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  1. As much as 'Goodfellas' was one of the best movies ever made and Scorsese only had Henry Hill to work off of, and I've watched the movie at least 3 times a year since its release, it didn't convey the truth of the Mafia, it was rife with mistakes, at times the dialogue was confusing like when Hill is narrating Morie's death, also what type of Gangster pulling million dollar scores is telling his wife to go on welfare when he is in the bin? In that regards the psychological message Scorsese is trying to convey is that crime pays, which it does not, both psychologically and financially. Scorsese is being dishonest, and choosing sides. Hollywood is about money, always has been and always will be, and if a film can fetch you a billion dollars than it's a damn fine film. Careful what you say, you find yourself on a deserted island with Avatar and Titanic.
  2. I think if you pressed Scorsese, he would agree that great movies can come from any genre. But I suspect there is a knee jerk reaction among the film elite that views working for big budget movies and more than likely Disney in particular as a creatively stifling affair. There have been some great movies in the genre and again for me the better of them leave the superhero stuff behind.
  3. I completely agree with him. But there has always been drek and a lot of it. Great films/cinema have always been fewer and farther between and rarely found in the top box office draws in any age. Nothing wrong with drek though, can't always be listening to Beethoven's ninth symphony (a rare Vonnegut Galapagos reference there).
  4. If you like the book then who cares what anyone else thinks about it. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks for all the kind words from everyone. I feel bad for anyone who wants to put together a set aftermarket regardless of absolute/omnibus/masterwork. If you miss the solicitation then your pretty much out of luck within a year or even quicker on many. I want an Eternals omni but I have to wait because I don't want to pay the inflated price having missed it years back. DC has been much better at having their stuff in print overall but I'm sure there are some that are hard to find.
  6. All of the marvel silver age super hero stuff is in the masterworks though I will continue with some titles as they print them. I wish I would have kept up with Doctor Strange(1-5) and Spider-man(1-13). Once they are out print it becomes very expensive to buy some of them on the secondary market.
  7. Yeah, I hear ya. The costs on some of these books are staggering especially for those of us who live outside the US, and unless your reading on a table top the bigger volumes are a bit much to read in bed or on the couch. Masterworks have been my staple since they started reissuing them, nice size and page count though pricey as well. In a perfect world they would print cheap editions in colour on newsprint - basically colour essentials. Probably kill their hardcover sales though. More and more I lean towards reading back issues on an tablet /e-reader. My library does not have unlimited space so as time passes books have to fight for shelf space.
  8. But it is part of the charm. I think of them (the trilogies) as two books written at different times of an authors life (obviously with different resources), they each tell their part of the overall story arc. Why do they have to tell their part of the story the same way as the other. The trilogies are after all completely different in feel and scope. Nostalgia has little to do with it. The only thing that killed the narrative overall was part 7 masquerading as part 4. Kinda made any continuation in that direction pointless really (I'm not really a hater on Disney but I see little point in calling these parts 7, 8, 9 etc. but I will keep an open mind for what its worth). Having said that there is little point arguing over which is better, there're both good, it all comes down to the individual of course or your whatever your in the mood for that day. I, like many simply want the option to see them as they were.
  9. I'm a huge fan of the prequels, warts and all and was ten in 77 so I have fond memories of the originals. There is always going to be an awkward transition between the two trilogies despite any face lift., so I would argue it's part of the charm.
  10. Marvel has been doing great job with the Conan the Barbarian omnibus/s, getting away from the Dark Horse coloring and packed with lots of extras. The Savage Sword omnibus is a must have as well!
  11. There are definitely some positive changes but many unnecessary ones as well, the result of which is distraction. I for one would at the very least like to have the option of seeing the theatrical releases. The special effects were cutting edge in their day and many people worked hard to bring what was seen at the time to fruition. Many special effects become dated over time but it does not follow that the movies suffer because of it. 2001 is still a masterpiece regardless of modern capabilities - I'm not trying to compare Star Wars to 2001. For the record, the cloud city scenes added much depth to empire and not at the expense of anything previously there - I think. I could do without the rest though - again, for me a distraction. As a fan of movies I would really appreciate seeing them as they were if for nothing else to enjoy the craftsmanship of the day. Again, the option would be nice.
  12. Yeah, I don't recall any meaningless 30-minute side plots in any other Star Wars films. Really subverted my expectations there... I certainly don't want to argue over Johnson's movie with you, I probably dislike it more than you. I was merely trying to point out that Starkiller Base was pretty bad. Why make new movies if they don't want to move forward.