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  1. I don't think it is self serving at all.
  2. A good Post and reflection, in my opinion. I actually agree, except PMs can also be private info about family, the health of another member or their particular difficulties, that they would not like shared, seeking advice or opinion on a matter that the person might not want to be known, and of course the ever popular reason....talking about another member, which of course is going to happen.
  3. Thank you...I have taken that in the spirit intended. Your question is both sound and logical. There are reasons.
  4. That is a very clear guide, and very logical. I certainly appreciate this clarity.
  5. I forgot to add: All members are encouraged to vote, regardless of opinion or why voting, since it effects the entire community. It is of course up to the Host what happens and what Rules should or should not be added/enforced/etc. Nobody knows what members have bought/sold and or participated in commerce in any manner with other members, and what manner the participation venue is or was. and it does not negate the value of a member's opinion. Such issues should never exclude an opinion by any member. To suggest that an opinion by any member should be barred/exclude
  6. This is why, Mr. Logan. You are the person that stated you know of members that are doing so, yet you did not follow the example of Andrew, and disclose the names. To refresh your memory. It is not about "a" member (singular). The Poll is not about "a" member" (singular), even though I understand you may prefer it be. It is about Rules being applied for ALL members. Trying to restrict it to one member, in a Javertian manner, without regard to addressing the entire issue, settles nothing. If a member (me) is invited to a PM conversation, and states....what you label a
  7. I am very happy you recognized . To many persons would not. Your priorities are straight.. But, back to the original question you asked. there is only one answer: YES!!!!!! Twinky approved, as a shout out to porcupine, MIA.
  8. Sheridan (Buzz) replies to Tosawi (Cataldo). Sherman (Mod) takes it under advisement. Custer complies with Orders from Sheridan. That did not end well, either.
  9. That is a Dranzer of a Post!! Congratulations....well done.
  10. Update: 40 Yes. 15 No 27.27%) (As a sideline, I wonder if the 15 voting No are sticking their neck out, backing the wrong horse, and wrongly defending Mr. Cataldo (all of which I was accused of by Buzz. We will probably never know without PM disclosure but that is not the point. It does not really matter. People will have to make up their own minds). The rest of the above Poll Breakdown remains the same, except for one added change because another member posted a reason: 8 individual responses, 5 persons responded with more than response choice (known responses by persons that