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  1. If by top the meaning is in their profile in the hobby as to name and hype I’d go with Metro and Heritage probably today. I’ve purchased stuff from both for years and will continue to do so when I see something I like but honestly Metro could spend more time with accuracy in their grading and noting restoration which they seem to miss more often than others and Heritage is usually paying top dollar and then some for much of their books. They do have some killer stuff at times which is why they can do it. Tops to me are the dealers I’ve used that are real (mostly) and I don’t have to be on guard during every transaction for fear that someone is trying to press an advantage over me. So (when possible) I would use other dealers like Bedrock, Gator, Harley, Dale Roberts, Highgradecomics, Superworld, etc...(wish in some cases I’d used a few of these guys more often based on the results) I’m just a minor collector in the field and none of the above are perfect but I’ve not experienced any deliberate attempts to take advantage of me and often the opposite where they are willing to work with you balancing business with customer service. Good business practices = tops to me in collecting...
  2. Damn, I own that issue but was still curious to see what that copy looked like. Venus #17 thru #19 are super sweet.
  3. Haven’t posted on this thread in a bit even though I’ve been busy buying stuff so here’s my stuff recently from Randall’s sales thread. Enjoy! Last one was a request not on the thread...
  4. Have 2 copies I’m thinking of sending off to CGC in the future. Copy A: Copy B: Not sure about pressing first but any guesses as is? Thank you...
  5. I really love this cover and if I didn’t already have a decent copy....
  6. I won’t low ball you so take this too. Time payments, time payments, time payments....
  7. Lol. That was the one I needed when I asked about Uncanny Tales! Well good for you. I left the room for a few minutes and sure enough he had it. Ha-ha