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  1. Lowered prices to the mythical "Best Price" -- and even cheaper for you to buy directly here! Click on a link to view the listing and higher quality images in the "Item Description". Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and keeping warm.
  2. These are recently graded and are now on eBay! Prices may be lowered, so please check back. I am offering free shipping within USA, and may consider selling internationally but will have to work out shipping details. You can also PM offers here. Thanks for looking! United Comics #21 (CGC 5.0 cr/ow): $3398 -- tied for 1st Peanuts in comics! ~5th Best Copy~ [ direct price $3148 ] Tip Top Comics #173 (CGC 3.5 ow): $1598 -- tied for 1st Peanuts in comics! [ direct price $1454 ] Scooby Doo #2 (CGC 9.2 ow/w): $249 -- hard to find Charlton issue in high grade [ direct price $227 ] Twilight Zone #85 (CGC 9.0 ow/w): $75 -- 2nd Frank Miller pro work [ direct price $68 ] Akira #38 (CGC 9.6 White): $249 -- hard to find last issue in super high grade [ direct price $227 ] Sonic the Hedgehog #1 (CGC 9.8 White): $210-- first issue of ongoing series [ direct price $191 ] Sonic the Hedgehog #0 (CGC 9.6 White): $140 -- mini series with early appearance [ direct price $127 ] Sonic the Hedgehog #1 (CGC 9.4 White): $95 -- mini series with early appearance [ direct price $86 ]
  3. PM sent to an99 Many Thanks again to @grebal and @skypinkblu for stepping in and helping with the prize distribution frivolities! (Very sorry if I forgot anybody else who helped out.) The only people who did not get to choose a prize are our esteemed contest hosts, @thirdgreenham and @sckao. Having never played before...I may be totally breaking with protocol, but can we send you gentlemen a small token of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication?
  4. I will be getting ready to go out of town for the long weekend. I offered up two prizes and will get in touch with the winners on Tuesday when I get back. Thank you S&S for keeping the fun going!
  5. I reserve Friday night for trolling people on the internet, so this is perfect!
  6. The last time I got my pupils dilated, I was a shut-in for the rest of the day!