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  1. When you overpay - does it need to be a grail?

    This is very true for sure but for me, it has to be "Buy what you love and don't look back" ... I have bought plenty of art that I like that exhausted funds that caused me to have to pass on a later piece that came by that I loved. Premium is also relative to each person's tolerance. How much a person is willing to overpay varies and we all have a line we won't cross. It is probably why so many of us can't stand the Cool Lines "business" model and pricing.
  2. When you overpay - does it need to be a grail?

    Will I overspend for a piece of art? Yes. Does it happen often? No. Does it have to be a “grail”? No. I tend to look at the term grail differently than a lot in this hobby. From what I gather, grail is a term used rather loosely so when I say it doesn’t have to be a grail, others may call it one in their eyes. Does it have to be a piece I really want in order to overpay? Absolutely yes. To pay a lot over FMV … it has to be a piece that I really want (and can’t stomach the idea of losing out on the chance to own it). I don’t run into many pieces that fall into this category. IF the price is too high, I usually pass as I know something else will come along that will be priced more reasonably. I actually passed on a piece of art that falls squarely into the top tier of what I look for due to the fact that is was priced 3-4X of FMV. It was a page I wanted very badly but I refused to be fleeced. At the time of passing, I felt I might regret it but as time has gone by I actually feel better about passing.
  3. Favorite Memories of the Comic Art Hobby

    GREAT story - thanks for sharing!! Can you share a larger image? I'd love to get a closer look at both pieces. Congrats on getting your grail before it cost grail-type money!
  4. Favorite Memories of the Comic Art Hobby

    This hobby can be extremely frustrating at times due to the acquisition process and one-of-a-kind nature of the hobby. That said, it is the most enjoyable hobby I have ever participated in personally (and I have collected different things my entire life). Owning art brings great satisfaction and appreciation alone … but the experiences and relationships I have established also combine with the art to make this the best hobby for me. I have met people that I consider among my very good friends while chasing artwork, including some artists. Some key memories include meeting my favorite artists like Sal Buscema, Paul Pelletier, Dale Keown, Ed McGuinness, etc. at shows and talking about all kinds of things, not just art. Dinners with artists were a blast – hearing Paul Pelletier talk about the behind-the-scenes early days of Cross Gen was awesome (Jimmy Cheung sleeping under a desk was hysterical), Erik Larsen sharing about the Image start up was great (his Todd McFarlane impression is too funny). Spending a day in Lee Week’s studio was awe-inspiring. Winning an Ed McGuinness cover at the Heroes auction was thrilling. These are just a few that come to mind right away. I still want to do the NJ art show and/or an art gathering that I hear announced in states too far away for me to attend. I am sure there are many more great days ahead.
  5. Atlanta Area Collector get together

    Looks like fun - enjoy to those who are able to attend ... and I will offer a strong second to the pics and video request!
  6. Your 1 Grail

    This is grail territory for me as well. Congrats!!!!!!!
  7. Too damn big?

    great looking page!
  8. Anyone know where Hulk 227 pages by Sal Buscema are located? I am aware of those on CAF but would love to know where more exist. In addition to the 2 on CAF, I have 2 and I have seen 2 others so I know the book is in the wild - hoping to track down a few more. Thanks in advance. Full want lists in the links in my signature line.
  9. Too damn big?

    Per a recent exchange with Jim Warden, he isn't taking any new ones right now. I believe he has a backlog and may be wanting to get through them. Possibly taking a break. Jim told me to keep checking the Robotics site and that he wouldn't be surprised if he makes an announcement some time this year that he is again accepting commissions.
  10. The Official Commission Collecting Thread

    Absolutely stunned when I saw this image and then again (and even more) when I saw it in person. Really enjoying this theme! More details at the jadegiant website link below. http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1453008 https://thejadegiant.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/new-hulk-art-commission-dale-keown-smash-bob-larkin-style/
  11. Too damn big?

    I like to keep the pages together and it bothers me when I can only see half the art (if the DPS if folded in the portfolio) or the DPS is separated in the portfolio (DPS not attached). The only good solution for me is to get a larger portfolio so I can see them intact and connected. Then again, it obviously doesn't bother me too much as I keep putting off buying a new portfolio.
  12. Too damn big?

    Fantastic looking art - would be impressive if framed together. Be sure to post a pic if you end up doing it!
  13. Too damn big?

    Definitely a consideration. Larger art is not usually a problem if I really like the piece. I have accumulated enough DPS art that I need a new portfolio but I am not selling them off as I like the art quite a bit. My preferred art size is 11x17 and that’s pretty much all I commission at so I have passed on many artists that only work smaller. I am much more likely to pass on something that is TOO small than a piece that is TOO large.
  14. Nope, but it is a nice looking page!