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  1. Captain Marvel kicked butt and continues to kick it. I can see her playing a very prominent role in endgame.
  2. Glad that I finally had a chance to see this while it was still on the big screen. This movie kicked butt! Awesome! Well paced, well acted and a satisfying ending. As someone who thought Captain Marvel was a cool series long before these movies came into being I was happy to see this result. Not so much the financial success which is cool but the depiction of the character. I keep saying I’m tired of superhero movies and I am, but shucks, they keep dragging me back.
  3. This. I personally see no reason to split a thread, no matter the difference in price, raw vs slabbed etc. The ability to edit your thread title can alert buyers to new books at any time within your current sales thread. If a book absolutely has to have it's own thread then close down your current one and open a new one.
  4. It wouldn't bother me at all. In fact, now that you say it it makes sense. Curious to see how it will play out.
  5. After the butthurt that is TLJ, I was a little reluctant to click on this, but hell. This looks awesome! I get the impression I can just pretend the last movie never happened, that would be awesome as well. I think Rey is a great character (regardless of her being a skywalker or not) and I hope we she her reach her potential here. JJ is the consummate entertainer but he is derivative, I hope he breaks some new ground here as well. I'm in.
  6. Me as well! I don't think the VCC was ever about bringing over your ebay store or attracting the big sellers - whom one can visit at any time away from the boards. More about people bringing their odds and ends before listing elsewhere or simply because this is where they like to sell. Generally a small time community event and I would argue the exclusivity as part of the charm. In this age of most things being for sale most of the time at one venue or another the VCC is hardly required as a billboard along the way. The advertising forums are here already for that purpose. Buzzetta makes a good argument in his post, I just think the proposed change would change the nature of the event from a small to a large event.
  7. From a selling standpoint I personally feel that exclusivity is little to ask for the short time items are generally for sale here. From a buying standpoint it would not be nearly as inviting to check out vendors who are selling elsewhere.
  8. I love recaps on the first page (as long as they updated in a timely manner). I see when some post they reserve the second slot for recaps. I hate going through when someone posts something like 10% everything that is left and I have to go through pages upon pages to review which I don't do. Sorry, I missed your post before mine. Totally agree.
  9. The more pages, the more recaps I need. One every 4 or 5 or 6 pages works well, depending how many books are left on those past pages. Try keeping your recap in the first or second post of your thread, that way it's always easy to find and helps navigate long threads.
  10. Charlie bought an FF 80 from my last sales thread. Great guy to deal with, great communication and fast payment. I highly recommend!
  11. I have to agree. Thinking back, if the internet had been around would these trolls have come out of the woodwork when Avery Brooks was cast for the lead in DS9 or when Kate Mulgrew was cast as the first female Captain lead in a Star Trek series? Star Trek is, to me at least, the world we strive for, humankind as one driving forward for the greater good of all.  Always been a trekie! When I watched Voyager, I was really impressed with the cohesiveness of the storyline over the seven seasons. There were some outstanding episodes and I felt it was really well written. I was really surprised at the amount of dislike for the show online years later.
  12. Harsh, I really enjoyed them, they have aged but what hasn’t. Fantastic soundtrack.  I liked them as well. But wow, there are some pretty outrageous costumes and some pretty obvious sets and yet I still think it well acted and scripted. It's almost like watching a play.
  13. Casting aside - though I think it looks good - I’m quite happy with the director for this project.