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  1. Love the idea and execution of Brainiac!
  2. Beautiful piece - thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Would love to see the art! Congrats!
  4. Thanks ... and Dang! (not s good weekend for me). Very interested to see how this goes.
  5. Running tally kept here as well for reference: http://www.statueforum.com/showpost.php?p=5846465&postcount=4
  6. Always looking for Sal Buscema Hulk art - regular title, Defenders, or anything else that is Sal drawing the Hulk. Here are a few pages from a well-remembered arc that I would love to track down if anyone knows of their whereabouts.
  7. Saw this on FB Seems like a more prominent posting would be a good idea so that there is no confusion. He also says not likely which may mean some will be cover/some won't ... or maybe just not determined yet. In the end, the proceeds go to a good cause so I hope the bidding keeps going at the rate it has been.
  8. Interesting. Where did he post this?
  9. Agreed - nice looking Hulk. I thorough in an early bid and it was quickly squashed with the bidding frenzy at the start of these auctions being the norm
  10. Bidding is certainly for the artist and character but not in totality. I would not look at the JSC auction and say that the price is based purely on his name and the character. A huge driver here is the fundraiser. I would presume that the early and heaving bidding is done by those who have a max bid in mind and are willing to chase the price up early to benefit the cause of the fundraiser. I would not see it as second thoughts (although possible in any auction scenario), rather more than one bidder pushing the price where they are willing to pay early (due to the fundraiser) than they might if it was not for charity (and getting is as cheap as possible being their primary motivation).