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  1. Why can't you go to the movie and just watch the movie? I never understood why people need to stuff their face with overpriced drinks & popcorn.
  2. Was all that stuff stacked neatly then you rolled your van on the way home?
  3. bane

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    That thing is insane, did anyone ever get this for Xmas as a kid?
  4. Hector, where do you put all of this stuff??
  5. I like the idea of Batman Beyond but with Kurt Russell as the older Bruce Wayne.
  6. bane

    Venom Movie

    Comparing this movie to Suicide Squad will keep me away from seeing this at the cinema, I thought SS was a complete turd.
  7. Yep, mentioned it in the action figure thread awhile ago. Great documentary for anyone who grew up a He-Man fan.
  8. You know what this looked pretty awesome. I wasn’t before but I will now see this at the cinema.
  9. bane

    Venom Movie

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. bane

    Venom Movie

    It’s not bizarre, he is too shiny.
  11. bane

    Venom Movie

    That's because he is always right.