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  1. Be wary - admitting that you even owned a CFD counterfeit and did not promptly mail it to Linsner might earn you an insanity-laced scathing email from that turd.
  2. I'm more shocked that CVA is still around than a 1st Moon Knight going for 50k. Shoulda kept going with the Dr. Balls Stamp of Awesomeness. I'd be rich by now.
  3. I love the copyright commentary on the art. Really cool piece.
  4. Nearly all of my collection is gone, but I still love comics and always will - so we built my stepson's room (which only gets used 2-3 weeks out of the year) to double as my Nerdatorium. Those 90's Bad Girl posters were hung up in my comic shop in the 90's. They survived so long, I figured I owed it to them to get framed.
  5. Wow. This is sad that this is still an issue almost 6 years later.
  6. That's like the world's largest pile of die-cut, holofoil, lenticular, signed, limited-edition variant covers of Bloodstrike #1s.
  7. And thread closed - thanks to everyone for their purchases!
  8. Alrighty - we'll have one last price drop tonight, and I'll close the thread tomorrow afternoon - thanks for lookin!
  9. Thanks to everyone for their purchases - this thread is closed!