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  1. I think it is most unfortunate that Frank reworked Egyptian Queen. I find the final version sort of uncomplicatedly sexy, where the Warren version has a complex expression of alarm and is only accidentally sexy, which makes her MORE sexy. I fear I will have to spend my 4.2 million elsewhere. Perhaps on a Lichtenstein.
  2. Taking L.B. Jeffries list, which gives proper weight to the foundational strip artists, as a starting point, & making judicious replacements: 1. Winsor McCay 2. George Herriman 3. Roy Crane 4. Carl Barks 5. Alex Raymond 6. Hal Foster 7. Milt Caniff 8. Charles Schulz 9. Will Eisner 10. Jack Kirby 11. Harvey Kurtzman 12. Neal Adams 13. Bernie Krigstein 14. R. Crumb 15. Los Bros Hernandez (I know, this is a cheat, but they really do share an achievement larger than either of them alone)
  3. This is my all-time favorite Lichtenstein. It's unique in being a direct self-commentary and also in being a perceptive bit of fan commentary --Roy apparently noticed the striking similarities between the X-Men and the Doom Patrol and decided to merge them. Roy copies comics, comics copy each other. Though in fact, it may have been pure coincidence that each company came out with an oddball team led by a man in a wheelchair at virtually the same time.
  4. I'm impressed with the number of votes for Schomberg. I mean, who even owns a Schomberg original? And also, I love his stuff, but it's really just covers, isn't it? He didn't advance the form of comics in any significant way, did he?
  5. I was with you until you called DeZuniga brilliant But seriously, this point is under-recognized by the Lichty haters. He didn't reference an artwork, the artwork was the whole story. The girl meets the boy, the girl is happy, the girl fights with the boy, the girl is sad, they make up, wedding bells toll in the distance, couple walks into sunset. That's the genius artwork created by some penciller, some inker, some writer, some colorist and some guy at the plant who mis-aligned the red plate. Lichty used a tiny detail of this collective work (for some reason nobody cares about the writer whose word balloon was also referenced). He used like 1/48th of the artwork as reference, and turned that into one complete work of hugely greater impact. How that is not seen as creative is beyond me.
  6. I didn't know that story- so someone else came along and snatched the rest of it! Maybe it was Daphne Du Maurier.
  7. It seems like most of Herriman OA has been preserved, no? KK had a sterling rep amongst the intelligencia in it's own day, perhaps above all other comics, so I'd guess he's always been valued.
  8. How come nobody is talking about Archy and Mehitabal? Are they in the wrong auction?
  9. & also, "Modern Lovers" is an all-time great band name, which practically relates to the thread!
  10. At the time I thought it was about 3X value. I would have bid more myself, but like many people, I don't have a watchlist set up for Steve Roper, or Overgard, or even Lichtenstein, so the auction passed me and perhaps many others by. As I recall the listing stated the Lichtenstein connection, which is how Barsalou came across it. I certainly think it would have done better on Heritage, like maybe $750 or so.
  11. A page from which sold quite cheaply (IMHO) last year: https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/alex-toth-danger-trail-3-story-page-2-original-art-dc-comics-1950-/a/7158-93241.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515
  12. Link to read "Battle Flag": http://fourcolorshadows.blogspot.com/2012/01/battle-flag-of-foreign-legion-alex-toth.html IIRC, Krigstein was deeply impressed by this story and always regarded Toth as the artist to beat.
  13. I think Citizen Kane is correct actually. The "Stagecoach" of comic book stories would be Toth's "Battle Flag of the Foreign Legion" in Danger Trail 3.
  14. Man, I forgot how dark the Turnip-man arc was! Has he ever encountered Venom?