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  1. The SquareChaos Kudos Thread

    packaged well easier to work with and quickly couldn't be happier with the deal and david as a seller thanks again recommended seller for sure
  2. [CLOSED] Buy my stuff!

    per pm thanks preacher lot
  3. bump for a bit of extra exposure <$60 start price how about some love for deadpool!!
  4. lets try this one more time before I put these books back into my collection for the time being thanks for your interest as always and lets get these into your collection soon
  5. had an offer last PM but not quite what I was looking for. Price drop to $60 including shipping to the cont USA paypal direct or $63 if you need an invoice. this is as low as I can really go based on what I have into these books. thanks for your interest and lets get these in your collection soon.
  6. 149 views and not one offer?? how about some love for deadpool vs the rest of the marvel universe?? and an offer please thanks!
  7. I wish I understood computers more so I could just post pics here and avoid all the drama. Unfortunately my phone may be "smart" but obviously I am not. I put this up with links to the books previously in the right category and received no bids. I am not trying to pull a fast one on anyone here and circumvent any rules but I wish I have as much interest in someone actually buying the books as I do with how the books were placed on this forum
  8. thanks I tried to find the rules and could not its nice that people are reading this post and commenting on it but what I really need is a sale......thanks kevin
  9. what did I do that violated the rules??
  10. I had this auction up for several tries on ebay and the same amount of watchers from the 1st time I listed to the last time I would be willing to sell these at $70 delivered (cont USA) via paypal direct payment if anyone has interest please PM me on these. I figured these would have sold previously but if I can save money on final value fees I figured i'd give other cgc members to save some as well. references are abvailable (but if you check the link you'll seed my ebay feedback to give you an idea of who you are dealing with thanks for your interest the set is really nice kevin
  11. closed

  12. can't really go much lower than this with what I have in the books however in an effort to move these I am offering Free cont USA shipping to any member who wins the auction and reminds me they saw it here. thanks again
  13. a handful of watchers but no bids yet you really should take a look at this one. thanks for your interest