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  1. Another version of the concept was done all the time in the Sci-Fi digests of the '50s and '60s. I have this one by William Terry, illustrating a story called "Time Armada." I forget the author, but it somewhat anticipates the themes of Enders' Game.
  2. All three of those are badass!
  3. Now, THATS a DPS. & Glen's one is decent as well. Kirby wasn't the first to do one, but he perfected the form.
  4. Couldn't you just get the OA editions and have your pick of the best?
  5. So you're saying I'm too p*u*s*s*y to dis Jim Mooney to his woulda-been 100-year-old face? But then how to explain me going after Sal Buscema, who's a spry 83? You're saying Sal's too chicken to come out here and beat my a*s*s? Man, Grape, I thought I was harsh with Sal, but I draw the line at challenging his manhood.
  6. OMFG, without Peanuts specifically, there IS no Calvin & Hobbes.
  7. For me it's when they're still alive that I pull my punches!
  8. Oh man, I've always hated that spread! Kirby's kids could be awkward. Major stare-eyes in this one all right, but not inappropriate for the gung-ho patriotic spirit of the shot.
  9. Disagree, somewhat. Every Kirby pencil I've seen from any period has remarkably well "acted" facial expressions. If there are expression fails in Kirby, and there are occasionally, I'd put it down to the inker.
  10. Limiting to the mainstream US comic book, no strip artists, no alt/underground, no foreign, it might be something like: Kirby, Adams, Wood, Davis, Barks (but I might switch out anyone but Kirby for Eisner, Miller, Ditko or Toth) Global top five for me might be: Kirby, Tezuka, Foster, Crumb, Giraud/Moebius
  11. Wait, does anyone use average selling price as the standard? I'm curious. I had the impression most people were applying some combo of talent/influence/important runs. Where I see you differing from most is your emphasis on volume and longevity.
  12. John B. had real gifts and flashed them for a couple years, 1968-70ish, so I think that keeps him out of the top 5. I thought of Swan, but went with Plastino because I think Swan kind of invented what I think of as Chamber-of-Commerce Superman, so again, a level of original contribution. Rich Buckler's an interesting nominee. I'm not aware of how large his body of work is. It's important that the artist be ploddingly reliable & consistently uninteresting over decades. How about Jim Mooney? His career ran from the birth of superheroes into the 90s and includes countless forgettable pages of Batman, Supergirl, Spiderman, and many others.
  13. Kirby/Kirby by far. When I saw the topic heading I assumed the question would be more like What artist in your collection has the best ratio of purchase price to current or realized value? For me, that's probably Caniff, due to one particularly good deal (which I have since converted into slower-appreciating Kirby)