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  1. Just when this topic was about to fall off the first page...The Spider swoops in to save the thread, and its one of the earliest uses of the "woman on a wheel" theme.
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    Thank you!!!
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    Thats all for now!
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    Wings 102 $40
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    Wings 101 $60 has a name written on BC
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    Wings 100 $75 Look at that color!!!
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    Wings 99 $40
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    Wings 98 $40
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    Wings 97 $50
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    Wings 92 $30
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    Wings 88 $75
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    Hello All! Shipping: FREE in the US (No international shipping unless agreed to in advance) Payment: PayPal is preferred, let me know if you want to use another form of payment though. First in the thread trumps all else. Feel free to drop any questions my way via PM or if you need more pics. If someone wants all of them I will do a great deal plus throw in a freebie!
  15. When I was younger (much) I read all of The Shadow books with the great Steranko covers and I really enjoyed the series, I also read The Spider because I was into pulps quite heavily but the stories never seemed as well crafted as the Shadow. As a pulp collector however I much prefer The Spider covers.