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  1. Yeah, me too! Just watched the whole series and there is a run in there - season 3-6 - where there are so many cool stand alone sci-fi stories. Great writing in that show!
  2. Lots of great points. I really enjoyed Discovery so far and Picard as well. The present day TV format lends itself to the season long plot and we are getting some great TV because of it. On the other hand - having just re-watched a lot of older Star Trek series and episodes - one of Star Treks strengths has always been the stand alone episode. Episodes that for me are why I love this franchise and are great science fiction. As a fan of EC comics (Weird Science and Fantasy) and the Twilight Zone, Star Trek has always been a worthy successor. I hope they can throw in a few now and then. A great Star Trek Season is like an anthology of short science fiction stories.
  3. I thought the TV mini series did a great job with Messiah and Children of Dune. God Emperor is such a great book but hard to imagine adapting into a movie. As for Brian Herberts books, I think it’s just his name on a Kevin J Anderson manuscript. The books are consistent with his writing - short chapters followed by a recap in the following short chapter - and when compared to Frank Herbert’s novels fall pretty far down the literary spectrum. That being said I really enjoyed the two Brian/Anderson prequel trilogies, they are much simpler books but still highly entertaining. I think there were some Frank Herbert penned fragments that found their way into the ‘House’ series - that would explain the slightly longer chapters in those books.
  4. Just caught up and watched the entire season of Picard. My first impression is wow! I don't know if it's the current climate or not but I found it very touching and emotional with some truly beautiful and heart wrenching moments. Please make more! Oh, and just because I'm thinking about it and even though it has nothing to do with this post; best STNG episode ever... The Inner Light.
  5. There is no small amount of irony in one deifying superheroes in print and movies and the failure to connect to the reality of the day, the real heroes and the small things we can all do to help. This is real life, not a Star Wars movie.
  6. Oh that’s rich! I hear that now and again. Is that supposed to impress somebody? We’re trying to step back to help ease the burden on the health care workers who are in the sh_t right now and who I don’t think give a rats about your views on philosophy, but have no fear, I imagine they will do their best to help you should you need it.
  7. One of the best things about hockey is its history. Orr is without a doubt one the greatest to play the game.
  8. Always late to the party, but anyways. Great movie! Can't really praise this enough. This is the kind of movie that makes me feel that the form has so much potential.
  9. I only collected hockey cards from 1980 and earlier and I did really well when selling them back in 2004-2006. When ever I check in, the price of that stuff seems pretty stable, though there is some sketchy graded stuff out there. If they were giving that stuff away, I would be happy to take it.