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  1. Wabbits and Foxes go well together, you should see my Ace collection....
  2. lpsunburst


    ITS ALIVE!!! Welcome back! Great pickups!
  3. Well then here is another, this time with Leon's signature
  4. Slowly picking up all of the Schlesinger covers (1-44) as I like the more Clampett style Bugs but this is a notable exception to the signature covers in the run.
  5. lpsunburst

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    Here are the rest of the Wonderworld's from 1939
  6. lpsunburst

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    New addition to the Ace family
  7. lpsunburst

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    Here are a couple, I will have to scan the rest of the run from 1939.
  8. lpsunburst

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Only 4 on the census for this one
  9. For the most part the Guide was what people were paying, Baker books were dirt cheap because nobody wanted them, Good Girl art, as noted in the Guide was not even as popular as it is now. the Fantastic and Startlinglook about right from what I remember.
  10. I was having a discussion with some long time dealers at the Shoff Show here in VA last weekend and we all remembered when book value was driven by key content as opposed to key covers, somewhat evident in this list looking at the position of a book like AC 2.
  11. I am in full agreement with the top 10 (this year anyway) I do think the Cap 3 deserves a bit more placement as others have mentioned. There are a few others that I would personally rank somewhat differently but those are always open to debate. Really fine work! As someone who has been a collector for a very long time its really interesting to see how a list like this has changed over time such as when did Red Raven fall off the list? WDC&S and so many others that were former grail books, very different list in the 70's.
  12. lpsunburst

    2019 California Comic Con - Post your Photos

    the seller told me I missed it by thismuch....