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  1. Batman New list added 11/21

    can probably compete price wise but not quantity wise with sideshow bob......prob have 1/2 ish
  2. key collector comics, what happenned??

    reminds me of the people who b%&^ch and complain about sniping, because its not fair to the people who sit at their computer at 2:30 in the am and wait for the last 2 seconds to put their bid in. I'd rather be snoozing than losing. I have been collecting a lot longer than most and old timers like myself appreciate someone else doing the leg work for us not so computer literate. Just my opinion.
  3. wondering what happened to the forum post(s) re the info and app for key comics, I know that the developer came on a little strong and may have rubbed some members the wrong way initially but actually the app is really pretty neat and hate to see anyone with new ideas feel they are less than welcome here. But I noticed that posts were removed and wondering why?
  4. I was checking out some books for sale in the for sale section and came across these nice to see that these books sold however I don't know if I'm being too picky but hard to believe that with the way the books are aligned cover wise how these are anywhere close to 9.8 regardless of printing defects I'd be looking to upgrade
  5. Batman New list added 11/21

    sent you a PM on this one are you still interested in a partial lot??
  6. Key Issue Comic Mobile App

    I have downloaded this app and believe it will be helpful at a local con where it pays to have 1st appearance info at your fingertips, I know you are excited about this new venture but 3 posts advertising your website on the same day is way too much in my opinion. This may turn more people away then it draws towards your goal on getting people to try it out. How are prices determined and how often are they updated??
  7. The SquareChaos Kudos Thread

    packaged well easier to work with and quickly couldn't be happier with the deal and david as a seller thanks again recommended seller for sure
  8. [CLOSED] Buy my stuff!

    per pm thanks preacher lot
  9. bump for a bit of extra exposure <$60 start price how about some love for deadpool!!
  10. lets try this one more time before I put these books back into my collection for the time being thanks for your interest as always and lets get these into your collection soon
  11. had an offer last PM but not quite what I was looking for. Price drop to $60 including shipping to the cont USA paypal direct or $63 if you need an invoice. this is as low as I can really go based on what I have into these books. thanks for your interest and lets get these in your collection soon.
  12. 149 views and not one offer?? how about some love for deadpool vs the rest of the marvel universe?? and an offer please thanks!
  13. I wish I understood computers more so I could just post pics here and avoid all the drama. Unfortunately my phone may be "smart" but obviously I am not. I put this up with links to the books previously in the right category and received no bids. I am not trying to pull a fast one on anyone here and circumvent any rules but I wish I have as much interest in someone actually buying the books as I do with how the books were placed on this forum