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  1. drdroom

    Ditko deserves an Artist edition

    My understanding is Ditko left a will with very specific instructions. Briefly, he has set up a trust to continue the lease on his Manhattan apartment in perpetuity. His stack of originals is to be placed in the center of the room. The two Dr. Strange stories he never turned in to Marvel when he quit in 1966 are to be placed on top of the stack, and no one is ever to be allowed into the room.
  2. Hey Mark, I'll have a Conan page from the Elric story, inks are Smith/Sal. I think the best part of it is mostly Smith, but I'd love to have you take a look at it. --Aaron Noble
  3. I will be, & I'd encourage it. I used to not do for the same reasons you mention, but I find it's a lot more fun to play from both sides. Just don't do any stupid trades! Get a second opinion from a friend, know the FMV of your stuff, consider the difficulty of replacing either piece, for example say you're looking at a trade of equally good Kirby pages: Kamandi for Demon. Demon has an edge because there is quite a bit less of it in existence, therefore: harder to replace. Maybe others will have more advice.
  4. drdroom

    Trade Bait

    Garden variety, no. It would bug me having it in the house. The modern stuff I'm buying is quality pages from notable titles that I believe are undervalued. I like them, which is why I think someone else will too (sometimes true!). They just aren't in my true love zone. It's true I don't know who my client will be, but for the low buy-in I'm willing to hold for quite a while.
  5. I did not know that. Hmm. It wouldn't change the amount I'd pay for it, but I would sure would tell everybody else about it before the auction
  6. For me this is a near-perfect Kirby splash for any book or era. Cowboy stance?!? That's classic Jack! Stone at his best, which this is, was one of the best inkers Kirby ever had, superior to the earlier Sinnott. Cap's face looks like a Kirby face, the line weights are bold and varied nearly to Royer standards. Unfortunately my wife has expressed strong disagreement with my second mortgage idea for aquisition of this masterwork, so it's all yours, Scott Williams.
  7. drdroom

    Trade Bait

    I envy you! My problem is my desire for a terrific piece which has appeared may happen to exceed my cash flow at a given moment Mostly I only buy what I love, and it's a painful calculus, but I've been able to trade up on several occasions, either several smaller pieces for one more important piece, or just pieces I wanted for pieces I wanted more. Lately, though, I have been picking up some lower priced modern pages, more on spec than out of real passion, in hopes of future leverage.
  8. drdroom

    Trade Bait

    Question for collectors more than dealers: When you go to a con to possibly wheel and deal, what's in your portfolio? Is it all stuff you're willing to part with, or do you include stuff you love, just in case you run into something you love more? Do you sometimes buy stuff you don't actually love on spec, because you are gambling you can trade it for something you do? If so, what percentage of your collecting budget goes to those kind of purchases? Is your strategy working?
  9. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    Well, right, exactly, it's not an objectivist view, so probably Stan wrote it! My question was, if, hypothetically, Ditko wrote it (per theflashunc's theory), then what is the Objectivist interpretation, in other words why would an Objectivist insist on added responsibility for the powerful? If our objective responsibility is to be true to ourselves, wouldn't the weak have that same responsibility, in equal measure as the strong?
  10. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    Hmm. That's interesting, about it being inconsistent with Stan's other dialog from the time. I don't have a counter-example offhand so I'll take your word, but it is very consistent with Stan's later work, so maybe that's just his breakthrough moment. I'm having trouble following your philosophical argument. So if [great power] then [great responsibility] has a Randian interpretation, what is Peter's responsibility? Doesn't AF15, and the whole arc of the series, make clear that Peter must henceforth act unselfishly, sacrificing personal gain and happiness to the greater societal good?
  11. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    I disagree, respectfully of course, with Ditko's implied equivalence between the three. Judaism was warlike in ancient times, before the other two existed, but has been largely self-defense oriented for a few thousand years. Christianity today is far more peaceful than it was a thousand years ago, and it seems that Islam, the youngest of the three, is involved in the highest number of contemporary conflicts. Faiths mature as humans do.
  12. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    Also part of the best 5-page sequence!
  13. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    Yes, "With great power...." is almost a perfect ANTI-Randian assertion.
  14. drdroom

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    That's a remarkably long reply for Steve, and tells us a lot about where he was in his thinking in this final year. RIP
  15. drdroom

    Kirby /Anderson question?

    As a Kirby purist (although I appreciate the historical interest of the on-model correction), the Anderson face is a detriment, but it's minor compared to the Colletta discount.