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  1. Salvation was passable mostly because of Worthington, I found Bale to be dour and shouting all the time. The story itself was ok but all a bit bland. I'm in the minority with Genysis because I liked Emelia Clarke in the role and it was very entertaining because of the nostalgia effect. Sure it's not great but I enjoyed it more than Rise of the Machines which I hated.
  2. With the exception of Infinity War the Avengers movie have been chock full of jokes & humour, massive spectacle aside, I don't see why TH wouldn't have fitted right in.
  3. Uncharted would be awesome. I'd love to see The Elder Scrolls be turned into a TV series. Red Dead Redemption TV series ?
  4. As Mark Kermode calls him... “Charlie Humdrum”. Did anyone watch King Arthur?
  5. Interesting thing here is Bale was 31 when he did Batman Begins, Pattinson will be 34/35 by the time this Batman is released. Are they going for a year one type story with a 35 year old Batman ?? And if we get a successful trilogy he would be over 40 by the end of it.
  6. Now Peter Dinklage is done with Game of Thrones maybe he could be the new Wolverine, people always complained Jackman was too tall.
  7. It was meant to be two parts like the Avengers if memory serves correct?