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  1. Great movie, just fantastic! I can only repeat what many have said so I won't bother. I really hope he doesn't stop after 10.
  2. I really liked it! The first episode is nicely self contained and awesome!. Episode two, on the ship, again, very well done. The final episode worked for me and I look forward to re-watching the series. I have always felt the book starts out so well but grinds to a halt by the end. Not a great book in my humble opinion but such a great literary character. Adaptations can many times be some what hampered by the book but not here. Just my
  3. One of the strongest titles of the silver age and leading into the bronze is Dr Strange IMHO. I think the material really is too good for the movies, or at least this is one area where the movies show their short-comings. Just my
  4. I liked the first movie well enough! So on a lateral tangent here, the one movie that I saw recently that really made me think of Doctor Strange through no intent on it's part was Spider-verse. I would love to see a Dr Strange epic with a similar style of animation.
  5. If you told me I could only take 3 movies of the 11 then I'll take the prequels and I'm going to also assume I can have your copies, yes?
  6. The idea that a creator of an IP is a poor caretaker of said IP is a bit of a ludicrous statement if for no other reason than the creator is under no obligation to be a caretaker or to meet anyone's expectations. We are all free to love/hate or walk out and have our art/entertainment/pornography needs met elsewhere or create our own IP's that check all the boxes. Obviously in reference to Lucas and everything he's done since the first film. I'm not trying to deify him but the vilification get's a little long in the tooth after a while.
  7. In Lucas' defense, Star Wars was aimed at the young toy buying public for the most part.
  8. In defense of Haydn Christiansen, I think he was great in those movies, as was Natalie Portman.
  9. Agree completely. A lot of momentum going in with little going out regardless of peoples opinion of the film, divisive as it was. I still find it amazing that a film getting close or hitting $1B can be considered a disappointment - I know the expectation is higher but the days of Star Wars having a lock on spectacle ended a long, long time ago.
  10. Wow! I had never heard that. I met my wife just before that movie came out and we went and saw it 4-5 times. The most fun I've had going to the movies as an adult. The opera scene rates as my personal favorite of all the movies.
  11. For those that remember Steven Spielberg's made for TV movie, Duel. Duel (same title) Two spaceships, same premise with minimal dialogue - doesn't star Dennis Weaver.
  12. I feel bad for JJ. I've called him out as derivative and rightly so but he is a brilliant visual director. It can't be a fun prospect for any actor/writer/director to walk into this franchise and I imagine many steer clear of it. I would love to see an extended cut and see what JJ's vision was if indeed it was compromised, hell I would like them to go back and film a few well placed scenes in all three movies to help tie the sequels together (won't happen). My hopes going forward are to stop trying to remake/recreate/imitate Star Wars and Empire - good luck with that. I like the prequels and one of their strengths is they are nothing like the original trilogy. I think a weakness of the sequels is trying too hard to be like the originals instead of finding their own voice.
  13. Maybe the realistic market cap/share for a decent SW film is just over a billion? China is weak for the franchise and TFA had a lot of hype that's not likely to be repeated. Not that there's anything wrong with that - a billion that is.