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  1. Felix, how about an alternative option to get the secret podcasts for us android users? Can I share a link on social media? On another site? Etc.? This Apple bias is killing me brother!
  2. I don't begrudge SGM for asking his prices and getting them as that is his right in an open trade market. Same goes for Capullo. I am very happy that the character I focus my collection around doesn’t were all black (or very dark grey) as I would have to admit it would be frustrating to see artists charging the apparently exorbitant Batman tax on new art, especially if I really enjoyed the story and art. I buy what I love and am willing to pay a little more if it is at the top of my wish list but the prices I am seeing are just too much. I’d walk away as my rational sense would prevail over my collecting passion. I refuse to look at art as in investment – that’s a trap far too easy to fall into when convincing yourself you have a rational reason to make a passionate and ill-advised purchase. Been there, done that.
  3. The only way to collect for me!
  4. Closed

    Great looking art! GLWTS!
  5. When Your OA Smells like Tobacco Smoke

    only you can answer the question of keeping the pages or not. If they were pages from my grail issue, it would not be a question ... I'd figure out a way to remove the smell or keep them, smelly or not.
  6. Sketch covers and CGC

    I don’t collect slabs or sketch covers so I am out of my depth but I think both are important and it is a combination of both and when a 9.8 intersects with some really great art it appeals to both sketch cover collector types (those who lean more toward art and those who lean more toward grade). If you are buying for yourself with no consideration for future sale the grade shouldn’t matter if the art presents really well. Then again if grade is unimportant, why are you getting it slabbed at all?
  7. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Joe Weems recently inked these Keown con pieces that Dale drew in 2005. I picked them up a few years ago from a collector and always wanted to see what they would look like with inks. Very pleased with them. Joe is highly recommended - this is the 4th piece he has done for me. https://thejadegiant.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/more-dale-keown-hulk-art-yes-please/ http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1438057 http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1438058
  8. Clink Auction Started tonight

    I found it relevant to the page as well. I'd love to hear CL's take on this topic.
  9. Clink Auction Started tonight

    I would have hoped that the recent fiasco regarding the back side of artwork would have pushed CL toward a more diligent approach to listing artwork (note – I see both sides of that debate and don’t put CL as solely responsible on how things went/are going down). I don’t buy the “it should be obvious” approach that some collectors seem to abide by as an excuse for this stuff not being prominently listed. If it is obvious to a collector looking at a scan, it should be obvious enough to the people holding the art in hand and listing for sale. This begs the question: so why not add it into the description? I can’t see any reason not to provide this information. Is it a conscious decision to avoid having a potential buyer bidding less or lose interest completely? I’d hope not.
  10. Art from your first comic?

    Hulk and Iron Man were my favorite characters when I first discovered comics with Hulk 227 and Iron Man 116 being the first issues I have pulled from the spinner rack and really pulled me into reading comics. I have a couple pages from Hulk 227 (and always looking for more) but never picked up a page from Iron Man 116 (would love to but my budget for non-Hulk related pages is too low to acquire one). 1978 was a good year for me.
  11. FS: Iron Man, misc. original art

    Some great stuff - GLWTS!
  12. you might want to post scans of the back of these pages ... from what I hear, it can be an important factor
  13. so where do you think this hammers Gene?
  14. Anyone have predictions on price? I think it was Gene that said an Action 1 in 1.0 condition would be more valuable - what do those go for? I don't care what you want to call it (OA or not), I find this piece to be very intriguing as an artifact form the creation of probably the most important comic ever produced. I am sure, as such, that it will fetch a very handsome price. If something similar for Hulk 1 popped up for auction I would be very interested in owning it regardless the the label you wanted to put on it.