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  1. [CLOSED] TRADE MADE!- Sunny 13- CGC 7.0

    Are you only interested in trading it for comic books???
  2. Premium for a Census Topper

    Maybe you should go into grading comics then...
  3. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I believe there are ads for it as Love Letters too in their 1949 comics.
  4. Bob Lubbers Tribute

    Took me 4 months to notice but Authentic Police Cases #2 is a Nick Cardy cover.
  5. This week in your Magazine collection.

    I think the Starlin Rampaging cover issues are pretty good too...
  6. This week in your Magazine collection.

    He actually did a fair amount of covers on Marvel mags of the era.
  7. This week in your Magazine collection.

    From the boards recently. Need to get a copy of Marvel Preview #2 now back in the collection..
  8. I think you might be right. I bought a lot of the Harvey file copies from Sparkle City Comics and Geppi so I know their origins but these days you are relying on very loose backgrounds in some cases which might be more guessing.
  9. I had the iron man 47 too. Didn’t see anyone else take it before
  10. Finally one more story from her about a dozen issues later still. So talented...