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  1. N e r V

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    I just assumed (perhaps wrongly) that someone pursuing the book for it’s cover may just want it to own a complete copy. A married copy is probably better than a coverless copy to many. Otherwise I’m not sure how the math would work out on a resale later until the final bid is in and it was disclosed what the coverless copy cost. I’m not in love with the condition of the cover but with a Action #1 you can hardly be picky. Anyone care to guess what the value of a decent coverless copy married to that cover would fetch?
  2. Good information since a number of those on the list sell raw books in the sales threads. For some it’s a badge of honor and for others a badge of shame. Something to consider when someone goes on about their great grading abilities. So you finished where on the list?
  3. N e r V

    Wombat's Magazines

    I kept missing getting copies of that issue of Weird. I think Bounty Coder had copies up several times I missed out on. Finally got a nice enough copy from another dealer to add to my CGC to do list. Its gross but really appealing to the 10 year old in you that loved that kind of stuff. I really owe Bounty Coder for getting me into the Eerie line.
  4. N e r V

    List of GA Classic Covers

    I think it’s an overused term today. If it’s a classic cover it should have acquired that standing over time as per the term. To many people are using it today to sell their wares. Lots of great covers out there that fall short of the term classic. I also believe the term “iconic cover” should be applied to the more well known and heavily swiped covers like your Action #1 or Amazing Fantasy #15. My 2 cents....
  5. N e r V

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    You write beautifully. I never thought I’d see pig in the poke and sow’s ear into a silk purse in the same sentence though....
  6. N e r V

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    But do Matt and Karen agree?
  7. N e r V

    Peanuts in the GA

    And if you’re really hard core you can search out the many different print ads...
  8. N e r V

    cinderella Love 28 Value (2.0)

    https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/profile/32130-ricksneatstuff/ See’s all, know’s all.
  9. N e r V

    Peanuts in the GA

    Found the right commercial. There were many.
  10. N e r V

    Peanuts in the GA

    I like some of the more obscure stuff. Before the characters made their first appearances in the TV specials they worked in commercials like every other actor.
  11. N e r V

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    That’s actually pretty common in some sectors of retail. I’ve seen that with some of my gf’s custom clothing, etc. on their return policy. It’s usually put into place to discourage the “chronic” returners who like to sample things in life for free. You want to take things out for a spin you’re going to pay for it, buddy....
  12. N e r V

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    I was only commenting on cc companies when a buyer tried to stop a charge. If the seller had clearly stated his terms, there was nothing illegal about his terms and he did not misrepresent what he was selling the cc company will likely side with the seller. The cc companies use themselves to mediate the problem but although most of the “issues” are indeed with the sellers it does not lead to an automatic “the buyer is always right”. You just need to plead your side to them. The first question you’re going to get from them is did you read the terms (if not, why?) and what do you feel they did that wasn’t covered in those terms? There’s a lot of crummy return policies out there that are legal.
  13. 2 months actually (October 8, 1941).
  14. N e r V

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    I do know from past experiences (with much smaller amounts) that a cc company will deny removing a charge when the buyer is not honoring the terms of the deal (company policies) when the seller has provided proof of terms and buyers refusal to honor them (as long as stated terms were legal in the first place).