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  1. JadeGiant

    Heroes pre-arranged commission favor

    sounds good - can't wait to see what you get!
  2. JadeGiant

    Heroes pre-arranged commission favor

    I can help Simon - let me know
  3. Pages like this that survived are by far the exception scenario IMHO. Per the post above, there was absolutely no value to them for the most part so them being saved is probably due to an artist keeping their work or by pure luck. I don’t think there are vast hoards of early art out there but there are certainly pieces tucked away somewhere – either by a collector or in a stack of old magazines, paperwork in a trunk in an attic, etc. that is not even know by the owner to exist.
  4. JadeGiant

    MICRONAUTS collection on display MAY 19-20

    This is fantastic!
  5. JadeGiant

    How many is too many?

    I don’t think there is a number IMHO. I just bought a page from an artist that I really like as I loved his run on a book. I was joking with another collector who has the same affinity for the artist and when I messaged him and said “Like I need another page from ____” and shared the page. We both laughed as we both find the art and price very appealing when his stuff comes up. I don’t have hundreds of pages from him (my collection is not that large) but I continue to add his art to my collection every year and will probably continue to do so as long as I am able to keep finding it and the price stays level. I don’t worry about challenges of selling.
  6. JadeGiant

    Dialog's Effect on Art and Art Values

    Sounds like I am in the minority. I first look at the visuals of the page and that is the primary driver for purchase consideration. If you need the dialog to make the page more interesting than it might not be all that interesting visually and need the help. I would probably say that some pages that are older and high on the nostalgia meter might be aided by the dialog but just seeing those pages and I recall the story immediately when seeing it and would not balk at a purchase if the dialog was missing as it is burned into my head. Art > story has always been my preference in terms of comics I most appreciate and the same holds true on collecting the art from these stories.
  7. JadeGiant

    Can Someone Explain Production Art To Me?

    true, and Heritage has lots of nice large scans
  8. JadeGiant

    Jay Leno's advice on collecting Original Comic Art

    Correct. I am NOT a seller and have only traded off a couple pieces but nothing that was extremely significant to me. So I can’t say for sure how I would feel if a $5K piece sold for $2K etc. but I can say that I considered this very carefully when I made larger (in my scope) purchases and did consider how I would feel if I took a large loss. It did not factor much into the purchase equation for me personally as some art bought put me in a negative position right away due to overpaying. If I sold off art at significant losses, I would not like it but I can also say that I would look at it as the cost of owning/enjoying the art while in my possession. I think this comes down to an individual collecting philosophy and where your priorities are toward how you acquire art. If investment/return, etc. is higher on the totem pole than personal enjoyment/appreciation, then you will look at what you buy very differently then someone who buys for personal enjoyment as a primary driver. I got burned in the comic and sports card game when I started buying with return as a significant factor and I vowed never to enter into a hobby this way again so I look at what I collect these days very differently.
  9. JadeGiant

    Jay Leno's advice on collecting Original Comic Art

    I don't know. I take this approach to buying art that I really like. I have a number of pieces that I know I paid at/above market and I did not care because it was still worth more to me. It is a tough argument as one can only really tell when faced with a big loss on a piece. I haven't had that experience yet.
  10. JadeGiant

    George Perez Commissions?

    Thanks for the response - I will keep an eye out for an appearance to get my IG promo poster signed
  11. JadeGiant

    George Perez Commissions?

    Is George still not doing the con circuit? I have a couple items I would love to have him sign.
  12. JadeGiant

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    Spencer’s site drives me nuts, especially the inability to see images on art for sale and all the “PI” artwork (the occurrence of both seems to be proliferating in recent years). That said, I have made multiple purchases from him and he has always treated me fairly and took care of a situation where art was stolen in transit in a way that exceeded my expectations. I used to look forward to his annual sale and was happy to hear when people would say the site is too much work to dig out art as it meant less competition for me. Sadly, I am on the other side of the fence these days and don’t bother with the sale any longer due to the aforementioned reasons. I assume I will buy from him again at some point if I can find some art I like and can see what it looks like.
  13. JadeGiant

    Action Comics #1 Cover OA...still exists?!?

    What is the best piece of Kirby art known to exist? Suspected to exist? ... and I am happy to hear that a Hulk piece of art is at the top of the heap in this discussion!
  14. JadeGiant

    Big Apple Con OA pics

    Great pics – greatly appreciated – thanks for sharing!
  15. JadeGiant

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    I don't see any issue with an inquiry about commissions. I do it all the time (today even) as it is part of the fact finding that you have to do in order to prioritize your art buying purchases. IF the art was done based on a price inquiry, then I don't totally fault the OP. IF it was more than an inquiry and Spencer was given the go, then the OP should pay up.