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  1. Ah, you've outsmarted me already...
  2. Kirby article LA times

    Not all that interesting of an article to me. It's a way of reviewing the Omnibus Edition of the Fourth World, which I'm sure is not a very congenial way to read the Fourth World. His left-handed-compliment notion that reading comics is "reading irresponsibly" doesn't seem to produce any interesting openings into the text. I did leave a little comment in response to his vague assertion that Lee kept Kirby "on the page" at Marvel.
  3. I thought I tried that, but I guess not! Guesses entered. I resisted the temptation to run up a huge score by only guessing on items no one else had bothered with
  4. Anybody know what the requested format is for the numbers? I've tried multiple times to save my guesses, but I keep getting a "match requested format" message. I've tried with & without dollar sign, with and without decimal. Using Safari, if that means anything.
  5. BIN There, Done That

    Early Kirby Human Torch for $2250, just a few days ago. Not bad.
  6. "hand-signed by legendary comic artist Stan Lee" --anybody notice something wrong with that sentence?
  7. Your 1 Grail

    I'm almost sure it is this one.
  8. It sounds like the OP values primarily images of covers featuring major Marvel heroes, and signed by Stan, so, as nice as I think that Kamandi page is, it's not likely to outshine these giclees in his eyes. Perhaps someone has a piece of Marvel cover OA in the under-20K range they'd like to post? Doesn't have to be Kirby, just be Avengers or something & with a Stan signature.
  9. Assuming French is the original language for the art --and now you mention it, the text does seem to be lettered directly on the board.
  10. How cheap are OA collectors?

    Has anybody else left obnoxious (because they were true) comments on non-premium member's pages knowing they will have to delete the whole listing to get rid of the comment, or am I the only one?
  11. Huh. Is that even a US Spidey page? Kinda looks like a South American version or something.

    Yes, and even different stat papers and/or stat adhesives. I had a Marvel page from the late seventies on which the stats were violently turning the paper brown, while on many others the stats are still white and having no apparent effect.

    I will venture a proposition, based on what I have finally gleaned from the Melvillean detail provided. See who agrees on this: masking tape on the back of a page, due to it's destructive acidity and difficult removal, is a significant condition issue which may not always have been disclosed in the past, but ought to be. Fair?
  14. Ditko Spidey Page from issue 12 at CC

    Raw Sewage, now even more user friendly!