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  1. Regardless, was a pretty fun and enjoyable movie!
  2. If anyone here happens to be looking for a Batman 1 CGC 6.0 (OWW universal), let me know! Not kidding
  3. It it his first appearance by chance??
  4. Man, the way these books keep popping out as "keys"...I have to keep going back through my comic closet of drek to keep pulling them out.
  5. I LOVE Dogwelder! My Hitman run is one of my prized posessions!!
  6. Maybe some sort of reference to the Yost Avengers cartoons where Secret Invasion was underway. The star was the difference, the was to tell the Skrull copies from the real heroes. A stretch...though maybe!
  7. I'm really happy with my collection and I have been for years. I haven't had a book I've actively been after since my X-Men 1 that I finally got back in the very early 90s (and I still have, thank goodness!). I'm still on the lookout for good deals on books (bins, used book stores, etc) though I wouldn't actually actively pay any of these prices . Hells no. I couldn't imagine spending $1000 on an ASM 361. Or any amount of money over a dollar for an Eternals 1
  8. The problem is that all 911 models are getting priced out of the stratosphere right now...except the base 996. And they're creeping up as well. I love the relative simplicity of the Carrera and I can still get a decent one in the $20K CAD range...the approximate value of my X-Men 1 (would grade 3 - 3.5). The 4S jumps up by $15k easily. I'll stick with the base model, as long as it's not blue
  9. When I finally do decide it's time to move some books, I have a Porsche 996 in my sights. What's great about those is that they're a great investment as well...They'll only be going up in value.
  10. Watched it Saturday morning with a ladyfriend who is also kinda into reading comics, though had never heard of Invincible. Both of us loved it! I'm anxious to see how it all goes down as I haven't read the series (yet).
  11. Yep, would kinda suck not to get it finished. Maybe they could get the show runners for the last season of GOT to finish it up quick
  12. I really do hope they wrap it up somehow. The first two seasons were pretty good, the third was definitely off the beat though. I still enjoyed it, though it did meander somewhat. I'd watch the finale though!
  13. Last year around this time I seriously contemplated selling of the a chunk of the higher end books in my collection (including X-Men 1 up with all the keys, many more books). I had a (what was at the time) decent offer from someone just over the border, then COVID hit and I was unable to cross over. I put everything on hold...now a lot of the books are worth double, triple and more. Heck, my X-Men 1 has about tripled in value.