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  1. Also have a nice selection of raw books, including these keys: IRON MAN #55 (GD+): solid copy but has tear-out front cover $239 + $12 shipping [$227.10 shipped] DOCTOR STRANGE #169 (VG+): high-grade looking but has spine split and partially detached bottom staple $175 + $12 shipping [$169.50 shipped] GREEN LANTERN #85 (VF-): Pretty nice $125 + $12 shipping [$124.50 shipped] Plus a bunch of other nice keys & semi-keys for less than $40!
  2. Recently graded: ASM #300 CGC 9.6, DD #168 CGC 9.6, Batman #357 CGC 9.6 & 9.2 [For sale on eBay] Hi All, Haven't posted in awhile, but I recently sent in some of my nicest Copper Age books for grading. Got them back and they are now listed on eBay. I can sell these directly to reputable Boardies for 10% off the eBay listed price (not including shipping), please PM me. Very sorry, but I am currently only shipping within the USA. Amazing Spider-Man #300 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Daredevil #168 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Batman #357 (CGC 9.6 White) [SOLD] Batman #357 (CGC 9.2 White) [SOLD] *****||*****||***** LINK to my Kudos thread: *****||*****||*****
  3. All Be D'Oh!

    5 Ways Batman's TRUE Creator Got S###### Out Of His Legacy

    I'm glad that Signature Series came after Bob Kane's death. Otherwise there would be a bunch of perfectly nice books today with hideous, irrelevant scribbling all over the front cover.
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    mdean2437 Kudos thread

    Sold a decently valuable slab to Marcus and had an easy and pleasant transaction. Had a nice little chat in PM also. Thank you very much, sir (thumbs u
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    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 CGC 9.2 (ow/w) $900 $880
  6. Just re-listed my Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.2 (ow/w) on feeBay, but will sell to a boardie for $900 + $20 shipping (USA only, sorry international folks) if you PM me here. Please no Probies or HOSers. Link to ASM #129 (will also post a scan below) Link to my kudos thread Thanks for looking!
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    with price reduction!
  8. All Be D'Oh!


    ADVENTURE COMICS #283 CGC 8.5 (cr/ow) $795 $749 First appearance of General Zod and the Phantom Zone! Very tough to find in high grade: there are only twelve 8.5s, six 9.0s and the lone top copy at 9.4!
  9. All Be D'Oh!


    AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 CGC 9.2 (ow/w) $995 $949
  10. All Be D'Oh!


    Offering up a couple high grade slabs here on the Boards... TERMS: 1) Please add $20 for shipping. Sorry, but only currently shipping within USA. Books will be sent by USPS with full insurance and Signature Confirmation. 2) trumps PM 3) Payment by PayPal 4) No bad apples (Probation List, Hall of Shame, unethical & shady people) Thanks for looking!
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    This passive-aggressive Einstein left me a positive feedback but unfair Detailed Seller Ratings: delparkadkins He gave me a 2 for shipping charges, because he didn't like paying $6 for padded flat rate envelope. Cost for padded envelope is $5.95 plus eBay's cut, so actual cost to me was more than $6. He gave me a 4 for shipping time, despite the fact that the book was delivered cross-country(!) a mere four days after purchase!