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  1. That’s pretty cool. There have been some really cool batmobiles over the years but I think the 1950’s versions would be super cool to own.
  2. This is a thread to support drying out Jimjum after Florence got him all wet...
  3. I think the way you spelled “take” should disqualify you from a purchase
  4. Which is now legal in California...
  5. Unlike those pure Harvey horror titles?
  6. I wished the boards posted a second timer so we could see exactly how much someone missed by.
  7. FYI, glad you didn’t get to wet, Jimjum....
  8. N e r V

    GGA and PCH - 10% OFF

    And to confuse matters more although it says #17 on the cover it’s actually volume 2, number 11.... Great cover, either way!
  9. First RicksNeatStuff with $2450 USD takes.