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  1. like the topic says i have 3 copies of Thor 440 (1st thor corps) Dargo Ktor, Eric Masterson Beta-Ray Bill pics are of the actual books as is my grade is 5.5 (horizontal color breaking crease), 7.0 (mis cut/spine stress) , 7.5 (spine stress) all 3 are complete, no cutouts writing etc, have white pages and more than likely would benefit from a press. first trumps any PM's thanks for your interest Payment via paypal G & S
  2. 2 books i regret not having currently one sale / one trade. incredible hulk #1 probably a 1.5 condition for $1200 about 5 years ago and a trade werewolf by night 32 prob 9.4+ for a 6.0 condition and $200 cash from a fellow collector. still regret both of these.
  3. Sold a run of books to pmWolf Very smooth transaction indeed. Excellent communication and quick as lightning payment. Smooth transaction thx pete
  4. I figured I'd put up a higher grade collection of 1-5 (1 st prints) I am asking $400 delivered for this set to the Continental USA. obviously the key to this lot is issue #2 and there is a small smudge on the white part by the lower staple, there is one spine tic between spider-woman and the building. also there is a pressable indent at the top of the book at the spine. this is a really nice set of books and I hate to see them go / but would like to see them go to a fellow collector. thanks for your interest. The first I got it gets the books and trumps any private conver
  5. thought i had a goldmine when i found out i had 2 thor 459's (1ST thunderstrike) and they were newsstands, I checked ebay and WOW!!! thought i really had something decent shape a press and a cleaning would make these bad boys shine............. I opened up the books to find NO splash pages in either and one of them missing the pin up page of the 1st thunderstrike. hate the thought of tossing them so i felt like i'd offer them here at cover price of 1.25ea (selling the set) and shipping a flat $5 in a gemini mailer for a total of $7.50 first I'll take it gets the books
  6. I picked up a collection of Wonder Woman recently and there were 4 DC logo variants #87, 91, 96 (classic Joker cover) 97 all with cover art by Bolland all are no less then Vf/NM unfortunately the issue #97 has some type of overspray on the cover so lets call this a Fine copy I am looking for $35 delivered (to the Cont USA) on these 4 books and if you are interested in Wonder Woman don't hesitate to ask as the collection was about 150 issues from vol 2-rebirth and there are some Adam Hughes covers in this lot as well
  7. 4.5 seems reasonable to me as well. dearly needs a clean and press to make it present and a 1point bump when graded