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  1. Actually, there are approximately 15 known 1804 Morgan (Liberty) dollars that were made as gifts in the mid 1800's, a good candidate for being the "Action 1 of coins".
  2. Great book! The takebot will be sorry he missed this one.
  3. It does, I actually work for a hotel company but I am attending evening events during the show both Sundays.
  4. I found out 2 weeks ago that work is going to have me on the road and attending functions during the final 2 episodes. Knowing that I will be subjected to spoilers as soon as the episodes have concluded I bit the bullet and read the supposed leaked synopsis of the final 2 episodes that were posted on Reddit and immediately pulled down. Without spoiling it for anyone I am satisfied with the ending and given where we are now seems logical. If anyone wants the short version of how it supposedly goes PM me, I wont even post it here with spoiler tags because it really should be enjoyed as it unfolds, I wish that was how I could do it but my circumstances are different.
  5. Wow, great books on that list. I think I have only 3 of them including this one I just lucked into.
  6. Thanks! I haven't seen another either so like many of my Fox books, you take what comes when it comes.
  7. ok, since we are into to total geek speculation... what if he got on the plane and hid while Red Skull and Cap(A) fought it out, when Cap(A) took the controls of the plane Cap(B) grabs the shield and jumps out of the plane like he has done so many time before. He gets picked up by the SSR (Shield) who are already searching the area where the plane went down. How is that for fan fiction?
  8. I am guessing that one is still in the ice not being looked for since he "reappeared" after the plane with the cosmic cube was lost.
  9. Pretty amazing atmosphere at the mega cinema last night, the energy and the crowds were huge. I knew a couple of the broad spoiler points but that still didn't lessen the impact of seeing them on screen. I would very much like to see it again in the theater just for the sheer spectacle and my desire to see several of the key moments on a big screen at least once more. The movie could very well have been titled Avengers:Easter Egg for all the goodies they put in with call backs to virtually every MCU film. I really had only one problem with the film in that Captain Marvel was used as purely a Deus Ex Machina device twice in the film which felt like lazy/forced writing.
  10. I have seen GWTW listed as being as high as 3.7B adjusted for inflation so that would be a real high water mark for any film. Also, here is a review negative review of The Wizard of Oz from 1939 to give folks a bit of perspective. The Wizard of Oz was intended to hit the same audience as Snow White, and won't fail for lack of trying. It has dwarfs, music, technicolor, freak characters, and Judy Garland. It can't be expected to have a sense of humor as well — and as for the light touch of fantasy, it weighs like a pound of fruitcake soaking wet. Children will not object to it, especially as it is a thing of many interesting gadgets; but it will be delightful for children mostly to their mothers, and any kid tall enough to reach up to a ticket window will be found at the Tarzan film down the street. The story of course has some lovely and wild ideas—men of straw and tin, a cowardly lion, a wizard who isn't a very good wizard — but the picture doesn't know what to do with them, except to be painfully literal and elaborate about everything... [The New Republic]
  11. Every movie that has gone on to become a cultural touchstone has had its detractors upon release, Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, you name it.
  12. I get to see it in 5 hours, I think everyone in my office has tickets for this weekend. It will beat Avatar, this will set a new benchmark.
  13. Bumping this up since I need to thank Gino for helping me with one of my missing issues, only 1 left to complete the run!