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  1. Couple of recent pick ups from the boardies here. Not sure how many copies of Eerie #80 I have now but certainly not in Steve’s range of multiples... The UK annuals I want are an ongoing process but this issue of Pow I can cross off my list thanks to the locals here...
  2. An unexpected surprise from the boards. I really like this crazy BA Wonder Woman cover and it’s another white paged copy so...
  3. It did bode well having him do the cover... (that’s a depressing post to read now. I lost 3 of those 6 dogs since then. One in 2018, another in 2019 and last one in 2020. Hopefully Solar Boy still has his)...
  4. It’s my favorite White Mountain mag so far.I love the White Mountain collection. This one is still my favorite comic from the collection I have.
  5. Savage Tales #1 always had that mystery to it. I picked #2 off the stands in 1973 but it wasn’t until much later I got the higher priced and according to dealers at the time low distribution #1. Now days it’s a steady mover in the magazine field fueled I’m sure by being the first appearance of Man-Thing. Great painted cover of Conan sure helps. Spectacular Spider-Man Mag #1 is one of my favorite 1960’s Spider-Man covers. I like #2 as well having bought the “redone” version on Spider-Man Annual #9 in 1973 but seeing this ad for it when I bought my first Silver Surfer #1 back issue brings b
  6. I like White Mountain in most anything but it helps when it’s a fav cover too...
  7. I have a soft spot for these 3 from 1968 and 1971 as they were Marvels early try at magazines before they rolled out regularly. If Goodman had not killed Spidey prematurely we might have had a Marvel mag line much earlier. Either way no collection should be missing these three...