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  1. Was the soundman from Jackyl involved?
  2. Stan thanks for your contribution to the world.
  3. Here are some of the boards that I will eventually be selling once I get settled into my new place. At that time I will generate a new sales thread but just posting some pictures for now so that you can see the boards I do have. I’m planning on keeping a few … as has been mentioned, these things are fairly large and heavy, the Silver Surfer is the biggest piece and weighs nearly 50 pounds ! Also notice on the back of the boards it has notation as to which wall and location that each piece was placed !
  4. Thanks porcupine! As soon as I complete moving and get this new computer setup (aggravating) then I will post up some pictures of these boards !
  5. I just finished building a new home and in process of moving. Over the years I’ve acquired a few more of these Marvel Art boards from boardies so along with those I originally purchased I now have about 10 or so in which I will be starting a sales thread to sell a few. I need to free up a little space and these things are huge and heavy !
  6. Is he DGarthwaite, is she a model and what about the soundman from Jackyl?
  7. Was DG Garthwaite and the soundman from Jackyl there ?
  8. Thanks Sqeggs ! I tried that and it seemed a little better although for some reason I don't see the link for the beta theme today. Do you have access to your recent/historical posts from the old board? I don't seem to have mine.
  9. I just saw the new board layout a day ago for the first time Not too easy on the eyes but maybe I'll get used to it. I had the same email at CS as I did on the forum but can't seem to find my recent/historical posts so are these all gone now?
  10. Conan King Size Annual #1 CGC 9.4 Off White - White Pages $100
  11. USA #13 CGC 2.5 Off-White to White Pages SOLD VIA PM Thanks !