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  1. I had the same response and understanding
  2. JadeGiant

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    GREAT find! Can't wait to see the reveal!
  3. JadeGiant

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    Thanks! And good luck with the Spidey search!
  4. JadeGiant

    Original Comic Art Dealer List?

    JadeGiant Comic Art is nearly ready for the list. If you are looking for Joe Bennett's Immortal Hulk art, check back with us as the site will be launching soon. The site going live will be announced via the email list in the subscription link below so if you want to see what's available before any other web site announcements, subscribe today. Thanks! Dave/JG www.jadegiantcomicart.com
  5. JadeGiant

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    The site is almost ready for launch, working out a few bugs and then we will be live. If you want to be the first to be notified when the site goes live, be sure to subscribe at the link below for email updates. The initial announcement for the site being live will be sent via email only. www.jadegiantcomicart.com
  6. Good luck with the search - that's a great goal for 2019. I hope you are successful in your quest!
  7. JadeGiant

    ANDREA DI VITO Commission List is OPEN!

    That Hulk is CRAZY good! I loved my recent Hulk commission from Andrea as well (thanks!). Great commission experience!
  8. JadeGiant

    Hunting down a page...

    WOOT! I love an art story like this! Congrats and good luck in the ongoing search!
  9. It has been over a year since I last bumped this thread. Hoping to find some nice art in 2019. If you are so inclined, please take a quick scroll through the thread for things that I am actively seeking. You can also access my want lists in my signature below (links in red). First and foremost is always Sal Buscema Hulk artwork …. But I have other items in the want lists as well. Looking forward to hearing from you if you have / know of / want to talk about Hulk artwork! Thanks! Dave
  10. JadeGiant

    Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    If my local store will do this I would be MUCH more likely to get stuff framed.
  11. JadeGiant

    Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    I love this TC! Looks great and the sale price definitely has me thinking about getting my Stevens painting framed as well. Thanks for sharing!
  12. JadeGiant

    Deodato Elektra Cover on Ebay

    Good point.
  13. JadeGiant

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    Didn't no notice it either and had to go back to look where it was. Beautiful piece of art, signature and all!
  14. JadeGiant

    NYC Comic Art Expo 2019

    Is Mike sketching for attendees?
  15. JadeGiant

    Grail Piece Finally Acquired-ROM Spaceknight

    No impact to value in my eyes