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  1. Saw it for the second time on Sunday, taking my son this time. We both loved it, and I liked it better the second time. The points that bothered me the first time still stuck though. I was certain that Loki somehow tricked Thanos and the rest that he was actually killed to be able to be hidden behind he scenes and work his magic. That means that Loki really was pretty much unceremoniously killed off. I know Loki taking the Tesseract means he's still alive in a new timeline...still lame. I must also say that everyone and their Grandmothers picking up and handling the Infinity Stones, not to mention the whole Gauntlet, was quite annoying. Still enjoyed the heck out of it!
  2. What'S this book going for now? Resurgence in price? I have 2 or three hiding away....
  3. I can't believe the price of Captain Marvel Adventures 18 these days. I got my copy for a pittance a decade ago here on the boards...the book is a couple grand now, even with the undisclosed restoration I found on it
  4. Great show! Killed it this weekend somehow. Was like all all the stuff that really happened between the scenes we saw on TWD (in a good way!).
  5. I have a lot of stuff I kept from when we had our comic shop in the early 90s. I'll try to dig up some pics!
  6. Back in 2006 (when I about to have my son and wanted to free up the bigger room for him) I traded 16 long boxes of mostly unbagged 90s drek for midgrade copied of Action Comics 86 and Superman 43 at my friendly LCS. Was a good deal for me as I really needed the space though there was 1- 3 copies of New Mutants 98 in there and a few other modern drek gems. Gotta say it still feels great to have unloaded it all.
  7. St, Mark's Place might be my favorite three blocks in NYC. Was fun to have an older school style comic shop there.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive! The gloss on these books is amazing and not a crease. Invisible water spots on the cover of 93 take nothing away from it either
  9. This is an easy one for me as I bought exactly 3 comics this year, and that was last weekend! High grade copies of Yopung Love 91 and 93, and a 1st print Dawn 1.
  10. Hey guys! Another pretty and interesting one I'd like opinions on! This book is sweet and tight in hand...came from the same OO collection as all my other books. Bottom staple is popped, the rest is plain to see. What you all figuring?
  11. And this book is in process of being sent in for slabbing. Will be the first book I've ever slabbed!
  12. I've never seen a Canadian price variant with an insert before. Possible there was some crossover while changing the price plates...that's what I'd imagine.
  13. Thanks guys! I might just have to get this baby graded after all!