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  1. As a massive fan of the games, this casting is all wrong.
  2. How about the daft bit in Batman Returns, where he has the cowl on with eye paint and they cut to just before he pulls the mask off and he has no eye paint.
  3. Its not Star Trek. Go back and look at the original trilogy, its pure fantasy. You start bringing in the laws of physics, the whole thing falls apart.
  4. Star Wars is Fantasy, not Science Fiction.... nothing in Star Wars should bother you in that regard, except of course bad writing and story.
  5. Personally I was never looking for a follow up to T2, the story "ended". I have no intention of seeing this at the cinema, I'll watch it when its a streaming platform. I've read several spoiler reviews, sure, it sounds like a solid action movie and as Mark Kermode (UK reviewer) said, "its the best Terminator since T2 but that's not saying much". T2 is one of my desert island movies (especially the extended special edition which is infinitely better than the original theatrical release), but its a played out franchise with little to no originality left. Take the other sequels. T3 - You didn't stop Judgement Day, just delayed it. Yawn. Salvation - Probably the most logical sequel being a prequel, however it was a dark boring mess. Genisys - You didn't stop Judgement Day, just delayed it with a different timeline and new a Skynet. Other than the nostalgia at the start. Yawn. Dark Fate - You stopped Judgement Day, but you've actually delayed with a different SkyNet now called Legion. With the whole movie sounding like a rehash of the first two. Yawn. And now its a box office bomb. Not because of perceived agendas, but simply because nobody cares about Terminator anymore (the masses at least), just look at The Predator and Alien Covenant.
  6. Not surprised from some of the spoiler reviews I've read. Its a played out franchise that didn't need a sequel or 3, Terminator ended at T2.
  7. This whole thing about TLJ is laughable. "I didn't like TLJ" "I disagree with you sir! I liked TLJ" "I disagree with you sir! I disliked TLJ" What I'm looking forward to is not seeing a Star Wars movie.
  8. Best I can describe the new trilogy is a game I used to play in pre-school, piece of paper, I draw the head, fold the paper, you draw the body, fold the paper, I draw the legs and then we open up the paper to see what we've made. That's the new Star Wars Trilogy.
  9. I've seen her twice live in the U.K. when she toured with Hans Zimmer. She's pretty awesome.