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  1. I just picked up 2 bound volumes of comic strips from 1944-45, in French from here in Quebec. The newspaper is Le Patriot...I'm still researching them. One is all Bat-Man and the other is all Superman (and both names have been Francisified! ). Each volume has about 120 pages and the back of the pages have tons of interesting stuff as well. I think I'll be posting these up for sale soon though. Here are a couple pages: EDIT: Just realized they changed Bruce Wayne's name to Paul Demers!
  2. Finally got through watching this movie. Took me 3 nights to finally get through it, and even then it wasn't captivating my attention. Was formulaic and all the characters were quite one dimensional. I can rewatch a lot of the Marvel movies, and this movie has zero rewatchability. It seems to me Spider-Man works better as a supporting character in the current scheme of things.
  3. I guess someone stole it out of the issue before I nabbed it off the stand
  4. Schitt's Creek is by far the best show on CBC. ANd they'll have to be extremely lucky for MOKF to top 1B.
  5. I still have my copy that I bought off the rack back in the day here in Canada and there was no Tattooz in it
  6. I have a few copies of the French Canadian Héritage edition of this issue. The translation from English to French was flawless.
  7. Feel exactly the same here, though I'd pay $25 for a $100+ book
  8. Santa Monica really was great to visit!
  9. Yes he was. An early and long term partner. They parted ways sometime in the late 80s if I'm remember correctly.
  10. My issue with this is that I've been collecting for so long that unless it was an insanely good deal, I wouldn't spend the money on books that the books are demanding. Just last night I was talking about how I just never added a Thor 337 to my collection as I couldn't justify paying $7 for this book. Now commanding thousands of dollars when graded, it just is insane to me. That said, I'm THIS close to selling off a few books that I've had for decades to get myself an early 2000s 911C4 (convertible if possible).
  11. Saw it for the second time on Sunday, taking my son this time. We both loved it, and I liked it better the second time. The points that bothered me the first time still stuck though. I was certain that Loki somehow tricked Thanos and the rest that he was actually killed to be able to be hidden behind he scenes and work his magic. That means that Loki really was pretty much unceremoniously killed off. I know Loki taking the Tesseract means he's still alive in a new timeline...still lame. I must also say that everyone and their Grandmothers picking up and handling the Infinity Stones, not to mention the whole Gauntlet, was quite annoying. Still enjoyed the heck out of it!
  12. What'S this book going for now? Resurgence in price? I have 2 or three hiding away....
  13. I can't believe the price of Captain Marvel Adventures 18 these days. I got my copy for a pittance a decade ago here on the boards...the book is a couple grand now, even with the undisclosed restoration I found on it
  14. Great show! Killed it this weekend somehow. Was like all all the stuff that really happened between the scenes we saw on TWD (in a good way!).