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  1. Lex or Alexander.... STILL A TERRIBLE LUTHOR! I think the concept from Snyder was ambitious and I will give him that, I am a big fan of Watchmen and I can see where he was trying to go. But, for me, it just didn't work. How about not doing TDKR or DoS at all....
  2. Cinema cut once, Ultimate Cut, twice. The story makes more sense of course but even then it never left me desiring to ever see it again. Snyder tried too hard to bring DKR and Death of Superman together and failed miserably, with a Lex Luthor who was worse than Gene Hackman which I didn't think was possible!
  3. Man of Steel - Excellent BvS - Utter Mess but decent turn by Batfleck and the best Batman fight scene of all time. Wonder Woman - Very good, weak 3rd act. Suicide Squad - One of the worst films I've ever sat through. Justice League - Avengers light, sort of enjoyable. Aquaman - Awful. Shazam - Highly enjoyable. I would agree that the wider DCEU has produced some utter turds and is a mess but there are 3 films in there that I would rather watch than most of the mediocre MCU offerings.
  4. Latest addition to the BR collection, a Toys'R'Us Exclusive Deluxe figure, one of three that was released a year before the movie. I've seen a few but trying to get a nice box is difficult, this is probably one of the nicer ones I've seen for sale.
  5. Two more additions to the BR collection, minty fresh cards.
  6. I'm trying to go for best quality I can get my hands on, these have all come from eBay so far.
  7. This is Series 2 of BR, released in 1993 a year after the movie. I never had any of these as I had started buying the Animated Series figures instead.
  8. Moving onto Batman Returns, I definitely had some of these as a kid including the Artic Batman. It always amazed me that Kenner never released a figure that matched the actual suit from the movie in this size like ToyBiz did, I think there was a much larger version but never in this scale. I preferred what Kenner did with the design of the base figure over the ToyBiz '89.
  9. As I finished with the ToyBiz line of Batman, well it was only 3 figures, now moving onto the Kenner line that actually started with "The Dark Knight Collection" which was an extension of the Batman 89 movie. For some reason this line completely passed me by when I was a kid, I never knew they existed. I'm sure they would have been released in the UK but who knows! They were released in 1990.
  10. Number 5 is great and the best one along with the first. These films have strayed so far from how they began, I still enjoy them but if you watch the first movie and now watch this trailer its like revisionist history. Street racers were all they were but now they are being hired by Government agencies and now Dom has a brother that was never mentioned and really doesn't fit the narrative of the original. I love the FF movies but these last 4 feel like an alternative universe to me.
  11. Fantastic soundtrack by Toto, I have a soft spot for Dune as well.
  12. I was 13 when they came out and I cringed! Couldn't stand Power Rangers.