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  1. Interesting pick up for me tonight. I had been looking for a Brenda Starr #4 (Superior) in the past and I rarely buy a book for its back cover but I lost one of my dogs a week ago (cancer) so seeing this book at auction compelled me to buy it. I buy dog covers anyway when I can so this one is going to the dogs collection...🐶🐾
  2. I used to think that but if they go dark and have his name come from his drug habit it might work....
  3. Ah, that’s good. I was thinking this was on TV...WTF? Maybe Kino will pick it up one day for blu-ray...
  4. Really? Where? I got it on a bootleg dvd. Never saw it show up on tv since the 1970’s.
  5. To bad. Sounds like if he continued he might have found his soul mate...
  6. Storage units are notorious for theft in general. Never used one but have heard of a number of people losing stuff to thieves. I knew someone who lost stuff while using one while moving. It was a inside job by an employee which sad to say happens more often than not. I’m on the coast from you and aside from using a storage facility but also using one located in Vista it probably increased your odds at theft. If the books lasted a while there without problem I’m guessing it was either an employee who noticed the unit wasn’t getting much attention from visits or someone who knew you had the boo
  7. The movie was “lost” to me until a few years ago. I could only remember the comics and Captain America mention but little else. Probably saw it on or close to original run in 1973 and even a few years later in the mid 70’s I didn’t remember the title. So after decades I finally found the title a few years ago after many different searches online. Besides comics I’m a massive film buff/collector. Movie is only so, so but a great cast and the comics piece makes it for me...
  8. A fairly obscure failed tv pilot from 1973 that remains a vivid memory to me watching it as a child due to the comic book connection. Great to hear a number of the titles mentioned even the underground Zap! Pretty sure this movie and Steranko’s History of Comics got me interested in GA Captain America as a kid. From BookSteve’s Library site: Jarrett-1973 Jarrett was a failed 1973 pilot film starring Glenn Ford as an investigator who specializes in art-related crimes. The eccentric, over-the-top bad guy played by Anthony Quayle is also a comic book collector! He
  9. A CGC 6.5 of issue #2 is up next at Clink this month...”Terror strikes at the Turnpike!”
  10. Some raws. All dupes but pretty nice dupes... Second dupe of Subby #57 in just the last month. I might be in double digits on this issue now...
  11. http://cbldf.org/about-us/case-files/cbldf-case-files/cbldf-case-files-mike-diana/
  12. My first WBN comic I purchased off the stands. White paged. The back covers of comics I bought as a kid are often as vivid to my memory as the front...