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  1. Bump for additional exposure no bids yet! Someone will walk away with this book why not you?
  2. +++++++1 for sure very cool indeed
  3. New Avengers #9 Infinity Marvel 1st full appearance of the black order NM condition FREE economy SHIPPING to the winner. I've seen similar condition books of this issue sell for over $20, what have you got to lose 100% ebay feedback...….thanks for your interest
  4. anstettoman

    selling to

    while I agree with most of the sentiments of this topic that they are very harsh graders, I have sold to them many times and the thought that I am correct in my grading at 10-15% of the time would be accurate, if you don't take it personal and want to move a lot of stuff quickly that you purchased to flip anyway, you will not be disappointed they pay quickly and its stuff I don't have use or the time to list on ebay they are not a bad option. You need to take their grading with a grain of salt as it is not a personal attack just business....... Now don't get me started on their shipping "rebate" that is harder to take than their harsh grading. what costs me $15 to ship they rebate about 20% of what it costs have to balance out the fees for paypal, ebay etc and compare to what you can get from lonestar knowing the issues before you ship out stuff. but 10-15% grading success is pretty accurate. now maybe if you had the ability to press your own stuff you'd do better with them
  5. listed this on ebay recently and it didn't sell I can relist or offer it up here on so I figured I would ask for $10 shipping included here before it goes back up on the bay first gets the book PMs are ok but 1st trumps all
  6. bump for weekend exposure and figured i'd give things one more bump I am now offering FREE cont USA shipping for anyone who wins any 3 auctions the only stipulation is that should you win you must remind me that you saw the buy 3 get free offer on
  7. anstettoman

    Buffalo Comic Con Report - June 2018

    damn. I saw this one but didn't take the extra step to ck out if I had any to get with the program but I must've gotten there before you when I picked up the adam legend of the blue marvel #1,3,4 for $1 each......
  8. anstettoman

    Buffalo Comic Con Report - June 2018

  9. bump to get back into the rotation with new lower prices on most of the books
  10. anstettoman

    Buffalo Comic Con Report - June 2018

    I posted info abt this con about 10 days ago in the events section of this web site. anyway why would you want to come to buffalo when you had a con in Toronto on sunday the 24ht as well??
  11. 5 individual books up for sale on ebay this week with just reduced prices on all that had no bids to $4.99ea and have no reserve. I will combine shipping on any combination of purchases, win any 3 and I will ship at no charge to the cont USA! X force #116 1st app Doop 1st app U-Go-Girl 1st app Anarchist New Avengers #9 Infinity Marvel first full appearance of the black order Adam legend of the Blue marvel #1 high grade Adam legend of the Blue marvel #3 high grade Adam legend of the Blue marvel #4 high grade
  12. anstettoman

    old school comic con Buffalo NY 6/24/18

    there is also one in Toronto so it will be interesting to see how it goes. These one day cons particularly the queen city promoted ones are usually very good ones indeed.
  13. anstettoman

    old school comic con Buffalo NY 6/24/18

    figured I'd give it one last bump for additional exposure thanks
  14. this show promises to be the closest thing to an old school comic con more dealers in comics than the last major 3 day con in buffalo held less than a month ago. Cosplay, artists and plenty of comic vendors, Price iis the most reasonable admission in a long time. I for one am very happy to attend this type of show. I am looking for 5 early ASM books to complete my collection, 1-4 and 14. If any vendors for this show have them available I am ready to buy (prob not the #1 of 2 but any of the other 3...………) thanks see you there. Buffalo Comicon & Cosplay Convention Sunday, June 24th, 2018 - 10am to 5pm The Marriott Inn 1340 Millersport Highway, Amherst, NY 14221