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  1. I’m hoping for a slower paced movie in the mold of Lawrence of Arabia.
  2. He has been around quite a bit, hasn't he. If we leave out Star Wars - not that he was bad or anything - I think he is quite good in everything he does. I look forward to his take on Duke Leto.
  3. I like the trailer but I patiently await the movie. Seems faithful to source material from the little I can see. I like Pink Floyd but found it a distraction. I want to hear the Hans Zimmer soundtrack, not Pink Floyd. I look forward to what Denis Villeneuve brings to the table.
  4. That caught my eye as well. Looked pretty cool.
  5. I love movies but going out to the theatre is low on the list, so it's going to be no for a while yet.
  6. Yeah I agree completely, I'm surprised the plan is not for 3 movies, one for each of the original trilogy, like Lord of the Rings, three books, three movies...done....and if done well, I think everyone would be grateful enough....but if I understand correctly there is only going to be 2 movies? In a perfect world, someone would take the time to properly interpret God Emperor for the screen because I completely agree when you say it closes the cycle. As for the two movies; as far as I know they are for the first book.
  7. Here's to a class act! An astounding artist to whom the medium is indebted and to a life well lived!
  8. Yeah, me too! Just watched the whole series and there is a run in there - season 3-6 - where there are so many cool stand alone sci-fi stories. Great writing in that show!
  9. Lots of great points. I really enjoyed Discovery so far and Picard as well. The present day TV format lends itself to the season long plot and we are getting some great TV because of it. On the other hand - having just re-watched a lot of older Star Trek series and episodes - one of Star Treks strengths has always been the stand alone episode. Episodes that for me are why I love this franchise and are great science fiction. As a fan of EC comics (Weird Science and Fantasy) and the Twilight Zone, Star Trek has always been a worthy successor. I hope they can throw in a few now and then. A great Star Trek Season is like an anthology of short science fiction stories.