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  1. I enjoyed the ROM series when it was new but when it comes to art, Sal's Hulk art always wins out over ROM (and pretty much anything else).
  2. I have experienced this many times ... and winning has always been pure elation. I always regret the pieces I don't get and almost never the ones I do. Great story - thanks for sharing!
  3. Color me green with envy on your day at Joe's place! Pics of the headshots?
  4. And I will add that the collector, Shannon, is a top notch individual (buy with confidence). Good luck on your quest!
  5. /\ This /\ You can always view the art at the Bill Ireland > https://cartoons.osu.edu/events/exploring-calvin-and-hobbes/
  6. Great page! I also scored my first Kirby and first twice-up recently ... and also from Grant's collection! (stay tuned)
  7. I can imagine the artist may have just messaged the same 2 statements to someone, somewhere on the interwebs While I see your point, I can see it more off-putting to many artists and the "let's hop on the phone" left turn if probably going to shut down a commission for a larger percentage of artists IMO and hardly puts them into the jerk category. Think about it, you are someone they don't know asking for their personal phone number ... Please tell me you didn't pull a George Constanza on the artist
  8. Good thing you don't collect Hulk any more ... or you'd only get the barracuda instinct on all auctions!
  9. As primarily a Hulk collector, I am aware of several collectors (many who are now friends) who have similar tastes (some, VERY similar tastes). Early on there was a somewhat uneasy tension going down the wire on an auction wondering who would bid, how much, etc. If you don't talk about it, it's easy as you don't know for sure if they are bidding so you throw your best bid down and see what happens. You win some, you lose some, and along the way you might make a friend pay up a little more for a piece unintentionally - that's how it goes. I have a few friends that I converse with now about auctions and we can actually talk it out and see who wants it most and how hard they will go for it and pretty much always defer to one another on an item. So, I guess you can say that some friendships made in the hobby do suppress that "barracuda instinct" ... sometimes.