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  1. going out on a decent score at least. that would've gotten me thru a lot of matchups.
  2. Gonna keep trying until CGC agrees with my grading and I win. Count me in.
  3. porky

    CCS wait time

    got a call from kenny the other day. he has my comics, so that's good. one was at the bottom of a worklist and the other wasn't on a list at all. the mails about them went to spam folder. so he's getting on them now.
  4. porky

    CCS wait time

    ah, i guess i feel slightly better i'm not the only one waiting. last i heard from him, he was trying to get everything finished by the end of 2015... more recent emails have supposedly been forward to whoever is working on stuff these days.
  5. porky

    CCS wait time

    No friggen way!!!!!! What the hell, are they building you a book from scratch? who knows. at this point, i'm not sure if they still have it. maybe they're hoping i die first so they won't have to find a replacement?
  6. 4 year wait. can anyone beat that? can't figure out how to make a pic work here's the link http://imgur.com/a/ikj6o