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  1. I couple giclees and a litho on the way and then to frame them up.
  2. Loved Lim's Cap run - that big A on Cap's forehead is very memorable. Congrats!
  3. Thanks! I think we may end up having a fair share of Charley Harper art on our walls. Win-Win!
  4. By adding more pieces, do you mean from other artists? There are more artists that were announced that have not added art yet and there have been a lot of unannounced artist that have had pieces pop up on Jim Lee's eBay page.
  5. Thanks Glen, feel free to share any learnings of a more specific nature - here or via DM. I am looking at a few signed prints/giclees to get and frame up. I have found quite a few that appeal to me.
  6. My new bride is a big fan of Charley Harper's art. He's local to where she grew up and his art really resonates with her. I am doing my homework on his art and thought I would drop a note here to see if anyone might collect or be aware of his market. It's not comic art so I doubt I will get any hits but wanted to open a dialog just in case. https://www.charleyharper.com/ https://www.charleyharperartstudio.com/ TIA!
  7. A new art day that includes Sal Buscema art is always a great day. 3 recent pages from a very nostalgic issue. Thank you to a fellow forum member for one of them. One step closer to securing all pages from Hulk 225-232/Cap crossover accomplished (just kidding, but hey, I can dream).
  8. Wow, so I must have happened to look at it right after it posted. Congrats again, it is a great piece and even tempted a non-Hulk collector like myself to consider.
  9. A little bump and to share some new Sal Buscema pages, including one from a fellow member of the forum. Always looking for Sal pages, especially from issue 227 which is my first and favorite issue. The arc from issue 225 - 232 and into the Captain America crossover is my sweet spot for nostalgia. Please feel free to contact me if you have pages or know of any pages out there. Even just to chat - I love talking art!
  10. Great pieces! I was just looking at the first cover this week and wondering how that hadn't been snapped up yet. Congratulations!
  11. Looks like the last 10 pieces will be in traditional pencil/ink format and the heavy hitter content. The $1,000,000 mark for this fundraiser event is in sight
  12. Any French collectors out there familiar with Soleil? What stories do you collect art from? https://www.soleilprod.com/ Thanks!