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  1. Shawn are you able to give any more details about how the covers are gonna fall in the blind bags? Like 1 in 5 is a variant, 1 in 20 is a virgin cover etc.??
  2. Been a minute since I have preordered comics here in the US. Any good places online to get in on some of these already?
  3. This is the type of thing that makes me want to get back into collecting The Walking Dead again. I will be buying some of the these blind bags because it is such a sweet idea. Now if I could just undo selling off the collection a few years ago....
  4. Yeah was gonna say for us folks who had been big into The Walking Dead before and then during the first season of the show this is the first I have ever heard of this knockoff. We would have discussed the hell out of it back in 2011 when things started to take off.