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  1. Used book/record store... And there are some doozies in that pile!
  2. Whiz Comics 1 for sure! Great character (one of my favorites), and I find it's the most readable GA stuff. I'll have to make do with my Special Edition Comics 1...arguably an as iconic cover! Marvel Comics 1 would be as very close second.
  3. Arguably, Special Edition Comics 1 (Captain Marvel) could easily be on that list somewhere.
  4. I have a seriously sharp copy of the 4 second print...really think it'll be my first submission.
  5. Ah! I also had Herb sign my Hulk 182 and MSH 17 (the Black Knight issue...and his first published work!).
  6. He signed a bunch of books for me as well! Including my Marvel Zombies HC..no pics handy though.
  7. I can absolutely confirm this is true! And I was able to show him some things he had never seen before if you can imagine ;). He's a fascinating guy, and we got along really well. His music career is amazing!
  8. At the 2008 con here in Montreal when he was one of the guests, I got to have supper with him and his family at the staff supper along with a number of other guests including Art Suydam (and partied with him after...that's a story for another thread ). He was a great man, super nice, and his wife and daughters are amazing as well. I took my then 3 year old son to the show the next day, and he got to meet all these people...kinda a cool story to say that he met the co-creator of Wolverine in person. My overall favorite character is Captain Marvel, and Herb was nice enough to do an amazi
  9. Pretty much what I was thinking as well! It is at least an 80s throwback where all kinds of illegal and morally questionable (today at least ) things happened all the time!
  10. Rewatched this over the last week with my 14 year old son (who hadn't seen it, and isn't a Star Wars fan at all)...he's totally loving it. We have 3 episodes to go to finish season 2 and he can't wait. This show definitely gives new hope for the entire franchise, as I haven't liked anything at all since ROTJ as a kid and I'm even excited again.
  11. Also, don't underestimate the number of copies out there in the wild. There are many copies hiding in stacks of seemingly worthless books at garage sales, "antique" stores, etc. Takes work though...
  12. Well, $20 isn't a bad price to ship a comic properly these days. A small flat rate box (good for shipping comics) here in Canada is actually $17.99 plus taxes, so that's a proper rate.
  13. Definitely politely ask if he can revise the shipping. If he's resistant, then pay and learn the lesson
  14. Okay, I'll give this a shot as well. I'm doing The Sopranos for the 5th time and am in season 4 and need a break. This should do!
  15. Amazing! I think she's great in her roles, and is pretty darned good looking.
  16. LOVED the show, even the later seasons weren't so bad. As long as Jennifer Carpenter is back, I'll be really happy
  17. I love all my stuff, and I don't even have anything in particular I want to buy anymore. I can say that I wish I was a condition freak while I was collecting in the 80s and 90s. Back in the day, I was more about quantity over ultimate quality...I wanted runs of stuff rather than the best copies available. With the books I had available to me back then, I could likely have retired right now with prices being realized.
  18. Here's my oldest (and lowest grade unfortunately) double cover. Got it with the OO la te golden age collection i picked up a few years ago:
  19. Well, mine was actually purchased by me off the newsstand here in Canada. Pedigree at least now maybe?
  20. Then we have the Canadian price variant copies as well in this mix. Thethread in the Copper fourm is pretty fun. And it's funny that the only copy od ASM 300 I have is actually a news stand one (by chance).