 43 and a 45 in the same thread, ridonkulous! Amazing books Rick and congrats to the TakeBot as well!
  13. lpsunburst

    Crime SuspenStories 22 club

    Here is my membership card
  14. lpsunburst

    Big Books! Fox, Planets & More! CLOSED

    He got me with the bot on Billy's Blonde Phantom thread.