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  1. JadeGiant

    amazing Spider-Man 18 final page coming up on HA

    I wish that kid lived on my block! Good stuff!
  2. JadeGiant

    Who is the ARTIST part VII

    Cover Details Characters Hulk Pencils Lee Weeks Inks Lee Weeks Letters Comicraft 22 page Hulk story "Yes, I Saw the Hulk!" Characters Hulk, MaryJo Patterson (intro), Julia Trainor (intro), Charlie Jenkins (intro), Tom Miller (intro), Avengers (cameo; Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision) Synopsis Three eyewitnesses recount their experiences with the Hulk in Faulkner Genre superhero -script John Byrne Pencils Dan Jurgens; Sal Buscema; Mark Texeira; Mike Miller Inks Scott Koblish; Sal Buscema; Mark Texeira Colors Steve Buccellato Letters John Workman Hulk, Captain America, She-Hulk story Characters Hulk, Captain America (obscured), She-Hulk Genre superhero Pencils Andy Kubert Inks Andy Kubert Colors Mark McNabb Letters typographical Notes Three trading cards stapled into comic, showing Marvel characters with milk mustaches (part of advertising campaign for National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board)
  3. JadeGiant

    Who is the ARTIST part VII

    Not Sal