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  1. Batman #227 still available and just added a newly graded batch of moderns...featuring Venom! Batman #227 CGC 7.5 (ow/wh): (forum $409 + $20 ship) Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.4 (white): (forum $454 + $20 ship) Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.2 (white): (forum $418 + $20 ship) Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC 9.6 (white): (forum $181 + $15 ship) Secret Wars #8 CGC 9.6 (white): (forum $136 + $15 ship) Uncanny X-Men #266 CGC 9.6 (white): (forum $190 + $15 ship)
  2. Also have some cool raw issues for sale. Highlights: Sonic the Hedgehog #1 (rare Mean Machines promo): (forum $163 + $12 ship) Green Lantern #59 (VG+): (forum $73 + $7 ship)
  3. Thank you for all the views! I have updated the last post with the forum prices for direct sale. Please check back as I will be updating there if I make pricing changes in eBay.
  4. I am seller BookMaestro on eBay, and I have several nice CGC-graded key issues listed for sale right now. Will sell directly to forum members in good standing (no HoS!) for 9% off listed prices. Sorry, but only shipping within USA, which includes Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, et al. Please direct message me here with all inquiries.
  5. Also have a nice selection of raw books, including these keys: IRON MAN #55 (GD+): solid copy but has tear-out front cover $239 + $12 shipping [$227.10 shipped] DOCTOR STRANGE #169 (VG+): high-grade looking but has spine split and partially detached bottom staple $175 + $12 shipping [$169.50 shipped] GREEN LANTERN #85 (VF-): Pretty nice $125 + $12 shipping [$124.50 shipped] Plus a bunch of other nice keys & semi-keys for less than $40!
  6. Recently graded: ASM #300 CGC 9.6, DD #168 CGC 9.6, Batman #357 CGC 9.6 & 9.2 [For sale on eBay] Hi All, Haven't posted in awhile, but I recently sent in some of my nicest Copper Age books for grading. Got them back and they are now listed on eBay. I can sell these directly to reputable Boardies for 10% off the eBay listed price (not including shipping), please PM me. Very sorry, but I am currently only shipping within the USA. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Daredevil #168 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Batman #357 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Batman #357 (CGC 9.2 White) [SOLD] *****||*****||***** LINK to my Kudos thread: *****||*****||*****
  7. I'm glad that Signature Series came after Bob Kane's death. Otherwise there would be a bunch of perfectly nice books today with hideous, irrelevant scribbling all over the front cover.