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  1. Does Stevie have a kudos thread yet? Not seeing a sig link...
  2. I’m sure if you’d like to keep sending Steve money he’d let you do that forever...
  3. I became a bounty coder! Nick Doiron Feb 8, 2018 · 5 min read
  4. This is one of the few Warren books I bought off the stands too. As a kid the Warren magazines and magazines in general were spotty buys due to price and crowding into my comic book budget. Wanted a better copy of #72 and I got one... So call it a nostalgia buy...
  5. It’s always been one of my favorites. Probably because of my love of Eerie #23 I’ve considered it a distant relative... Really digging #90 more these days too. The colors, the art, underrated to me...
  6. Still waiting on my recent Steve thread books but here’s my 9. Dupes or upgrades of a sort for me but I had fun watching the feeding frenzy by some... I got most of the books I was looking for which if you ever tried claiming books while actually having to work you know the challenges. As noted there are a few black or blackish covers which are difficult in grade... Thanks again Steve!
  7. Almost 3 first issues... Can you guess which one kinda is but kinda isn’t?
  8. Sometimes even “questionable” prices paid can pay off in the long run. I’ve always believed if you overpay for quality you at least improve your odds at recapturing your investment at some point. There’s a Creepy #15 up on eBay right now with a asking price of $7500.00. Not up on Frazetta sigs pricing but I’d imagine they get a healthy increase every year since no chance of more being made and Frazetta prices on books I believe still have a lot of upside...
  9. I thought he still had a live Bigfoot and a Skelton of a Yeti?
  10. Black covers as a wide group are tough, period. Comic collectors have been paying premiums for years on books like Spider-Man #28. Magazines do seem to have more than their fair share of black or really dark covers which is a challenge. You’re probably right about how much pressing can help some magazines (great question to ask someone like Joey Post) but I still question how much in general people are even pressing magazines vs comic books today since a lot of mags that may be “tough” aren’t worth the dollars to bother with. I think it’s a value thing with magazines still generally being far behind the comic book. I have no doubt the higher priced mags or keys are pressing candidates. I also believe CGC is a bit “softer” with its grading on magazines for the reasons you cited with general production flaws that may be common in magazines vs the comic book. In the same way golden age books are a little different than grading say, a modern comic. Size is also a factor. I actually use the word of mouth on collectors like yourself or oakman or Steve or Bounty since the trends you guys express as being “tough” gives me a general idea of what to expect in the market because it’s your actual experience. You don’t all agree on everything but to me it’s a better starting point than looking at data from CGC that I find a bit to small or incomplete right now to claim as market facts. I’ve been buying mags long enough now to know that just because of only a handful of mags exist in slabs or high grade it doesn’t automatically make it a fact. Market experience is proving different (for me). So I’m back to my original thought that magazine grading is still very much so years behind the comic book grading in terms of interest. To me that’s kind of a good thing with collecting because in my experience even a current red hot mag like Vampi #1 I still see very high grade copies raw quite a bit out there. Think about some of the top keys in comics in high grade and then think about how many of them come up for sale raw vs slabbed in today’s market...