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  1. So let's brighten the mood today. These showed up and are now added to my registry. I've been on the hunt for these slabs for a few years now, glad to finally find and acquire. Big photos! MattP
  2. Good to know - on both accounts. I started to read #1 (original series) and it began well, but I got distracted and didn't get back to it. Yeah, I've got #0-2 but will make sure I read them before buying any more. This. Hugely disappointed in IDW's effort. Coupled with the obscene amount of variant covers, I'm stopping at #2. I believe they underestimated the fans (mine) attachment to Galador and everything else associated with ROM....
  3. I'll give this one bump and if nobody is interested by end of today, then i'll move it to the Bay. New and final price $225 for everything. MattP
  4. Closed - no interest; off to the bay. It's been a while since I've put anything up; let's hope I get it right. No hosers or meatballs Paypal (check ok, books ship once payment clears) Shipping to continental U.S. and Canada: $12 medium flat rate box (Canada will quote via PM); books ship the next day once payment received First take it by time stamp wins, either by PM or forum post //-----------------------------------------------------------// Locke and Key lot, all books NM or higher. This is sold as a lot, not gonna split it up. MattP Clockworks #1,2,3,4 Crown of Shadows #1,2,3,4,5,6 Head Games #2 Keys to the Kingdom #1,3,4,5,6 (3 copies of #5) Dynamic Forces Negative Variant Dynamic Forces Variant Welcome to Lovecraft Special Edition One shot - Guide to the Known Keys Ebay lists at ~$350 for all My price: $250. ... updated $225 Pics (sorry for potato quality and my big toe in pic #3):
  5. Spaceknight love ... kid's prolly a wraith.
  6. More fun.
  7. I don't think you are going to have too much competition. I was so excited for ROM until I saw the art on the interiors and some of these covers. Unfortunately, I'm passing on this one. I'm not sure either. In the past I wouldn't hesitate, however, the cover art (for most of these) is just terrible. No effort and it feels ... like they cut corners just for the cash grab. Deep shame here.
  8. *UGH* This is going to be painful to get them all ... I think I count 22 different covers.
  9. D'oh, I just realized its volume 1, #1 that I'm after. Here's a link to the database page with a cover... spidergwen vol 1 no 1
  10. Help a brother out ... wanted to try here first before heading to the bay Captain America #1: Steve Rodgers (2 copies) RAW Spider Gwen #1 (Vol 2) (2 copies) RAW LMK Matt
  11. I really hope not. They have a great opportunity with ROM; fingers crossed they don't blow it.
  12. There's a #1 9.6 on Ebay for $700+ .... no.
  13. I think someone asked for some sort of source; I had a blerb about a hasbro / idw launch next year with ROM #1 (after FCBD). Now I have more: Guess we may actually get to see him on the big screen ... would of preferred it in the MCU though ... and with Mittens.
  14. It may be broader than this. ROM may have been too much of a 'risk' for Marvel as a stand-alone (although that doesn't explain the whole Venom Spaceknight thingy); what boggles me is simply that Marvel is allowing the use of the Dire Wraiths and I'm sure other major elements of the MCU (for ROM anyway). Marvel wouldn't do this if there wasn't an advantage to it in someway. Hasbro also announced a toy launch to coincide with the new ROM series, so here's betting that not only a ROM toy will be available, but maybe other Spaceknights? Kinda like a series I would think. Why would there be a new ROM toy based on a IDW comic that may be high risk? Now this is the part that I go out on a limb and hope it doesn't break. There's been a rumor about the spaceknights appearing in GOTG2 and one of James Gunn's fav characters is ROM. I wonder if IDW licensed all the print media and Marvel licensed all the Movie appearances and Hasbro gets all the toy rights. Hasbro wouldn't just make a toy (or toy series) off an obscure IDW comic reboot. There's got to be more to drive attention to ROM and sell more toys... hence, movie appearance.. .and that's why Marvel is letting the wraiths into IDW... to drive more attention to their movie franchise.