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  1. Shawn are you able to give any more details about how the covers are gonna fall in the blind bags? Like 1 in 5 is a variant, 1 in 20 is a virgin cover etc.??
  2. Been a minute since I have preordered comics here in the US. Any good places online to get in on some of these already?
  3. This is the type of thing that makes me want to get back into collecting The Walking Dead again. I will be buying some of the these blind bags because it is such a sweet idea. Now if I could just undo selling off the collection a few years ago....
  4. Yeah was gonna say for us folks who had been big into The Walking Dead before and then during the first season of the show this is the first I have ever heard of this knockoff. We would have discussed the hell out of it back in 2011 when things started to take off.
  5. Keep your head up sir. I have experienced the worst of the worst with FedEx, UPS and USPS including horror stories of comics, sports cards and even gold coins going MIA. The worst case was with the USPS in which a few gold coins went missing in route. The package was insured and I was made whole. Almost 2 years to the day afterwards I had a package delivered to me in a another state (had moved for work and only had a few weeks left in my forwarding of mail/packages from the prior address) and it was the original package of gold coins. The package was in perfect mailing condition and all I could think was WTF 2 years?? When I went to check the tracking # I saw it had went live a few days prior out of California ( went MIA out of Texas going to Ohio so how in the hell it popped back up in Cali is beyond me). There is always hope it just got mistakenly sat aside or feel aside and you will see it delivered this week.
  6. Just wanting to let the board know that the 12 Team $75 Buy In Walking Dead Fantasy Football League that we have ran now for 4 or 5 seasons has a spot open. It is a 2 player keeper league and we lost bigclutch (Shawn) and one other player this season. If you are interested in joining PM me. I can send over the team that you would be taking over along with explaining all the details of the league to you. The board members who are active in the league this year include myself and ebtorres, Triston Pence, @Captain_Sawyer, strezz_dout, cbalroman, AnthaiHERO, artistlost, Rmfn33, ComicsNYC22, and dhurley. Even though Shawn can not play in the league this season he will be throwing in for us a sweet CGC Graded Walking Dead comic for the winner. This is one of the funniest leagues I have ever ran or been a part of and you will enjoy the competitiveness of the league. EDIT: Looks like we are full now FlyingDonut took the final spot. I did post a new thread over in The Water Cooler in regards to running a 3rd league here on the boards (I run both the 12 team Walking Dead League and the 10 team CGC General league which both have been active now for 4 and 5 seasons with me as the commish). If anyone is looking for a league stop in over on the thread on the Water Cooler.