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  1. PM sent to an99 Many Thanks again to @grebal and @skypinkblu for stepping in and helping with the prize distribution frivolities! (Very sorry if I forgot anybody else who helped out.) The only people who did not get to choose a prize are our esteemed contest hosts, @thirdgreenham and @sckao. Having never played before...I may be totally breaking with protocol, but can we send you gentlemen a small token of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication?
  2. I will be getting ready to go out of town for the long weekend. I offered up two prizes and will get in touch with the winners on Tuesday when I get back. Thank you S&S for keeping the fun going!
  3. I reserve Friday night for trolling people on the internet, so this is perfect!
  4. The last time I got my pupils dilated, I was a shut-in for the rest of the day!
  5. But now that I have been de-throned and back with the soiled masses, I can away!
  6. Brutal! During my short and inglorious reign at the top, I just want to be remembered for: 1) not punching a whole through my monitor 2) eating at my desk and not getting any crumbs onto the keyboard 3) never once using the emoji
  7. I haven't tried them yet, but there are now phone apps for these sorts of deals. The college kids now get to carry mini-computers in their pockets and have more clever tricks then when I was in school.
  8. I haven't been doing a lot of shipping internationally, so please let me know if any of this sounds wrong. So from the USA, First Class "flat" is cheaper but not ideal since it cannot be rigid. Otherwise, the choices seem to be: First Class Package, up to 8 ounces for up to ~$15 max (depends on destination country) First Class Package, from 9 ounces to 2 pounds for up to ~$25 max First Class Package for 3 and 4 pounds looks to be $40 to $60 but there are Airmail M-Bags for media that start at around $50 Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes (includes the nice Padded ones) are around $25-$30
  9. I would like to add this to the gift pool, and I will ship worldwide on me Lot of 3 magazines, all in mid-grade: Epic Illustrated #3: 1st Vanth Dreadstar Epic Illustrated #9: Jim Starlin interview Heavy Metal #10: not sure how I have this, but it has a pretty epic cover
  10. I couldn't decide whether that ASM #300 was 4.0 or 3.5! Maybe I really should submit through Andy